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Personnel News - April 2016

April Anniversaries

April 1, 2009 Ragin, Cynthia Systems
April 1, 2013 Biggins, Walter UGA Press
April 6, 2006 Jedlicka, Jamie Cataloging
April 7, 1994 Nolan, Sandra Acquisitions & Serials
April 7, 2011 Burright, Marian Collection Development
April 8, 2013 Cotter, Christina UGA Press
April 9, 2011 Pennell, Tim Hargrett Library
April 11, 1984 Mayweather, Betty Human Resources
April 13, 1992 Hayes, Stacey B. UGA Press
April 14, 2014 Bowen, M. Mazie Hargrett Library
April 15, 2008 Walker, Dana Acquisitions & Serials
April 16, 1979 Stamper, Nancy Hargrett Library
April 16, 2001 LaClaire, Scott R. GA Review
April 17, 1989 New, Erin K. UGA Press
April 19, 2001 Payne, Matthew Acquisitions & Serials
April 22, 2013 Holdsworth, Elizabeth Reference
April 27, 1981 Kelso, Gregory Cataloging
April 28, 2011 Hasty, Jason Hargrett Library

Who's New?

Sarah Skipper, Associate Accountant in Administrative Services, effective April 11, 2016.

Who's Changing?

Pascal Cureton III, Library Associate I in Hargrett/SCL Facilities, was reclassified to a Library Associate II in the same department effective April 1, 2016.

Chris Lott, Library Associate II in Media Archives & Peabody Awards, was reclassified to a Library Associate III in the same department effective April 1, 2016.

Jessica Breeden, Library Assistant II in Interlibrary Loan, accepted the position of Library Assistant III in the same department effective April 11, 2016.

Employment Opportunities in the Libraries

Faculty: http://www.libs.uga.edu/humres/jobs/faculty.html
Staff: http://www.libs.uga.edu/humres/jobs/staff.html

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