About us

Created by the merger of the former Map Library and the UGA Libraries' extensive government documents collections, the Map and Government Information Library (MAGIL) is located in the sub-basement of the Main Library on North Campus. Its mission is to provide bibliographic, physical and intellectual access to cartographic and government information in all formats.

The UGA Libraries serves as Georgia's regional depository for documents published by the Federal government as well as the official depository for documents published by the State of Georgia. Its collections include select international and United Nations documents. Cartographic resources include maps, aerial photography and remote sensed imagery, atlases, digital spatial data, and reference materials, with a particular emphasis on the State of Georgia. Please see individual collection descriptions for specific holdings, access and location information.

This section includes collection development policies for all collections as well as contact and staff information. Please choose a link on the left side of this page for further information.

Cars in the former Map Library

Originally located in the Science Library, in the spring of 2005 the Map Room collections were moved off campus to the Thomas Textile Building. This new location proved to be a bit dangerous for the newly-renamed Map Library. During its 7 years at the end of Milledge Avenue, a car crashed into the building on two separate occasions. After the second incident, a guard rail was erected in front of the building, effectively serving as a deterrent to further car-related incidents. Car parts, pieces of brick and mortar, and a road sign are kept in storage at the Map and Government Information Library as mementos of the former Map Library's often exciting time off campus. Pictures of the aftermath of these events can be found on our Map Library Intrusion page.