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Library Faces - Special ASSET Awards Edition

University Librarian's Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Libraries

Classified Staff: Mike Wages (who also won this year's book truck contest)

Librarian: Diane Trap

Other honorees include:

Outstanding First-Year Classified
Dave Falke

Outstanding Supervisor
Sheila McAlister

Outstanding Mentor/Trainer
Florence King and Monica Pereira (tie)

Outstanding Department Head
Toby Graham

Extra Mile/"Above and Beyond"
Debbie McAnallen and Monica Pereira

Unsung Hero/ine
Doug Bell and Patrick Reidenbaugh

Other Duties As Assigned
Amy Petit

Helping Hand--Individual
Amy Watts

Helping Hand--Group
Chinese Book Exchange Exhibit Coordinators (Sophie Dong and Will Langford)

Best Committee/Group Collaboration
Connexion Training Team (Janice Brown and Neil Hughes)

Outstanding Achievement in Assessment--Group
Fan Club (Caroline Cason and Kristin Nielsen)

Libraries' Staff Association President's Award
Christine Packwood

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