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Libraries Events

Project Management Presentation

All staff are invited to attend a presentation on the Libraries' project management software by Tim Peacock. Mark your calendars for Friday, June 20 at 2 pm in the Admin Conference room. Brought to you by PDRC.

Department News Briefs

Remember to keep your colleagues informed about your department by dropping a line to libnews@uga.edu.

Libraries Organization Chart

The most current Libraries org chart is now available at http://www.libs.uga.edu/humres/ugalibs_org_chart_tabloid.pdf . There is a link to it from the Collections/Departments page at http://www.libs.uga.edu/collections.html


Main Library: LSA's Annual Animal Welfare Drive, highlighting the efforts of local organizations. Wish lists for the organizations and collection boxes have been placed in departments. For a look at adorable photos of pets whose people work at the UGA Libs, visit http://www.libs.uga.edu/lsa/pets/pets.html.

Hargrett Library: Hargrett Hits: Selections from the collections.

Russell Library: History Lives in the Russell Library: This exhibit takes visitors on a trip back through many of the key events, perspectives, and people who have shaped the political landscape in Georgia , the nation and the world in the last century. Through original letters, documents, speeches, editorial cartoons, historical film footage, photographs, and artifacts this exhibit provides eyewitness perspectives on prohibition, the Cold War, the Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, campaigning, space exploration and more!

Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library: Before the age of career politicians, public servants maintained separate lives from their Washington D.C. alter egos. During breaks from legislation, many returned to their day jobs as farmers, doctors, and lawyers and while away on the nation's business, their wives and children ran these enterprises. The selection of letters and photographs in "Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library Collections" highlights the personal side of politics.

Science Library: World War II maps in observance of the VE Day anniversary. Curated by Hallie Pritchett, map librarian.