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From Ahmedunggar to Lavonia:
Presidents at the University of Georgia 1785-1997

Henry K. Stanford

1986-87 (Interim)


Born 1916, Atlanta, GA. B.A. Emory University (1936); M.A. Emory University; M.A. University of Denver; PhD., New York University

Stanford taught at the Emory campus in Valdosta for a couple of years and went to Georgia Southwestern College in 1948 to serve as President. In 1950, Stanford was named director of the University Center in Georgia, and in 1953, he became President of the Georgia State College for Women in Milledgeville. Stanford moved to Alabama in 1957 to become President of Birmingham-Southern College and had a run-in with "Bull" Connor over the integration question before he left to accept the President's post at the University of Miami (Florida). He served there as President until his retirement in 1981 when he returned to Americus. When the Regents asked if he would serve the University of Georgia in its hour of need, the 70-year old dynamo affirmed that he would, and he served for a year as interim President at UGA. After leaving that post, he has remained busy with numerous speaking engagements, prolific writing, consulting and advisory work, and the odd trip to the Nepalese Himalaya to climb on the lower reaches of Mt. Everest.


Dr. Stanford agreed to helm UGA until a permanent president could be chosen. He was chiefly responsible for stabilizing the image of the University with a restless public and with ensuring that state and private fiscal support did not erode during the period when the University was seeking a permanent President and a new direction.


Butts-Mehre Athletic Heritage Hall (1987).