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Tim Peacock
Head, GALILEO Programming

Tim Peacock worked in the private sector for a number of years, but “desperately” wanted to return to the university, which he calls his “spiritual and intellectual home.”

Previously affiliated with UGA as director of COSMIC, a defunct entity that distributed NASA software, a friend who knew of his desire to return to campus, told him to “apply forthwith” when the Systems position came open.

“It would suit me just fine to retire from the Main Library. I love North Campus,” he said.

His personal goals are far loftier: “I like to write, primarily short stories. One of my goals is to be in one of Shannon Ravenel’s books.”

Ravenel is co-founder and managing editor of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill and editor of the acclaimed New Stories from the South.

Tim claims to have “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stories,” some of them written down. “I’ve published a few things in a minor way,” he said.

“Experiential ones are the best,” he said. “I don’t have to embellish.”

Naturally, Tim also enjoys reading folk lore, southern history and literature and contemporary authors, including Terry Kay, Harry Crews and Jimmy Buffett.

“I tend to take things in spells,” he said.

Tim’s favorite movie “by far” is Cool Hand Luke.

In addition to literary pursuits, Tim is the chief cook at their house, often preparing fish or game he has killed (feel free to substitute another word here).

“The only reason I hunt is because I prefer venison to beef because it’s healthier,” he explained. “And I love to fish.”

His current inclination is toward Italian dishes.

“When I decide to cook supper, first I chop up garlic and onions. Then I decide what we’re going to have,” he said.

When the time to retire comes and Tim leaves the Main Library and the splendor of North Campus behind, he plans to spend time traveling in an Airstream trailer. He lists the Pacific Northwest, San Diego and Padre Island, Texas as some of the places he plans to visit.

(Editor's Note: Tim declined to include a photograph with his profile, citing vague "security issues" involving "federal agencies.")


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