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Libraries Events

Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Ceremony

The late Calder Willingham (1922-1995), a novelist and screenwriter, and Bailey White, author and National Public Radio commentator, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame April 11 at 10:30 a.m. in the SLC Rotunda.

Student Assistant Appreciation Luncheon

Please make sure your students are signed up to enjoy the annual pizza lunch by the 14th by contacting organizer Asia Hall (asia@uga.edu). The lunch will be held Thursday, the 17th.

For those interested in helping out with the luncheon there are sign-up forms on the G: drive. (G:\UGALibs\LSA\Events -Thanksgiving, Ice Cream, Student Appreciation,etc\Student Appreciation Lunch\Student Lunch'08) You can sign-up to help at one of our three servings at either Main or Science or you can volunteer to bring in some drinks or cookies, fruit, veggies etc for the students to have with their pizza.

Dossier Workshop

Caroline Barratt will lead this opportunity for participants to explore the organization and content of several successful e-dossiers, discuss the timeline and guidelines for promotion, and receive hands-on instruction in creating an html table of contents. Digitizing and editing documents using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Professional will be demonstrated as well. It will be held April 18 from 1 to 4 p.m. in SLC 368. Sponsored by PRDC; please email Lynn Cahoon at cahoonl@uga.edu if you wish to attend.

Computer Health and Security Fair

EITS is partnering with UGA's TEC Services for the spring 2008 Computer Health and Security Fair.

UGA students, faculty, and staff are invited to bring their laptops to the second floor lobby of the Student Learning Center between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., April 22, for security assistance.

For more information, please see the following press release, which includes a downloadable flyer:


Department News Briefs

Remember to keep your colleagues informed about your department by dropping a line to libnews@uga.edu.

Libraries Organization Chart

The most current Libraries org chart is now available at http://www.libs.uga.edu/humres/ugalibs_org_chart_tabloid.pdf . There is a link to it from the Collections/Departments page at http://www.libs.uga.edu/collections.html


Main Library: Look for the annual observance of National Historic Preservation Month! .

Hargrett Library: Georgia Writers Hall of Fame: Rare books and manuscripts from the Hargrett Library collection will be on display in honor of Georgia's most famous and influential writers. Through April.

Russell Library: History Lives in the Russell Library: This exhibit takes visitors on a trip back through many of the key events, perspectives, and people who have shaped the political landscape in Georgia , the nation and the world in the last century. Through original letters, documents, speeches, editorial cartoons, historical film footage, photographs, and artifacts this exhibit provides eyewitness perspectives on prohibition, the Cold War, the Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, campaigning, space exploration and more!

Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library: Before the age of career politicians, public servants maintained separate lives from their Washington D.C. alter egos. During breaks from legislation, many returned to their day jobs as farmers, doctors, and lawyers and while away on the nation's business, their wives and children ran these enterprises. The selection of letters and photographs in "Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library Collections" highlights the personal side of politics.

Circle Gallery: Fred J. Orr, Architect, Athens , GA. , will be on display April 4–30 in the Circle Gallery, located in Room G14 of Caldwell Hall.

Science Library: Women in Science - a display featuring award winning women scientists from UGA and books featuring women scientists through time. Included is Mary Creswell, the first woman to graduate from ;the College of Agriculture, who later became Dean of the College of Home Economics. Sundry instruments used in pursuit of scientific research are also on display. Prepared by Jacquie Houston, Lora Bergstorm, and Cynthia Prosser