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From Ahmedunggar to Lavonia:
Presidents at the University of Georgia 1785-1997

Josiah Meigs



Born August 21, 1757, Middletown, CT; Died September 4, 1822, Washington D.C.; B.A. Yale (1778).

Meigs was tutor at Yale in 1781. He was also the first city clerk of New Haven, CT. From 1785-88, he published New Haven Gazette. He practiced law in Bermuda from 1789-94 until he was arrested for treason. Meigs returned to Yale as math professor and Jeffersonian apologist.


Meigs planned the curriculum and proposed first 50 books for the library, 33 of which were in the sciences. He was a scientist and radical thinker. Meigs was unsure that UGA would be viable in the wilderness. In 1806, he had to deal with religious factionalism. He referred to Board of Trustees as "damned pack of Tories & speculators." In 1810, Meigs resigned.


Old College (based on the plans of Connecticut Hall at Yale) 1806.