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Staff News


Vogt Appointed to the Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress

Sheryl B. Vogt, director of the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, has been appointed by Secretary of the Senate Nancy Erickson to serve on the Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress. The Committee was created in 1990 to advise Congress and the Archivist of the United States on the management of the records generated by the national legislative body. The committee is comprised of the Secretary of the Senate, the Clerk of the House, the Archivist of the United States, and the historians of the Senate and the House, as well as appointed public members such as historians, political scientists, and administrators of legislative archives and public policy research centers.

March Anniversaries

Brown, Steven Hargrett/University Archives & Records Mgt. March 15, 1979
Esquivie, Genevieve ILL March 26, 1987
Heilman, Laura Serials March 24, 2003
Hervey, Michael Access Services March 30, 2006
Holt, Nathan Access Services March 10, 1997
Kutney, Emily Access Services March 28, 2005
Mayweather, Betty Business Services March 7, 1978
McAnallen, Deborah Cataloging March 1, 1993
Priotrowski, Daniel ILL March 5, 2007
Prechtel, John Reference March 30, 1992
Ricker, Sarah Digital Library of Georgia March 9, 2006
Rizer, Jasmine Cataloging March 8, 2001
Thomas, Mike Systems March 15, 1999
Uong, Linh Cataloging March 12, 2007
Wilder, Gwendolyn Accounting and Purchasing March 31, 1993
Winter, Mary Cataloging March 2, 2000

Who's New

Jason Matherly, Library Assistant III, at the Curriculum Materials Library. Effective 03/06/08.

Patsy Rankin, Administrative Assistant I, in Administration. Effective 03/06/08.

Susan Vandale, Librarian I, in Cataloging. Effective 03/10/08.

Who's Leaving

No resignations to report in this issue.

Who's Changing

No changes to report in this issue.

Libraries Position Postings


Student Employee Payroll Calendar

Please visit the regular student payroll calendar for information on forms and payroll due dates.

Information on the procedures for hiring, changing status, or terminating student assistants can be found at http://www.libs.uga.edu/staff/studentproc.html .

New Employee Verification Program

All public employers, including institutions in the University System of Georgia, are required to participate in the Federal Electronic Employment Verification Program (EEVP) effective July 1, 2007. This means that UGA HR will become the central repository for completed Form I-9s for all UGA employees including faculty, staff, temporary employees, and student workers.

New faculty and staff may begin work without the verification completed, but all paperwork must be completed no later than close of business the second day of work. This should not impact our normal procedures as all new faculty and staff meet with Becky on or before the first day of employment to complete paperwork, of which this is one piece. If the Form I-9 and supporting documents are not received by UGA HR within 3 work days of the new hire's employment date, the employee may be subject to termination of employment.

New student assistants must continue to have the Form I-9 completed by the time they begin work. No student should begin employment until this form is completed and turned in to Lucille. If all appropriate documentation is not presented, the student assistant should cease work until that can be produced. At that time, the student may begin work. Two items of note:

  1. Please remember that you must see the original documentation; faxed or copies brought in by employees may not be used as verification.
  2. You must forward the completed Form I-9 AND a copy of the documentation to Lucille for routing to UGA HR. If the Form I-9 and supporting copies of the documentation are not received by UGA HR within 3 work days of the new hire's employment date, the employee may be subject to termination of employment.

Upon receipt of the Form I-9 and supporting documents, UGA HR will access the federal employment verification system to initiate the mandatory check. New hires may continue working during the process. If there are issues which must be resolved based on the results of the verification process, HR will contact the hiring department.