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Library Student Worker Crowned Miss UGA

"When in doubt, wear rhinestones."

Deondra Rose is full of glib sayings, but last Sunday her chandelier earrings and sparkling personality - not to mention a mean fiddle - erased all doubts and she took home the Miss UGA crown.

"It's very heavy. It weighs more than you think," she said, with a smile rivaling the silver and rhinestone headpiece.

Deondra, who works with Betty Mayweather in business services, will represent UGA at the Miss Georgia pageant in June and has adopted youth leadership development as her platform.

"We have competing ideas of leadership," she said. "You can be a leader down on the corner or a leader in a gang or a leader in school. I want young people to know nothing is impossible and their community is so worth embracing and empowering."

Deondra became interested in politics in high school through participation in leadership activities. To interview for her first job she put on her resume that she is going to be president. In addition to participating in a state senate campaign, she has served as a page to a state senator.

"The first time I was in the Capitol, I remember how somber it was," she said. "I don't want to be a page ever again. I want to have pages! I'm very interested in public service and would love to participate nationally," she said.

Deondra has been accepted to the UGA law school, but has applied to four others. Ideally, she would like to earn a master's in political science while working toward her law degree. She hopes to go on to a Ph.D. in political science.

"Once I know all my options then I'll decide," she said.

Her plans include being a state attorney general and governor before entering the national political scene.

A candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship, Deondra was piqued by an interviewer who questioned why she was in such a rush to meet her goals.

"I didn't ask him why he wore a bow tie that day! It's a given that if you want to go far you have to start early," she said. "I want to work my way up and go as far as I can go."

The senior political science major began competing in the Miss Georgia system three years ago and was fourth runner-up in the 2004 Miss UGA pageant.

"The pageants push me to be well-rounded," Deondra said. "You have to focus on wellness and stay healthy and work out. It's also social. I'm very serious about classes and school and don't go out, so to be able to hang out with my pageant friends is a lot of fun."

Her initial talent was singing, but, having taken violin lessons as a child, she decided to switch.

"Everyone gives you cliché advice like, 'Just be yourself,' but that is so true! Once you start embracing your best self then you are going to successful. My talent was boring. I noticed that the girls who do well get the audience going with fast, country songs," she said.

She chose one of the fastest, The Devil Went Down to Georgia , and taught herself to play it. Practicing the piece was a stress-reliever from her heavy schedule.

"I don't play late at night or anything, but I play it all the time, " she said. "There were many days fall semester that I would go home and play it until my arm was sore!"

Deondra once asked a political mentor if she thought pageant participation might impair her political aspirations.

"I could see it: 'The president, a former Miss America .,' but she just said, 'No, I can see your slogan now: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful!'"

Not So Quiet Outside the Library

If you didn't see the Flagpole feature on Astra, one of several local bands with multiple Libraries connections, check it out here: http://fairmountfair.com/flagpole/weekly/articles.php?fp=4934.

CMD Board Chooses Rowland

Lucy Rowland, Science, has been invited to be a member of the Central Maryland Development, Inc. advisory board, an international group which has interests in education, planning, finance, design, transportation, the arts, health, human resources, citizen involvement, preservation, and other community urban and rural strategies and actions. The purpose of the CMD Advisory Board is to help revitalize, develop and grow better communities.

Tennis Champs

Susan Tuggle and Sheila Devaney (Reference) have taken up tennis after a furlough and ended their first season as undefeated doubles champions in their 6.0 league. Following are their respective accounts of their tennis adventures!

When Susan considered semi-retirement from the Libraries, one of her goals was to play competitive tennis again. Although she and her husband Tom had not played in over 20 years, they began hitting the courts and attempting to get their tennis strokes back to their original form. Always looking for tennis players of similar ability, Susan discovered one day in 2002 that Shelia used to play competitive tennis and invited her to join the group. So began a partnership that has resulted in many matches, some of which were won and some lost but all learning experiences and fun. The summer season of 2004 culminated in the team's ARTL division win, which resulted in a frosted tennis ball paper weight award. Both Susan and Sheila's awards reside on their desks at work.

Along the way, other library friends joined in the tennis adventure. Kristin Nielsen and Noel Beverley made a foursome with Susan and Shelia for many months until Noel resigned from the Libraries.

Sheila first picked up a tennis racquet when she was three years old. After all, it was the 1970s and "the tennis boom" was in full swing and her parents were avid players. She pretty much spent every day on the tennis courts for the next 15 years (when it wasn't snowing in Upstate New York) and even played for her high school team. However, when she left for college, she stopped playing and didn't pick up a racquet for the next 15 years.

Yet, in 2002, prompted by a conversation she had with Susan, she thought about getting back out on the courts again. Pretty soon, she and Susan were playing at Bishop Park every day that they could. After getting back into their games, Susan and Sheila decided to try their hands at matches again. They signed up as a doubles team with the Athens Recreational Tennis League for the Summer 2004 season and ended their first season as undefeated doubles champions in their 6.0 league.

Numbered rankings are how the United States Tennis Association classifies players. Professionals like the Williams sisters and Andy Roddick are considered 7.0 players on their own. For a doubles team, you would add the rankings of each player. So if Venus and Serena play as a team, their ranking is a 14.0.

Building upon their success, they bumped themselves up to a higher ranking for the Fall 2004 season. Although not as successful right now as they were this summer, Susan and Sheila are working on becoming "match tough" and hope to soon be back on a winning streak. Both now also play with Babolat racquets, and Sheila even uses the same exact model as Andy Roddick.

Additionally, Sheila has also decided to try her hand at singles, and both Susan and Sheila have recently signed up to play with a local USTA team.

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