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Caroline Cason (Reference) and Anna Van Scoyoc (Recently Departed, Reference) have received word that their article, “The Electronic Academic Library: Undergraduate Research Behavior in a Library without Books,” about students' research behavior in the SLC, will be published in the January 2006 issue of the refereed journal portal. Caroline and Anna expressed their gratitude to everyone who helped with the editing process, especially Nadine Cohen.

Preservation Workshop

SOLINET presents a web-based "Introduction to Grants for Preservation" workshop June 21 2-4 p.m. and it will be available in the Administrative Conference Room.

Finding the funds for preservation projects in your institution can often be a challenge. Fortunately there are outside sources of funding available for preservation projects, if you know where to look and how to apply for them. This two hour distance learning session is an introduction to grant funding and the process of writing a grant proposal. Topics covered include: types of grants, preparing to apply, elements of a grant proposal, tips on grant administration, outcome measurement, and a brief overview of the most common grants awarded to archives, libraries, and other cultural institutions in the United States.  Emphasis will be placed on grant funding for preservation projects.  Small institutions are encouraged to participate. A web-based learning program allows for participants to interact with the instructor and their peers in real time.

More information is available at:

April Anniversaries

Baxter, Brad


June 1, 1989

Browning, Greta


June 14, 2001

Bush, Melissa


June 10, 1991

Cahoon, Lynn


June 1, 2004

Cleveland, Jean

Human Resources

June 1, 1997

Dunn, Christopher

Access Services

June 16, 2003

Durant, Mark


June 2, 2003

Fitzpatrick, Philip


June 9, 1997

Harper, Georgia

Science Collections and Research Facilities

June 1, 1987

Hill, Ian


June 2, 2003

Lind, Catherine


June 1, 1998

Mastrovita, Mandy


June 3, 2004

Morris, Susan


June 12, 1972

Pou, Charles Institute of Government
June 13, 1983
Robbins, Brenda Copy Services
June 12, 1995
Roberto, Katia Cataloging
June 9, 2003
Trotter, Robert W. Systems
June 12, 1990
Wages, Mike Systems
June 10, 1996

Who's New

No new hires to report at this time.

Who's Leaving the Libraries

No resignations to report at this time.

Who's Changing in the Libraries

Ian Thomas will assume the position of Librarian (Reference/Instruction) at the Science Library effective July 1, pending approval of the board of regents.

New Procedures for Job Seekers

UGA Human Resources has implemented new online procedures for job seekers to apply for positions at the University of Georgia and for hiring departments to post position vacancies and review job applications.

This new system requires *all* job applicants to electronically submit applications, regardless of when they last submitted applications for vacant positions. Job applicants may attach resumes and cover letters, if desired.

For more information on how to apply for transfers or promotions, please visit the Employment Web site at http://www.busfin.uga.edu/employment/protran.html. New applicants can get information athttp://www.busfin.uga.edu/employment/approced.html.

Please contact Employment at 706-542-2623 or employ@uga.edu if you have questions about the new system.

Share Your Leave

The University began a shared leave process last year that allows employees to voluntarily donate sick or annual leave to other employees who have exhausted all of their sick and annual leave and, because of a medical emergency, are in need of additional sick leave. Visit http://www.hr.uga.edu/shared_leave.html for details.

When there are colleagues in need of leave it is sometimes difficult or awkward to get the word out about it while still protecting their privacy, and while not making potential donators feel any obligation to donate. To help communicate about colleagues in need, it has been suggested that Libraries’ HR maintain a list of employees who would like to be notified when a colleague is in need of leave.

This list would remain private and only used by Libraries’ HR. With permission of the requestor, Libraries’ HR would use this list to alert potential leave donors that there is an eligible person in need of leave and of the procedures to donate.

If you would like to be kept on a private “potential donor list” that is maintained in Libraries’ HR, please send your name to Libraries HR at libjobs@uga.edu. Remember you are under no obligation to donate your leave at any time. We will periodically update this list and you can remove your name at any time.

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual

A handy reference tool is the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (http://www.busfin.uga.edu/manual/).


In accordance with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, an eligible employee may be entitled to up to 12 work weeks of leave during any 12-month period for a qualifying event (qualifying events are listed in the guidelines linked below). Take note, if you are taking approved leave for a qualifying event for longer than three days, that leave must be granted under the FMLA guidelines, counted as part of the 12 weeks of granted leave, and special FMLA paperwork must be completed.  Read over the guidelines and paperwork required at UGA HR website, http://www.hr.uga.edu/fmla/fmla_intro.html .

Position Postings

Visit and bookmark the Libraries' HR site for an up-to-the-minute listing: www.libs.uga.edu/humres/jTobs/index.html.

Training Calendar and Standing Meeting Schedule

Training, workshops or presentations, and standing meeting schedule for upcoming months can be found at www.libs.uga.edu/events.

Student Employee Payroll Calendar

THURSDAY, June 9, 2005- WEDNESDAY, June 22, 2005

Student Employee Information Forms: due to Becky Wortham by noon on Monday June 20, 2005.
Hourly (student) timesheests: due to Betty Mayweather by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 23, 2005.

Information on the procedures for hiring, changing status, or terminating student assistants can be found at www.libs.uga.edu/staff/studentproc.html.

Visit www.busfin.uga.edu/staff/orient.html for "Online Orienation" for all new student employees.

If you have any questions, please contact Becky Wortham at 542-2716 or at bwortham@uga.edu.

Share Your Knowledge

The Professional Research and Development Committee requests that anyone who has attended a conference, given a paper or presentation, or anything else of note, drop the committee a line at prodev@uga.edu.

Online HR Newsletter

UGA Human Resources periodically publishes an online newsletter to keep faculty and staff updated on the latest HR initiatives. The HR newsletter is located at www.hr.uga.edu/news_intro.html. A new Benefits Snapshot website outlines available benefits and can be accessed at: www.busfin.uga.edu/benefits/ben_pkg.html.

Library Worklife Newsletter

The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) is currently seeking submissions for " Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders ." Library Worklife informs readers about issues - career advancement, certification, human resources practice, pay equity, recruitment, research, work/life balance - that concern all library workers. One way to ensure that the publication reflects your concerns and celebrates your victories is to become a featured author. Published monthly, Library Worklife is received by thousands of librarians and other library workers. For more information, please see http://www.ala-apa.org/newsletter/newsletter.html .

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