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Help with Citation Searches

I will be happy to locate citations with you in your office or mine... or we can step through the search processes over the phone (542-0683).

You'll need your vita at hand because our search methods will require using the first author of each publication. Most of the time that will be yourself, but for co-authored works, it will be the first author.

How will you organize citations to your publications?

Here are some points to consider:

  • Does your College have a format for enumerating citations to your publications? Are there limits to the length of the documentation?
  • The presentation of the citations should make it easy for anyone to understand how you compiled your material.

Several possible strategies include:

  1. You might create a Cited By component (pages) and style it in a Web of Science-like format... for example:

    Publications cited by others:

    1. Benjamin, Virginia. 1999. Bye-bye GALIN. Hello GIL! UCNS Computer Review. Fall Semester, 1999, p. 14-15

      cited by

      Librarian, Another. 2000. Changing book catalogs..Journal of Academic Librarianship, etc...

      Librarian, Yet Another. 2000. How UGA.....

      Librarian, Final. 2001. Online catalog migration...

    2. Benjamin, Virginia. 2000. More efficient bibliographic references and Z39.50 fast connections. UCNS Computer Review. Spring 2000, p. 10-11.

      cited by

      Student, Graduate. 2000. How Endnote improved my thesis. Notes from the Graduate School Bulletin, p. 30-35

      Student 2, Graduate. 2000. Endnote and the research process... Notes from the Graduate School Bulletin, p. 50-60

    These pseudo-cites to my articles document them in a way that reviewers might find straightforward, i.e.. the relationship from the original article to the citing article(s) is apparent. No one has to go online to sources such as Citation Indexes in Web of Science to seek the relationships; you provide it for them (which is value-added because their time is saved!)

    Also, such a summary intermingles the cites revealed by the Citation Indexes, Education Abstracts full-text, other electronic sources, and even print sources where you've seen your articles cited...and no disparate weight is given to one source over another.


  3. Another approach is to include a file of computer images on a floppy or even Xerox copies of the first page of the citing paper and then the bibliography page containing your name to support the Cited by section references.

You may want to explain how you compiled your list. Here's one example:

Citations to my publications were gleaned from various sources. See Mining Scholarly Citations in GALILEO Research Databases by Virginia Benjamin, UGA librarian, for a discussion of some of these electronic resources.