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Libraries Events

LSA Open Meeting and Elections

The LSA annual open meeting and election of officers will be on Friday, December 14th at 10:00 a.m. in the Main Library Basement conference room. Doughnuts and coffee will also be provided for voters.

On behalf of the LSA nominating committee, this is the final slate of candidates for 2008:

President- Julie Dyles
Vice President- Emily Luken
Secretary- Chandra Jackson
Treasurer- Kelly Hickey
Main Library Representative- Rachel Parnell
Science Library Representative- Brenda Bradford
SLC Representative- Adrienne Button
Staff Recognition Coordinator- Kat Leache
Events Planning Coordinator- Asia Hall
Oral History/Archivist- Gilbert Head
Community Programming Coordinator- Ngaire Smith
Libraries Relations Coordinator- Vicki Timian
Community Services Coordinator- Leanne Finnigan
Fundraising Coordinator- Mikey Swacha
LSA Webmaster- Ginny Feher

***Important!!: If absentee ballots are required for those that cannot attend the meeting but wish to vote, please send an email Rachell Parnell at rparnell@uga.edu and she will email you a ballot, which you will then print out making sure to put a mark next to the candidate for whom you wish to vote. All absentee ballots must be sent back in this manner: put the ballot into an intercampus envelope and send to "Rachel Parnell, Main Library, Serials Binding Dept.". To preserve anonymity, DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE ENVELOPE. The "From" field on the envelope should just say "LSA voter" so I know it's a ballot, which the nominations committee will then open during the election. All ballots must be received before the election on Dec. 14.

Department News Briefs

Check out the recent additions to the fascimile books and other digitally enhanced works from the Hargrett Library on the Department News Page. Remember to keep you colleagues informed about your department by dropping a line to libnews@uga.edu.


Main Library: Enrich Your Studies! A look at the Undergraduate Research Awards.

Hargrett Library: An exhibit highlighting the Margaret Mitchell collection and her Pulitzer Prize-winning book is in the process of being installed, along with fire suppression equipment. More information is forthcoming.

Russell Library:

History Lives in the Russell Library: This exhibit takes visitors on a trip back through many of the key events, perspectives, and people who have shaped the political landscape in Georgia , the nation and the world in the last century. Through original letters, documents, speeches, editorial cartoons, historical film footage, photographs, and artifacts this exhibit provides eyewitness perspectives on prohibition, the Cold War, the Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, campaigning, space exploration and more!

Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library: Before the age of career politicians, public servants maintained separate lives from their Washington D.C. alter egos. During breaks from legislation, many returned to their day jobs as farmers, doctors, and lawyers and while away on the nation's business, their wives and children ran these enterprises. The selection of letters and photographs in "Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library Collections" highlights the personal side of politics. Virginia Rusk's annual Christmas letters shared feelings of excitement when her husband Dean was named Secretary of State by President John F. Kennedy but also recorded her feelings of shock and dismay two years later after Kennedy's assassination. In 1900, Dudley Mays Hughes lovingly addressed a letter to his niece, nicknamed "Miss Empire State of the South," and told her that "the Senate is hard at work" but he would be home soon. While her husband Herman was in Washington D.C. representing Georgia as a Senator, Betty Talmadge ran Talmadge Country Cured Hams based in their hometown of Lovejoy. In 1960 she submitted a recipe for the 1961 Congressional Club Cookbook for Baked Country Cured Ham, which informed cooks that they could soak the ham in water, wine, ginger ale, orange juice, apple cider, pineapple juice, peach pickle juice, Coca-Cola, or champagne and achieve a delicious meal.

Baldowski cartoon exhibit with a streaking theme, based on the University's affinity for it in '74.