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America Had Talent

Vaudeville Photographs 1880-1930


No. 1: The Hurleys

No. 2: Blanche Duncan

No. 3: The Skating Bijouves

No. 4: Hap Handy and Co.

No. 5: Bells Comedy Dogs

No. 6: Fortson and Dog

No. 7: Flossie La Blanche

No. 8: Marie Dockman

No. 9: Adelaide Herman

No. 10: The Four Statues

No. 11: James Sparks

No. 12: Jeff and Fannie Delano

No. 13: Zulu Aeyero

No. 14: Norita and Lynn

No. 15: Rawson and June

No. 16: Saila Brothers

No. 17: Don Tin Yaw

No. 18: Quintarouw

No. 19: Maude and Lizzie Leon

No. 20: Mdlle. Camille's Circus

No. 21: Josephine Haney

No. 22: Jack Morrissey

No. 23: Purcella Brothers

No. 24: Ajax

No. 25: Marie Morelli

No. 26: Violet and Daisy Hilton

No. 27: Valentine Jr.

No. 28: Adele P. Ouri

No. 29: Ford and Truly

No. 30: Kelso Boys

No. 31: Patriotic Skater

No. 32: Princess Chinquilla & Nervell

No. 33: Barleys Dogs

No. 34: Madame Annetta

No. 35: Harry di Dio

No. 36: Four Roses


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