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UCLA Radio Collection


Programs date from 1941-1982 and are on transcription disc or LP.

The UCLA Film and Television Archive donated duplicates of 1,368 radio transcription discs and LPs from their radio collection to the Brown Media Archives at the University of Georgia Libraries. User copies created at researcher request.

Following is a list of series titles included in the collection:

  • Al Clauser and His Oklahoma Outlaws
  • The Ballet
  • Bing Crosby
  • Carnation Bouquet
  • Carnation Contented Hour  (extensive run)
  • Carnation Family Party
  • Casey, Crime Photographer
  • Chuck Wagon Group
  • Father Knows Best  (extensive run)
  • Flynn and Quinn
  • Good News of 1939
  • Hallmark Playhouse
  • Heartbeat Theatre  (extensive run)
  • I Can’t Leave Her Behind
  • Labor Arbitration
  • Lone Journey
  • Louella Parsons Show
  • Mystery Is My Hobby  (extensive run)
  • NBC Symphony
  • National Farm and Home Hour
  • Oklahoma Roundup
  • President Truman Speech
  • “Red” Carnation Gives a Weekend Party
  • Rising Tide
  • Scientific Dissertation
  • Sons of the Pioneers Show  (extensive run)
  • Stars Over Hollywood
  • Suspense
  • This Is Your FBI (extensive run)
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • We’re Very Fussy On the Radio/How to Break Into Radio
  • What’s Doin’ Ladies