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New Faces

Today’s issue of Update includes the revitalization of a favorite past feature: New Employee Profiles. Pretty much at random, the editor chose Paul Nunn, media desk supervisor, to kick-off a new series of profiles in the web-based edition of Update, which has the added benefit of photographs so you can actually see what your colleagues look like! To be considered as the subject of a future New Employee Profile drop a note to libnews@uga.edu.

Paul Nunn - Media Department

By day, Paul Nunn manages the public service desk in the Libraries Media Department. But when the day job – hip enough itself -- ends, Paul's true self emerges and he indulges his creative impulses as an award-winning digital artist, band member and writer (www.penguine.us).

Paul's creative outlets began with music, including being selected for Governor's Honors in high school, and he originally planned to major in music before discovering graphic design.

“I'm into digital arts,” he said. “For a long time the things I wanted to study were not available in the state so I did a lot of skill development: web design, IT work. I waited tables and thought about stuff. This job was a natural for me; I enjoy the academic environment. I did some corporate video and I didn't like that it. Work done for money doesn't advance us at all.”

Paul has studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta in addition to UGA and plans to eventually earn an MFA in interactive web design.

After moving back to Athens in December, Paul learned he had won award for the Ratbot video at the Sprocket Film and Video Festival.

“I forgot I had made the video. It was four weeks of hell working in my bedroom. Then I get a call about a screening and the Flagpole Awards,” Paul said.

A former employee suggested Paul apply for a job at the Libraries. Since Meg Delong was leaving as media desk supervisor, the timing was fortuitous. Paul had met Ruta Abolins, director of the Media Archives, through her work with the Athens Film Foundation and applied for the position.

Paul has already begun using his computer skills to build up the department's web pages.

“I want to bring the media department to a higher, more 21 st century, hi-tech, slick and super-cool sort of level,” he said. “I want our web pages for the archives to be as cutting edge as possible.”

In addition to involving the department with more academic groups and activities on campus, “it is my hope to make as much progress as humanely possible towards escaping VHS and moving to DVD,” he said.

“We have to stay one step ahead so we don't get replaced by robots. Digital arts are aware that potential exists,” according to Paul. “It's your artistic talents and creative abilities that are irreplaceable. That's something no one can buy.”

Paul names Wes Anderson and Charlie Chaplin as two directors/ actors he enjoys. He likes books by a number of authors, including David Sedaris, Nick Hornby and Terry Pratchett and “also computer reference books, biographies of musicians, any kind of how-to book and every single coffee table book I have ever come across has been good for a quick flip.”

Paul lives with a German Shepherd-mix named Libo (Portuguese for “one who brings light”) and has recently been very fond of hummus, falafel and other Mediterranean dishes.

Among his unique features (that he is willing to share with his colleagues) is he became very adept at leading the Longhorn Steakhouse birthday song during his tenure there. “I know a load of really weird restaurant knowledge… yet I still eat out … a lot.”

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