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The UGA Office of Security Preparedness is sponsoring activities during September aimed at better preparing faculty, staff and students to respond to disasters. A.month-long lecture series covering topics such as identity theft, agrosecurity of food supplies, suicide terrorists, weapons of mass destruction and the historic use of diseases as weapons is planned. The security preparedness office also will host an emergency preparedness showcase on Thursday, Sept. 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the plaza of the Tate Student Center . In addition to displays of equipment, people will be encouraged to volunteer for service organizations that help in emergencies. For more information, visit www.uosp.uga.edu.


Main Library: The Digital Library of Georgia and the New Georgia Encyclopedia (and Georgia's history and culture!) are the focus of an informative exhibit in the cases in the Main lobby.

Russell Library: "Power to the People," a look at the Rural Electrification Act and its effects, coming in late September!

The Libraries' calendar is located at www.libs.uga.edu/events, providing a central place for information on events and meetings. Please contribute by sending your news to libnews@uga.edu. The "libnews" address also replaces libjobs@uga.edu as the places to send news for Update.

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