Official Publications of the State of Georgia List of Classes

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Index to the List of Classes

A200  State Accounting Office

A250  Office of State Administrative Hearings

A300  Administrative Services
.H8  Human Resources Administration
.S8  Central Supply

A320  Georgia Building Authority

A400  Department of Agriculture
.C6  Office of Press and Consumer Services
.C7  Crop Reporting Service
.E5  State Board of Entomology
.F8  Weights and Measures Division
.M2  Bureau of Markets
.M3  Marketing Division
.P5  Plant Industry Division
.V4  State Veterinarian

A410  Department of Agriculture
.A4  Agricultural Commodity Commission
.A6  Apple Commission
.E3  Egg Commission
.M5  Milk Commission
.P4  Peach Commission
.P5  Peanut Commission
.S9  Sweet Potato Commission

A475.A4  Agricultural Industrial Board

A475.M5  Milk Control Board

A500  Agricultural and Industrial Development Board

A675.A3  Agrirama Development Authority

A775.A7  Commission on the Arts

A800  Department of Audits and Accounts
.H4  Healthcare Audits Division
.I5  Information Systems Audit and Assurance Services Division
.M4  Medicaid and Local Government Audits Division
.S2  Sales Ratio Division
.S7  State Government Division

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B100  Department of Banking

B400  Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

B600  Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission

B700  Bright from the Start, Department of Early Care and Learning
(Combination of Georgia Child Care Council and Office of School Readiness)
.C5  Child Care Services
.N8  Nutrition Services
.Q8  Division of Quality Initiatives

B975.B9  Budget and Investigating Commission

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C100  Georgia Child Care Council

C200  Department of Juvenile Justice (formerly Children and Youth Services)

C300  Department of Commerce and Labor

C400  Department of Commerce
.P6  State Planning Commission
.P7  Planning Division
.T6  Tourist Division

C495  Department of Community Affairs
.A7  Advisory Committee on Area Planning and Development
.B8  Business and Financial Assistance Division
.C5  Georgia Clean and Beautiful
.C55  Community Development and Finance Division
.C6  Office of Coordinated Planning
.E5  Planning and Environmental Management Division
.F5  Office of Financial Assistance
.G6  Government Information Division
.H6  Housing Finance Division
.I5  Intergovernmental Assistance Division
.P5  Planning, Information and Management Division
.R4  Office of Research and Development
.R42 Rental Assistance Division
.R8  Office of Rural Development
.T4  Technical Assistance Division

C500 Department of Community Development
.B8  Bureau of Community Affairs
.C6  Community Affairs Division
.I5  Bureau of Industry and Trade
.P8  Public Relations and Film Division
.R4  Research Division
.T6  Tourist Division

C550  Citizens’ Council
.R4  Recreation Division
.S2  Safety Council
.Y6  Youth Council

C575.C4  Children’s Code Commission

C575.C5  Civil War Centennial Commission

C600  Constitution

C610.R4  Constitutional Convention Revision Committee

C675.C6  Commission to Revise the Constitution of Georgia

C675.61  Commission on Compensation

C700  Comptroller General

C720  Department of Insurance
.F5  Fire Marshal's Office

C730  Comptroller General Safety Fire Commission

C775.C6  Citizen’s Committee to Advise the Comptroller-General-Elect

C775.C7 Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians

C800  Department of Corrections

C900  Department of Community Health
.E4  Division of Public Employee Health Benefits
.H4  Office of Health Improvement

     .P8  Division of Public Health (formerly Dept. of Human Resources. Division of Public Health)

C910  Department of Community Health. Board for Physician Workforce

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D275.D2  Interagency Committee on Day Care

D300  Georgia Public Defender Standards Council

D400  Department of Defense
.C5  Division of Civil Defense
.M5  Military Division

D410  Adjutant-General’s Office

D475.D4  Council of Defense

D500  Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

D700  Department of Driver Services (formerly Dept. of Motor Vehicle Safety until July 1, 2005)

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E200  Department of Economic Development (formerly Dept. of Industry, Trade and Tourism until 7/1/2004)
.F5  Georgia Film, Video and Music Office
.G5 Global Commerce Division
.T6  Tourism Division

E300  Department of Education
.A2  Office of School Administrative Services
.A3  Office of Adult and Vocational Education
.A31  Georgia Express Project (Adult Education)
.A32  Task Force on Adult Education
.A33  Advocates of the Georgia Adult Literacy Initiative
.B3  Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
.C2  Educational Campaign Committee
.C8  Division of Curriculum and Instructional Services
.E3  Education Panel
.E4  Elementary Committee
.E9  Division for Exceptional Students
.F5 Office of Finance and Business Operations
.I5  Office of Instructional Services
.I51  Division of Instruction Technology
.I52  Division of Information and Publications
.L5  Library Division
.L6  Local Systems Support Division
.M4  Memorial Committee
.N4  Division of Negro Education
.N8  School and Community Nutrition Division
.P5  Office of Planning and Development
.P6  Office of Policy and Communications
.P7  Psychoeducational Network
.P8  Public Information and Publications Division
.R4  Regional Education Services Division
.S4  School Lunch Division
.S5  School Support Division
.S6  Division of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services
.S7  Office of Staff Services
.S75  Office of Standards, Instruction and Assessment
.S83  Office of Student Learning and Achievement
.S85  Student Services Unit
.S87  Student Support Services Division
.T4  Division of Assessment (formerly Teacher Certification Testing Program)
.T43  Office of Teacher and Student Support
.T45  Testing Division
.T48  Division of Textbook and Library Services
.V6  Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
.W22  Wartime Education Commission

E305  State Board of Education

E310  State Board of Vocational Education

E320  Higher Education Facilities Commission

E330  Georgia Illiteracy Commission

E340  Georgia Program for the Improvement of Instruction

E350  State Medical Education Board

E375.E3  Commission on Education

E375.E4  Educational Professional Standards Commission

E375.E5  Environmental Educational Planning Committee

E375.W5  State Committee for the White House Conference on Education

E400  Employees’ Retirement System

E450.B4  Academy for the Blind, Macon

E450.D4  School for the Deaf, Cave Springs

E450.M4  State School and Hospital, Gracewood

E450.M5  State Hospital, Milledgeville

E450.T7  Training School for Boys

E450.T8  Training School for Girls

E450.T9  State Tuberculosis Sanitarium

E475.E4  Election Laws Study Commission

E480  Environmental Finance Authority (formerly Environmental Facilities Authority)
.W3 Governor's Water Supply Program Task Force

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F300  Joint Board of Family Practice

F500  State Financing and Investment Commission

F600  Forestry Commission
.R4  Research Division

F700  Forest Research Council

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G200  Game and Fish Department

G210  State Board of Game and Fish

G275  State Game and Fish Commission
.E3  Division of Education and Information

G600  Governor
.G6  State and Local Government Coordination Study
.I5  Governor’s Intern Program
.K4  Keeper of Public Buildings and Grounds
.L5  Governor’s Conference on Libraries and Information Services
.R4  Compiler of State Records
.T4  Public Telecommunications Task Force

G620  Office of Planning and Budget (formerly Governor’s Budget Bureau)
.A7  Georgia Council for the Arts
.C5  Office of the Child Advocate
.C55  Governor’s Office for Children and Families (Merger of the Children’s Trust Fund Commission and
the Children and Youth Coordinating Council, January, 2008)
.C6  Coastal Zone Management Program
.C7  Office of Consumer Affairs
.E4  Education Review Commission
.E7  Office of Energy Resources
.G7  Growth Strategies Commission
.H3  Hazardous Waste Management Authority
.H8  Georgia Governor’s Office of Human Relations
.J9  Judicial Process Review Commission
.M2  Management Review Section
.P4  State Data Center Program
.P6  Project Notification Review System
.S25  Georgia Council for School Performance
.S3  Nuclear Advisory Commission (Science and Technology Commission)
.S7  Governor’s Office of Student Achievement
.U4  Consumers’ Utility Counsel
.V5  Georgia Advisory Council on Vocational Education
.V6  Georgia Council on Vocational Education
.W6 Governor's Office of Workforce Development

G630  Governor’s Commissions and Councils
.A34  Commission on Aging
.A4  Study Commission of Alcohol
.A8  Atlanta World’s Fair Study Commission
.C59  Special Inspector of Misdemeanor Convict Camps
.C6  Committee for Coordinating Opportunities in South Central Georgia
.C7  Commission on Crime and Justice
.C71  Commission on Criminal Sanctions and Correctional Facilities
.C72  Advisory Committee on Crime and Punishment
.C73  Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
.D4  Council on Developmental Disabilities
.D7  Conference on Drug Abuse
.D71  Commission on Drug Awareness and Prevention
.E3  Committee on Postsecondary Education (formerly Commission to Improve Education)
.E34  Commission to Simplify and Coordinate the Operations of Governmental Departments
.E36  Commission on Effectiveness and Economy in Government
.E38  Georgia Emergency Management Agency
.E4  Office of Emergency Planning
.E5  Georgia Employment and Training Council
.E6  Commission on Equal Opportunity
.G7  Commission on Planned Growth
.H2  Commission on Resident Schools for Handicapped Children of Georgia
.H3  Georgia Heritage Trust Commission
.H6 Georgia Commission on the Holocaust
.H8  Office of Georgia Human Relations
.I5  Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns
.I6  Governor’s Office of the Consumers’ Insurance Advocate
.J8  Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals
.J81  Commission on Judicial Processes
.L55  Local Governance Commission
.L6  Executive Committee for the Study of the Coordination of State and Local Governmental Services
.M4  Commission to Improve Services for Mentally and Emotionally Handicapped Georgians
.N3  Conference on Natural and Environmental Resources
.P4  Citizens Penal Reform Commission
.R4  Commission on Economy and Reorganization
.S3  Commission for Scientific Research and Development
.S4  Governor’s Commission on Certainty in Sentencing
.W6  Commission on the Status of Women

G640  Georgia. Board of Capitol Commissioners

G675.C7  Georgia. State Crime Commission (formerly Crime Statistics Data Center)
.C71  Georgia Organized Crime Prevention Council

G675.G6  Gordon Monument Commission

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H575.H5  Special Legislative Highway Commission
.H51  Office of Highway Safety

H700  Department of Public Health
.A3  Administrative Services
.E4  Division of Epidemiology
.E5  Environmental Health Services
.H4  Health Conservation Services
.H6  Division of Hospital Services
.L2  Division of Laboratories
.L5  Library
.L6  Local Health Branch
.M2  Division of Malaria and Hookworm Service
.M4  Division of Mental Health
.M5  Division of Medical Care Administration
.P4  Office of Comprehensive Health Planning
.P5  Division of Physical Health
.P7  Preventable Disease Services
.S2  Division of Sanitary Engineering
.S8  Bureau (Division) of Vital Statistics

H710  Board of Health

H712  State Water Quality Control Board

H715  Access to Health Care Commission

H720  State Health Planning and Development Agency

H775.H6  Hospital Care Study Commission

H800  Department of Human Services (formerly Dept. of Human Resources until 7/1/2009)
.A3  Office of Adoptions
.A35  Georgia Council on Aging
.A4  Office of Aging
.B8  Budget Services Unit
.C4  Children’s Trust Fund
.C6  Office of Communications
.E3  Economic Opportunity Office
.E5  Office of Epidemiology
.E9  Office of Evaluation and Research
.F2  Department of Family and Children Services
.H8  Office of Human Resource Management
.I5  Office of Infectious Disease
.M4  Division of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse
.M42  Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases
.N8  Office of Nutrition
.P4  Personnel Services
.P5  Division of Physical Health
.P8  Division of Public Health (Effective 7/1/2009 moved to the Dept. of Community Health)
.R2  Office of Regulatory Services
.T4  Office of Technology and Support
.V6  Division of Rehabilitation Services (formerly Division of Vocational Rehabilitation --transferred to
the Department of Labor July 1, 2001)
.Y6  Division of Youth Services

H875.A4  Commission on Aging
.A41  Commission on Alcoholism

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I400  Georgia Industrial Bureau

I475  Georgia Indigent Defense Council

I500  Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
.A9  Aviation Division
.C6  Tourist/Communications Division
.F5  Film and Videotape Office
.I5  International Division
.P7  Planning Division
.R4  Research Division
.T6  Tourist Division

I575  Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

I675.C7  Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Crime Information Center

I675.I5  Georgia Bureau of Investigation

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J400  Jekyll Island State Park Authority

J800  Administrative Office of the Courts
.A4  Committee on Access and Fairness in the Courts
.A6  Court of Appeals
.C6  Georgia Courts Automation Commission
.C63  Board of Court Reporting
.C65 Courts Services Division. Office of Children, Families and the Courts
.J8  Judicial Council
.J85  Council of Juvenile Court Judges
.L4  Legislative and Government Affairs Division
.M3  Council of Magistrate Court Judges
.M33  Magistrate Court Clerks
.M8  Council of Municipal Court Judges
.P7  Council of Probate Court Judges
.S7  Council of State Court Judges
.S9  Supreme Court Child Placement Project
.S91  Superior Court
.S92  Supreme Court Commission on Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Court System
.S93  Supreme Court Commission on Interpreters
.S94 Committee on Justice for Children

J850  Judicial Planning Committee

J875.J8  Commission on Judicial Procedures

J875.J9  Judicial Qualifications Commission

J880  Children and Youth Coordinating Council

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L200  Department of Labor
.B8  Business Enterprise Program
.C6  Communications Division
.E35  Employer Committee
.E4  Employment Security Agency
.E41  Employment Services (formerly Division of Employment Service)
.E42  Division of Manpower Services
.E44  Bureau of Unemployment Compensation
.E45  Office of Board of Review
.E46  Workforce Information and Analysis (formerly Labor Market Information; formerly Labor Information Systems)
.F2  Equal Opportunity Employer Commission (formerly Commission on Equal Opportunity)
.F5  Field Services Offices
.G7  Griffin Career Center
.H8  Human Resources
.I5  Division of Inspection
.J6  Jobs for Georgia Graduates
.R4  Rehabilitative Services
.S2  Safety Engineering
.T7  Division of Training and Employment Services
.T8  Georgia 21 Commission
.U5  Unemployment Insurance
.V6  Vocational Rehabilitation
.W6  Georgia Commission on Women

L220  State Board of Worker’s Compensation (Industrial Commission)

L222  Industrial Commission

L275.L2  Commissioner of Land and Immigration

L275.P7  Land-use Planning Committee

L300  Department of Law
.L5  State Library

L310  Attorney General

L400  Legislature
.B8  Legislative Budget Office
.E3  Educational Improvement Council
.L4  Office of Legislative Counsel

L402  Senate journal

L404  House journal

L407  Laws

L408  Senate Committee reports

L409  House Committee reports

L410  Joint Committee reports

L411  Senate miscellaneous publications

L412  House miscellaneous publications

L413  Joint miscellaneous publications

L414  General Assembly (at large) Committee reports
.R4  Reapportionment Services Office (General Assembly)

L575.L5  Library Commission (also Literature Commission)

L600  Lieutenant Governor

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M290  Department of Medical Assistance

M300  State Personnel Administration(formerly Georgia Merit System)
.A3  Advisory Committee
.E6  Employment Services Division
.E9  Recruitment Section
.T7  Training Division

M400  State Commission on Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Service Delivery

M475.M4  Council on Mental Retardation

M480  Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

M490  Military Department

M500  Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology
.G4  Geological Survey

M600  Department of Motor Vehicle Safety

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N200  Department of Natural Resources
.C6  Coastal Resources Program
.E5  Environmental Protection Division
.F6  Division of Forestry
.G2  Wildlife Resources Division
.G3-4  Geologic and Water Resources Division
.H5  Historic Preservation Section
.M5  Division of Mines, Mining, and Geology
.P2  Division of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites
.P5  Office of Planning and Research, Recreation Planning Section
.P51  Office of Planning and Research, Resource Planning Section
.P6  Office of Planning and Research, Historic Preservation Section
.P65  Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
.R4  Water Resources Branch, Regulatory Support Program (formerly Georgia Geologic Survey)
.W5  Division of Wildlife

N220  Surface Mined Land Use Board

N230  North Georgia Mountains Authority

N240  Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission

N300  Board of Natural Resources

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O575.G2  Oil and Gas Commission

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P200  State Board of Pardons and Paroles

P300  Department of Parks, Historic Sites and Monuments

P375  Council for the Preservation of Natural Areas

P390  Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council

P400  State Penitentiary
.A4  Georgia Industrial Institute, Alto
.B8  Georgia Training and Development Center, Buford
.F2  State Prison Farm, Reidsville

P500  State Planning Board

P600  State Planning Bureau

P650  Regional Development Centers (RDC) (formerly Planning and Development Commissions)
(As of 1993, Regional Development Centers are not part of the State Documents Depository Program)
.A4  Altamaha Georgia SouthernRDC
.A5  Alma-Bacon County Planning Commission
.A8  Atlanta Regional Commission
.A82  Athens-Clarke County Planning Commission
.A83  Augusta-Richmond County Planning Commission
.B7  Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Planning Commission
.C4  Central Savannah River Area Planning and Development Commission
.C47  Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission
.C49  Clarkesville, Georgia Planning Commission
.C5  Chattahoochee-Flint Area Planning and Development Commission
.C55  Clayton County Planning Commission
.C57  Cleveland and White County Planning Commission
.C6  Coastal Georgia RDC
.C7  Coastal Plains Area Planning and Development Commission
.C75  Coastal Plains Regional Commission
.C8  Coosa Valley RDC
.D6  Douglasville-Douglas County Planning Commission
.D8  Dublin-Laurens County Planning Commission
.G2  Gainesville-Hall County Planning Commission
.G4  Georgia Mountains RDC
.G5  Georgia Southern Area Planning and Development Commission
.H4  Heart of Georgia RDC
.L6  Lower Chattahoochee Valley RDC
.M2  McIntosh Trail RDC
.M3  Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission
.M37  Marietta Planning Commission
.M5  Middle Flint RDC
.M6  Middle Georgia Area Planning Commission
.M65  Monroe-Walton County Planning Commission
.N6  North Georgia Area Planning and Development Commission
.N7  Northeast Georgia RDC
.O3  Oconee Area Planning and Development Commission
.R6  Rome-Floyd County Planning Commission
.S6  Slash Pine Area Planning and Development Commission
.S7  Southwest Georgia Planning and Development Commission
.S72  South Georgia RDC
.S8  Southeast Georgia RDC
.T7  Troup County Planning Commission
.W2  Waycross-Ware County Planning Commission
.W4  West Central Georgia Planning and Development Commission
.W5  White County Planning Commission

P675.N7  Task Force on Development of Sensitive Areas in Northeast Georgia

P700  Prison Commission

P701  Prison and Parole Commission

P775.P65  Georgia Professional Practices Commission

P775.P7  State Programs Study Committee

P775.P8  Georgia State Properties Commission

P780 Department of Public Health (formerly Dept. of Community Health. Division of Public Health)
.D5 Chronic Disease, Healthy Behaviors, and Injury Epidemiology Section
.E5 Environmental Health Branch
.H4 Office of Health Indicators for Planning
.M3 Maternal and Child Health Section
.R4 Refugee Health Section

P800  Public Service Commission

P875.W4  Western and Atlantic Railroad Commission

P900  Ports Authority

P950  Department of Public Printing
.S7  Professional Standards Commission

P975.P9  Harbor, Port, and Terminal Commission

P990  State Purchasing Department

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R200  Georgia Rail Passenger Authority

R300  Department of Corrections, formerly Department of Offender Rehabilitation
.E9  Office of Evaluation and Statistics
.P5  Operations, Planning, and Training Division
.P6  Division of Probation
.P8  Office of Public Information
.S8  Division of Staff and Program Development

R320  State Board of Corrections

R340  Georgia Housing and Finance Authority formerly Residential Finance Authority

R400  Department of Revenue
.A4  Alcohol, Tax and Control Unit
.C5  State Oil Chemist
.I5  Income Tax Division
.L6  Local Government Services Division
.M5  Miscellaneous Tax Unit
.M6  Motor Fuel Tax Unit
.P7  Property Tax Division
.P8  Division of Information and Public Information
.R4  Registration Unit
.S2  Sales and Use Tax Division
.V4  Motor Vehicle Division

R410  State Tax Commissioner (Revenue Commissioner)

R775.E3  Commission on Economy and Taxation
.R4  Tax Revision Study Commission
.S6  Special Tax Commission

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S200  Department of Public Safety
.A3  Accident Reporting Division
.I5  Office of Public Information
.P2  State Patrol
.S2  Bureau of Safety Responsibility

S220  Office of Coordinator of Highway Safety

S275  Georgia Interagency Safety Advisory Council

S 300  Office of School Readiness (Continued by Bright from the Start. Dept. of Early Care and Learning)
.N8  Nutrition Services Division

S600  Soil and Water Conservation Committee

S700  Secretary of State
.A3  Administrative Procedure Division
.A7  Department of Archives and History
.B8  Division of Building and Loans
.C6  Corporations Division
.E4  Election Board (Division of Elections)
.E8  Blue Ribbon Ethics Study Committee
.M8  State Museum of Science and Industry
.S9  Surveyor General Department

S720  State Board of _________ Examiners
.A2-3  Accountancy
.A7  Architects
.B2  Barbers
.C5  Chiropractic
.C55  Construction Industry
.C6  Cosmetology
.D4  Dental
.E3  Electrical Contractors
.E4  Electrical Contractors
.E5  Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
.F6  Registered Foresters
.F8  Funeral Service
.G4  Professional Geologists
.H4  Hearing Aid Dealers and Dispensers
.H5  Georgia Historical Commission
.L2  Landscape Architects
.L5  Librarians
.M4  Medical Examiners (Physicians)
.N81  Nurses
.N82  Nurses
.N83  Nursing Home Administrators
.O6  Dispensing Opticians
.O61  Optometry
.P4  Plumbing Contractors
.P5  Pharmacy
.P51  Physical Therapy
.P6  Podiatry
.P64  Polygraph
.P7  Private Detective and Private Security Agencies
.P71  Psychologists
.R4  Real Estate brokers (Real Estate Commission)
.R41  Recreation
.S2  Registered professional sanitariums
.S6  Speech pathology and audiology
.S78  Structural pest control
.U3  Used car dealers
.U5  Dealers in used motor vehicle parts
.V4  Veterinary
.W2  Warm air heating contractors
.W4  Water and wastewater treatment plant operators

S730  Georgia Commission for the National Bicentennial Celebration

S740  State Ethics Commission (formerly Securities Commission)

S775.S7  Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial (formerly Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association)

S810  Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation

S820  Georgia Student Finance Authority

S840  Georgia Student Finance Commission
.N6  Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission

S975.S9  State Survey Committee

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T275.T15  Tax Reform Commission

T275.T2  Tax Revision Committee

T375.T3 Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians

T400  Teacher’s Retirement System

T450  Georgia Technology Authority

T500  Technical College System of Georgia (formerly Department of Technical and Adult Education)

T600  Public Telecommunications Commission, Georgia Public Broadcasting
.E3 Education and Technology Services

T700  Department of Transportation (formerly State Highway Department)
.C6  Office of Communications
.D2  Planning Data Services
.E5  Office of Environment/Location
.E53 Division of Engineering
.E6  Equal Opportunity Division
.H5  Division of Highways
.I5  Public Information Office
.P51  Division of Highway Planning
.P6  Office of Planning
.P8  Bureau of Public Transportation
.R4  Office of Materials and Research
.R5  Right of Way Department
.T7  Traffic Operations Division

T710  State Highway Board

T720  State Tollway Authority

T730  Regional Transportation Authority

T800  Treasury Department

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U500  University System
.A2  Study Abroad Programs
.A3  Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs
.C6  Computer Network
.C7  Council
.E9  Division of General Extension
.G6  Georgia GLOBE
.L5  Academic Committee on Libraries
.M5  Advisory Committee on Mineral Leasing
.P8  Public Services Committee
.R4  Board of Regents Joint Board of Family Practice
.S7  Special Studies Division
.T3  Advisory Faculty Committee on Tenure
.T4  Chancellor’s Committee on Uniform Testing Procedures
.T5  Office of Testing and Guidance

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V400  Department of Veterans Service
.P4  Department of Pensions

V475.S4  Veterans Service Coordination Committee

V475.S6  Soldier Roster Commission

V775.E3  Veterans Education Council

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W275.L2  Water Law Revision Commission

W400 Department of Family and Children Services (formerly Department of Public Welfare)
.B8  Welfare Department
.C5  Division for Children and Youth
.C6  Confederate Soldiers’ Home
.C7  Crippled Children’s Division
.P4  Division of Confederate Pensions and Records
.P7  Division of Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation
.R4  Division of Research and Statistics
.S9  Surplus Commodity Distribution Division

W410  Board of Control of Eleemosynary Institutions

W420  Commission on Feeblemindedness

W430  Eleemosynary State Hospital Authority

W475.R2  Eleemosynary Commission appointed to adjust certain claims between the State of Georgia
and the Lessees of the Western and Atlantic Railroad

W675.W6  Eleemosynary World Congress Center

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