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Libraries Events

Books and Food

Friday is the potluck meeting of the LSA book club. Everyone is welcome:  just show up with some ideas about food literature and a dish to share.

Friday, October 26
12:00-2:00 (Drop in for ten minutes or the whole two hours) North Tower, SLC.

Questions?  Feel free to drop a note to Anne Meyers Devine (acme@uga.edu).

Books, Baked Goods and a Blanket

The LSA Fall Book Sale brought in $500, the bake sale $73.49, and the blanket $77.  Half of the book sale funds will go towards the ACC public library.


Sandy Magnani, ILL, and Marilyn Healey, Collection Development, admire the blanket made by the Libknit group and auctioned off to benefit LSA. - Photo by Rachel Parnell.


Gilbert Head presides over tables laden with books for sale at the Fall LSA book sale. Half of the proceeds will go to benefit the Athens-Clarke Regional Library. - Photo by Rachel Parnell.

MILS Interest Group Coffee Hour

About 10 staff involved in the MLIS listserv and other interested parties met for coffee on October 19th at the SLC.  After introductions and brief discussion of where each person was in their program, they discussed administrative details with out-of-state-tuition now that VSU is accredited and also the new Univ of North Texas program.  Discussions surrounding Library 2.0 activities and social networking were brought forward both as class projects and as ways they communicate in their distance programs.  Varous internships available at the UGA Libraries were discussed and Florence shared minutes from DHG which supported such activities where workflows and staffing allow.  There is a plan to hold a workshop on "how to apply to library school" in early spring led by members of the group. All interested staff are cordially invited to be a part of the listserv (email Florence King at fking@uga.edu and she'll sign you up) and to join in our coffees or other get-togethers.

If you have questions, please email Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm, sarandon@uga.edu.


Main Library : Stay Tuned! The UGA Libraries celebrate National Archives Month. Check the Libraries events calendar at www.libs.uga.edu/events for more information. To submit an event, send the information to libnews@uga.edu .

Hargrett Library: The 7th annual Stephen E. Draper Center & Archives for the Waters of Georgia in History, Law and Policy. Through Oct. 31.

Russell Library:

History Lives in the Russell Library : This exhibit takes visitors on a trip back through many of the key events, perspectives, and people who have shaped the political landscape in Georgia , the nation and the world in the last century. Through original letters, documents, speeches, editorial cartoons, historical film footage, photographs, and artifacts this exhibit provides eyewitness perspectives on prohibition, the Cold War, the Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, campaigning, space exploration and more!

Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library: Before the age of career politicians, public servants maintained separate lives from their Washington D.C. alter egos. During breaks from legislation, many returned to their day jobs as farmers, doctors, and lawyers and while away on the nation's business, their wives and children ran these enterprises. The selection of letters and photographs in "Politics and Domestic Life in the Russell Library Collections" highlights the personal side of politics. Virginia Rusk's annual Christmas letters shared feelings of excitement when her husband Dean was named Secretary of State by President John F. Kennedy but also recorded her feelings of shock and dismay two years later after Kennedy's assassination. In 1900, Dudley Mays Hughes lovingly addressed a letter to his niece, nicknamed "Miss Empire State of the South," and told her that "the Senate is hard at work" but he would be home soon. While her husband Herman was in Washington D.C. representing Georgia as a Senator, Betty Talmadge ran Talmadge Country Cured Hams based in their hometown of Lovejoy. In 1960 she submitted a recipe for the 1961 Congressional Club Cookbook for Baked Country Cured Ham, which informed cooks that they could soak the ham in water, wine, ginger ale, orange juice, apple cider, pineapple juice, peach pickle juice, Coca-Cola, or champagne and achieve a delicious meal.

Baldowski cartoon exhibit with a streaking theme, based on the University's affinity for it in '74.

Science Library : The Map Library is showcased, featuring maps, air photos and globes from the collection.  Patrons are invited to visit the Map Library in person or their web presence at http://www.libs.uga.edu/maproom/index.html.

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