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The Libraries has a new calendar located at www.libs.uga.edu/events, providing a central place for information on events and meetings. Please contribute by sending your news to libnews@uga.edu. The "libnews" address also replaces libjobs@uga.edu as the places to send news for Update.


Main Library Lobby:
"Quest for Excellence: The Fred C. Davison Administration at the University of Georgia, 1967-1986."

This is a re-hanging of an exhibit created by University Archives to commemorate the dedication of the Life Sciences Building in Dr. Davison's honor last spring. Highlighting the university's growth during the Davison era, the exhibit emphasizes the accomplishments that have led to UGA becoming a major research university.

Russell Library Lobby: (through October 15)
"The 40th Anniversary of the Warren Commission Report"
To Commemorate the 40th anniversary of the presentation of the Warren Commission's final report, the Russell Library has prepared an exhibit of materials related to the commission's investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. To resolve the conflicting accounts of the assassination and to ensure that all information about the case was considered fully, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to head a commission of government officials to investigate the evidence and make a report. Johnson also convinced his old friend and mentor Senator Richard Russell to serve. Some of the most illustrative materials related to Russell's service on the Warren Commission, such as correspondence, reports, publications, and photographs, comprise this exhibit. Russell harbored reservations about the findings in the final report of the Commission. A highlight of the exhibit is a reproduction of a set of notes where he expresses these concerns.

Science Library:
The Art and Science of Conservation

The display features Natural History and Art Work produced by students in the 2004 Maymester course Ecology 4560/6560, held on Ossabaw Island. Works featured include sand sculpture; watercolors; collected specimens; and writings. The display is augmented by specimens from the Museum of Natural History and Library materials. Go to www.ecology.uga.edu/courses/ossabaw/ossabaw.htm for more information.

Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities:
Kind Words Rising

By local artist René D. Shoemaker, this installation of fine art on silk consists of three 15 feet x 4 feet silk habotai panels hand-painted in a grid pattern. Ms. Shoemaker created the three pieces on a commission from Jane Russell, director of the Ramsey Center. Ms. Shoemaker was considering various designs when one day "the design 'rose to the top of my consciousness' while discussing life with a friend over a cup of coffee." The sensations the artists intends to evoke by the colors and designs on the large silk panels are: bubbles rising to the surface of the pool, like light souls...or like kind words rising. Ms. Shoemaker is on faculty at UGA and is director of the Owens Library and Circle Gallery in the School of Environmental Design. She received her BFA at the University of Georgia in 1981; and an MLIS form the University of South Carolina in 1993. She also has an exhibit at Le Maison Bleu in Watkinsville. That exhibit, "Watkinsville and Beyond," will be on display through November 30. It includes over twenty various silk panels hand-painted with images of downtown Watkinsville, various coffee shops, and other locations.

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The Professional Research and Development Committee requests that anyone who has attended a conference, given a paper or presentation, or anything else of note, drop the committee a line at prodev@uga.edu.

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