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She wants to see it all!

Merdelle Stepp shows off her congratulatory cake as the staff of Access Services gather at a surprise party in honor of her 40th year of working at the UGA Libraries.

Working is a way of life for Merdelle Stepp. Anyone needing proof need only know that today marks the 40th anniversary of her employment -- a second career really -- at the UGA Libraries.

At a surprise party in Access Services, students one-fourth her age circled around around her lovingly and folks from other departments dropped by to wish her well. Words like "dogged determination" and "perserverance" were heard describing her skills at searching for lost books, her primary duty for 29 years. But often heard was the word "grandmother."

"She's this department's grandmother," said Claire Colombo, head of access services. While the rest of the library would like to claim her as their own, "I'm not willing to let them claim that. She's our grandmother."

"She's like a grandmother to all of us," said Paul Van Wicklen, head of shelving, adding that for every special occasion, Merdelle brings in goodies for students and staff alike. She even brought two cakes to her own party Friday, thinking it was just the customary monthly department party.

"When we have parties, she always brings me a plate. I think I can eat it and it doesn't count as calories because she fixed it for me," Claire said.

Security assistants know to be on time opening the doors each morning because Merdelle will be waiting on the steps when they arrive.

"I have great health. Every morning I wake up ready to get started (at 5 a.m.)," Merdelle said. "Early morning is the best part of my day."

Away from the office she stays "busy all the time." She enjoys sewing, growing flowers, and works in her church library, Beech Haven Baptist, for three hours each Sunday.

But, "the weekend is a much as I can stand. I've got to get back," she said. "I love doing it or I wouldn't still be here. I've just got to have a challenge."

Merdelle is known for decorating the luncheon area for the staff Thanksgiving feast.

"I love to decorate," she said. "I love to go to the crafts store and browse. I keep telling them they need to get some young blood, but they still come back and ask me."

Paul recently had to do the searching for lost books while Merdelle was out of work.

"Paul did the searching and it just about killed him. He cannot do what she does," according to Claire.

"I call her the Silver Streak," Paul said. "She has ways of finding stuff no one else can. Maybe it's built-in instinct. I hope I'm that spry when I'm her age."

"I hate to be defeated," Merdelle said.

"I want to see the person who could!" Claire retorted.

The greatest change during her time at the Libraries has been the conversion to electronic technology, but other than the growth which has occurred at the university over the last 40 years, things are really much the same.

"The students are extremely nice to me. If I walk out to the street with a bag or a box, they will ask if they can carry it for me and I've never seen them before! I always try to bring them up and not down and say encouraging things to them," Merdelle said. "They are super. I love them all."

The mother of two, Merdelle has two granddaughters and three great-granddaughters she enjoys spending time with. Family pictures crowd her desk. A full private life doesn't keep her away from the UGA Libraries.

"They pay me to look and I want to see it all," she said.

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