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Arnold Michaelis
Library of Living History


Content dating from 1950-1990 on ¼" open reel, film, and videotape.

The collection consists of hundreds of hours of Arnold Michaelis's audio, film, and video interviews with the world's leading political and cultural personalities. Martin Luther King, Jr., Adlai Stevenson, Dean Rusk, Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Indira Gandhi are just a few of the men and women interviewed by Michaelis in their own homes. Arnold Michaelis sought "to record for today and posterity, the flavor of the thinking and the essence of the ideas of the men and women whose lives will be studied by future generations." The bulk of the collection is made up of films, television programs, and radio programs that Michaelis produced, and elements used in those productions. The majority of the audiotapes in the collection consist of interviews, edited and unedited, with celebrities and political figures.

The collection contains approximately 75 cans of film (both 16mm and 35mm), 900 reels of 1/4" reel-to-reel, and audiotape, and 100 and 100 videotapes (2", 1", 3/4", VHS, and Betacam SP).