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Victorious GV903s

The GV903s had a tremendous victory Tuesday night in three games against the ABC Package team. Please join us next week (1/9) as we take on the UGA English Department in what will surely be another exciting game.


Hargrett Library: America Had Talent! Vaudeville Photographs 1880-1930. Through January 19, 2007. For more info: http://www.libs.uga.edu/hargrett/speccoll.html . The public and staff are encouraged to vote for their favorite Vaudeville image via the web site or the ballot box.

Russell Library: "Affecting the Lives of Millions: The Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965". The Immigration and Nationality Services of Act of 1965 was a turning point in United States policy regarding immigration. While changing previous legislation that functioned on a rigid quota system, the Act of 1965 gave preference to refugees and families, removed quotas from countries in the Western Hemisphere, and based some entry to the United States on levels of skill. In the forty years since, the foreign-born population of the United States has tripled in number, now prompting new legislative debate.

Science Library: "Centennial of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources 1906-2006" The oldest existing southern forestry school was established in 1906 through an endowment by George Foster Peabody.

To celebrate the centennial, the Georgia Forestry Association and Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources have published a coffee table book The Centennial History of Forestry in Georgia: A pictorial journey. Story boards depicting the history of forestry in the State of Georgia have been displayed at the State Capitol and in the School. A selection of the storyboards are at the Science Library.

Circle Gallery: A Glimpse of Croatia: The Photo Journal of an Unforgettable Study Abroad Experience."

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