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Library Resources and Your Publications

Do you want to know

...who has cited an article which is important to your research ?

...who has cited your own publications?

...the acceptance rate of a journal?

...the circulation of a journal?

...the Impact Factor of the top journals in a discipline as determined by ISI's formula?

This information and more is available in library resources, many web-based and searchable from your office computer.

The following categories of online and print resources will identify related research for a literature review, as well as assist in your decisions about manuscript submissions and provide information for your dossier.

  1. Citation Indexing -- numerous sources to determine who is citing whose research or related research papers
  2. Profiles of Scholarly Journals -- sources for circulation statistics, manuscript acceptance rates, timetable from submission to publication, peer review specifics, etc.
  3. Impact Factors -- one of several significant analytical elements in Journal Citation Reports. (Click on the 'select a database' tab to go to the Journal Citation Reports.) For off-campus access, you will need the GALILEO password.