UGA Libraries Staff Association Animal Welfare Drive

Benefiting the following organizations:

Donation boxes are located in all Libraries' Departments. If you do not have a donation box in your department please contact Rachel Parnell at For a list of items needed please go to: WISH LIST. For a more complete wish list for Campus Cats go to: Campus Cats complete list.

Abby, Russell Library. Abby's kitties...Dan, Lula, Charlie and Jack...ain't they cute?

Asia, Access Services. My cat Zoe just had kittens 2 weeks ago. I think they're all pretty adorable.

Diana, Reference. Marigold (aka Mary, the Marinator, Meowy) is the orange cat. She came with our house in Winterville when we moved in in 1999. She actually belonged to an across-the-street neighbor who told us that we could have her since they were overrun with cats and dogs. Kiki (aka the Brown Bomber, Keebler) is the black cat and our newest addition. She showed up skinny and limping. We soon realized that she belonged to our neighbors. When we asked, they said we could have her. She is super sweet, and the ruler of the roost. She's very adept at kicking the dogs off their beds so she can bunk down in a warm spot! Jazz (aka Jazzinator, Jazzmeister, Jazzy Boy) was a freebie from the UGA Staff listserv. He's super sweet. Isis (aka Icy, Icer), Sunny (aka Slummy, Sunner), and Sandy (aka the Sandman, Sander) are our three dogs. Isis (the black one with tan markings) is 13 years old this year. She came from a friend who rescued a lab, not knowing that the dog was pregnant. She had 10 puppies! Sunny and Sandy are brothers my husband found while doing field work. They were stranded in the middle of nowhere down a stream embankment. We took them in with every intention of finding homes for them. That was 8 years ago.

Diane, Reference.

Trevor, Interlibrary Loan. My cat is named Quyen (Vietnamese for bird), she was adopted from my parents whose two sister cats both managed to get pregnant within three weeks of each other. She ignores catnip, but loves bells and the occasional knitting work in progress. Bonsai was adopted from the Augusta Animal Shelter by my parents, and was subsequently claimed by me due to an extraordinary resemblance to a dog I had owned previously. He's either an Australian Cattle Dog or an African Basenji, and spends his time laying at my feet or worming his way on to my side of the bed. Suzie - We adopted Suzie from the Athens Area Animal Shelter, she's a mutt through and through! She's had some trouble with her health but is always been very easy going and a happy dog. Interesting Fact: Suzie doesn't drink water. She stays hydrated by eating ice and relishes such a delectable treat.

Marci, Cataloging. Their names are Harpo (the border collie) Gustav (the yellow labbie), Lula (the reddish/dotty one- she's a redtick coonhound) , and Belle (brown, white, she's a walker coonhound).

Laura, Serials. All three of our cats are rescues. Paisley had been in and out of the Athens Humane Society and foster care for almost a year when we brought her home in 1997. When we were introduced, Paisley wrapped her paws around my neck and would not let go. She simply had to come home with us! Aeolif was rescued from a tree, hoarse from mewing and barely hanging on to the end of a branch about eight feet above our driveway. Joxer is a MOAS rescue. Joxer is energetic, annoyingly curious, companionable and loving. He brightens our day every day.

Mandy, Digital Library of Georgia. Fruitbat is the shorthaired beagle and lab mix. Peewee is the long-haired border collie mix...or as we like to say, short-haired Georgia Black Dog and long-haired Georgia Black Dog. Both dogs have given my husband, Devlin, and me years of love, protection (they deterred a burglary in my house about five years ago by barking VERY loudly at the burglar), and they are still quite spry. They are our children, and Devlin and I spoil both of them ROTTEN.

Nadine, Reference. Nick, a six year old mostly-rottweiler, also pictured with an Athens Canine Rescue puppy.

Rachel, Binding. I'm not sure how Persephone began her life, but somehow she found her way to a used car lot before I found her. As I perused the cars looking for one to buy, she sat by the door of the manager's office and purred and rolled around on the ground, looking cute and begging to be petted. The manager said they were feeding her, and that they had named her Auto, and then he asked if I wanted her. I was looking for a car and gained a cat! Tinker Bell was given to me by Nikki, a former Library employee. Nikki told me Tinker Bell's owner had moved away some number of months prior and left her behind, and I was thinking about getting a companion for Persephone anyway so Tinker Bell came home with me. She has turned out to be a funny cat, and even though we've had her for 4 years she is still afraid of loud sounds and strangers. She doesn't really play except at night when she goes tearing through the house, which is why it's so funny to see her act like that when she's usually so calm. If she sees Persephone do something, even naughty things like jump on the table, she'll often copy it. The picture I took of Persephone in the window and Tinker Bell in the bed shows a rare occurrence because they usually aren't that close to one another without a fight breaking out. I think they both must have a superiority complex.

Kristy, Digital Library of Georgia. Pele is nine years old. He's been with us since he was seven weeks old. He was born on a farm in Barnard, Missouri. He's cranky, opinionated, and wonderful. Unfortunately, he was not blessed with great dental health, and he has lost his formerly impressive fangs. He now often gets his upper lip stuck in true Elvis style. Beatrice is seven years old. She came to live with us when she was one. She was on her way to the shelter from a family who claimed she was too much trouble (their words) - something we can't understand, as she's the sweetest thing and always has been. We took her the day before they were planning on giving her to the shelter, and she's been part of our family ever since.

Tim, Serials. Chris is a Dutch breed domesticated rabbit. Christopher was found running around in our yard when she was a young bunny. She has adapted well to being an inside bunny. One of her favorite activites is chewing on or scampering through the tunnel. Elton, a Florida White, was adopted from the North Georgia House Rabbit Society shelter as a companion for Chris. He loves her to the point of obsession. Here he is enjoying a rest on Easter 2007.

Janice, Cataloging. My daughter rescued Jack from the hay loft of a barn where she rides. Because he had an injured foot, probably from a cat fight, she took him to the vet. While he was recovering we tried to find his owner, but no one claimed him so Jack came to live with us. He is now 14 lbs. and has turned out to be one of the sweetest cats I have owned.

Sarah, Serials. Here's a pic of my Tinka, in a pose of ---what else?--- bemused regality, enjoying a "spot of sun"...

Mary, Digital Library of Georgia. We adopted Emma and Fitz on the next to the last day of 2005. It was one of the best decisions we've ever made. They have provided more joy than I'd ever have thought two furry little beasts could.

Julia, Government Documents. Her kitty, Astrud.

Jay Ergle, Copy Services. His kitty, Yellowcat.

Lucy, Science Collections and Research Facilities. Basie went to his first show as an 8-month-old puppy and came away with a 4 point Specialty win. In his brief show career, Basie won a Best In Sweeps and won points under breeder-judges and all rounders alike, finishing with TWO MORE MAJORS including another specialty win. This very special boy is now retired and living the life of a beloved pet.

David S., Supplies. Maggie as a puppy.

Sandra, Acquisitions and David N., Supplies. Their dog, Kuma.

Christine, Government Documents. Caitlin, a shelter kitty adopted from the Athens Area Humane Society on Beaverdam Road. Mirrors, a formerly feral kitty for whom my husband was providing food and water in our carport for about a year.