Submitting Electronic Documents

As mandated by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 20-5-2, state agencies are required to submit documents produced in all formats, including electronic, to UGA Libraries, the official Georgia government publications depository.

In order to fulfill depository requirements, electronic documents may be submitted to UGA Libraries in the following formats: PDF, Word, or ASCII Text.

Please follow these procedures to submit electronic documents:

  • To obtain a user ID and password for access to the ftp server send an e-mail to
  • FTP documents to the following server:
  • After signing in with the user id and password obtained via the above e-mail address, set the transfer mode to BINARY and upload to the current directory.
  • Send an e-mail to to notify the Digital Library of Georgia that a file has been sent.
    Include the file name(s), title of document, agency name, place of publication, and publication date.
  • The Digital Library of Georgia will send an acknowledgement via email.