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Geography Information Systems
An introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) from the US Geological Survey.

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GIS data sources in this section are primarily produced by Georgia state and local agencies. GIS data for Georgia is also available in the national and international sources section of this page

Georgia Department of Natural Resources GIS Information
News about GIS datasets available from the Georgia DNR.

Georgia Environmental Resources Digital Data Atlas
From USGS in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources; provides a variety of digitial datasets in and of Georgia.

Georgia Planning - Data and Maps for Planning
Digital data and maps provided for use by planners.

Georgia Rare Species and Natural Community Information - Rare Species Locations
Downloadable GIS and database files of quarter quad locations for special concern species and natural communities (includes attribute data for county occurrence).

Georgia Spatial Data Infrastructure

OASIS: Online Statistical Information System (Georgia Division of Public Health)
Web-based tool for public health and public policy data analysis; includes downloadable spatial data and mapping tool.

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GIS is used by many UGA departments for a variety of purposes. The following list includes some of the GIS users at UGA. This list is not comprehensive; If you would like your group's GIS activities listed here, please contact us.

Carl Vinson Institute of Government
The Institute offers a multitude of GIS solutions.

Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS)
The Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS) undertakes interdisciplinary research projects requiring the development of image and map data processing technologies for applications in the physical, biological and mapping sciences.

Coweeta LTER Home Page
The Little Tennessee Collection contains the core GIS data set for these various projects along with supporting instructions and metadata.

GIScience at UGA
This web site describes the status of GIScience at the University of Georgia.

School of Marine Programs Coastal GIS Lab
Links to the Coastal Georgia Historical Data set and Summit to the Sea, dedicated to informing the general public, educators, students and policy makers about the importance of Georgia's rivers and their watersheds. .

UGA Office of University Architects GIS Mapping Project
Per their Web site, the GIS Mapping project is an initiative by Finance and Administration to document the University's changing physical campus. One of the first databases of its kind, the GIS project began in 1992 and has been operated by the Office of University Architects (OUA) since 1996. Under OUA's leadership, the GIS database now forms the foundation for UGA's campus planning and development activities.

UGA Information Technology Outreach Services GIS Services
ITOS offers a variety of GIS solutions, including county parcel mapping, transportation, GPS technology and digital GIS data conversion.

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National & International Sources

This section lists national and international sources of GIS data. For GIS data specific to Georgia please go to the Georgia section of this page. For listings by government agency please go to National and International Maps - By Agency section of the Online and Interactive Maps page.

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General | Agriculture/Forestry | Biology | Census | Environment | Geology | History
Land Use/Land Cover | Recreation | Transportation | Water/Hydrology | Weather

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Federal Geographic Data Committee
An interagency committee that promotes the coordinated development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geospatial data on a national basis via the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
One-stop for federal, state and local geographic data.

GIS Data Depot
Free and fee-based GIS data of all types available for download.

National Map Seamless Server
Offers free downloads of national base layers as well as other geospatial data layers from USGS.

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USDA Forest Service National Forest Inventory and Analysis Spatial Data Services
Created to facilitate access to FIA data without compromising the security of the plot locations or land owner privacy; connects geospatial data submitted by interested parties to the geospatial information collected by FIA.

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Geospatial Information Branch
Administers Agency's activities related to the use of remotely sensed and other spatially referenced information for forcasting, estimation, and data presentation

USDA National Resources Conservation Service National Cartography and Geospatial Center
The mission of the NCGS is to provide the Natural Resources Conservation Service with technical leadership and expertise in the areas of cartography, aerial photography, imagery, natural resources data, geospatial technology, National Resources Inventory, and soil survey

USDA Risk Management Agency GIS Actuarial Maps
Provides shape files of the high risk or T-yield map layers of FCI-33 maps

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Geographic Information Systems & Spatial Data
Offers access to FWS data sets and information

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National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)
Provides aggregate census data and GIS-compatable boundary files for the United States between 1790 and 2000.

U.S. Census Bureau home

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) home

  • FEMA Mapping and Analysis Center
    Provides national level Geographic Information System (GIS) support and coordination to the Federal Emergancy Management Agency (FEMA); includes maps of areas affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency home

  • Envirofacts Data Warehouse
    Provides access to several EPA databases that provide information about environmental activities that may affect air, water, and land anywhere in the United States
  • Enviromapper
    Allows users to map various types of environmental information, including air releases, drinking water, toxic releases, hazardous wastes, water discharge permits, and Superfund sites

USDA Geospatial Data Gateway
Provides One Stop Shopping for natural resources or environmental data at anytime, from anywhere, to anyone. The Gateway allows users to choose their area of interest, browse and select data from the catalog, customize the format, and have it downloaded or shipped on CD or DVD.

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U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Data Download
Downloadable GIS data sets for analysis and integration with other geospatial data

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Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
Provides information about the creation and boundary changes of every county in the United States, from the the 1600s to 2000; includes downloadable shapefiles for use with GIS programs. A project of the William M. Scholl Center for Family and Community History at the Newberry Library in Chicago.

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)
Provides aggregate census data and GIS-compatible boundary files for the United States between 1790 and 2000.

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Land Use/Land Cover

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) State of the Land
Provides data and analysis on land use, soil erosion, water quality, wetlands, and other issues regarding the conservation and use of natural resources

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Appalacian Trail GIS and GPS Data
Downloadable GIS and GPS data for the Appalacian Trail.

National Park Service Geography and Mapping Technologies: Geographic Information Systems
Provides downloadable data and information related to the National Park Service

National Park Service Natural Resource and GIS (NR-GIS) Metadata and Data Store
Manages and shares natural resource and GIS metadata and data generated by the Natural Resource and Servicewide GIS Programs of the National Park Service

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U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics home

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National Wetlands Inventory Wetlands
NWI produces and provides information on the characteristics, extent, and status of the Nation's wetlands and deepwater habitats and other wildlife habitats; contains a variety of maps and data including the interactive Wetlands Mapper

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NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data In Information Service (NESDIS)
Per its homepage, "provides timely access to global environmental data from satellites and other sources to promote, protect, and enhance the Nation's economy, security, environment, and quality of life"

NOAA National Ocean Service Data Explorer
Offers interactive mapping tools that allow users to locate NOS products in any area in the United States and its territories through a metadata catalog, including imagery

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