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Max Cleland Alive Day

For more information on Max Cleland Alive Day.

April 19 was celebrated as Max Cleland Alive Day with a program on returning veterans held at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Sheryl Vogt, director of the Russell Library; Jim Mayer, first recipient of the Alive Day Award sponsored by the Library; listen as Max Cleland, a Vietnam vet and longtime public servant who inspired the award, speaks at the ceremony.

Book Exchange with China

For a complete description of the exchange program, please see the press release.

Sophie Dong (from left), Bill Potter, Will Langford and a Chinese guest discuss the exhibit of Chinese books and photographs from the People's Republic of China. Sophie and Will co-curated the exhibit. A number of dignitaries were on hand for the presentation April 29.

One young guest at the book exchange ceremony attended in a striking outfit appropriate for the occasion.


Main Library: The LSA animal welfare supply drive is underway. The Main Library exhibit ......educates ....local anial welfare agencies .... check out your coworkers' beloved family members!

Hargrett Library: "A Snapshot of the Civil War in America" features letters, diaries and other artifacts, in addition to photos from the first great war to be photographed.

Russell Library:

Circle Gallery, School of Enviromental Design: cyan dreams: photographs by robin fay through May 31. An opening reception will be held: May 4 4:30-6 p.m.
A collection of 40 photographs from artist (and librarian!) Robin Fay, ranging from travel to abstract themes.


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