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From Ahmedunggar to Lavonia:
Presidents at the University of Georgia 1785-1997

Frederick C. Davison



Born September 3, 1929, Atlanta, GA. D.V.M. Univ. of Georgia (1952); PhD. Iowa State Univ. (1963).

image of Frederick C. Davison

Upon graduation in 1952, Dr. Davison set up a private practice in Marietta. In 1958, he relocated to Iowa State University, where he taught and conducted research for the Atomic Energy Commission. He returned in 1963 to become Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, a position he left in 1966 to serve as Vice Chancellor with the Board of Regents. He returned again to Athens in 1967 to serve as President of the University, a position he held until 1986. Since leaving UGA, Davison has served as a private consultant to several scientific interest groups, based out of Savannah.


Dr. Davison was charged with overseeing the continued explosive growth of the University physical plant and to see that this growth of assets was matched by a growth of quality in the depth and breadth of the programs and services offered at UGA. In the years of his tenure, the University budget tripled, faculty ranks swelled by 600, and student enrollment grew by 68%. Davison took as his personal goal the growth of all aspects of scientific endeavor at UGA, from the increased commitment to teaching to the expanded role of service and research undertaken by University scientists and students. This growth in a time of political upheaval found expression on the campus in Athens as well, as students protested for women students' rights in 1968, occupied the Academic Building (April 1968), and protested the student shootings at Kent State in May of 1970. A housing protest in 1972 led to trial of the "Athens Eight" and faculty unrest in mid-1970s led to ouster of the University Provost (Pelletier). Dispute over the administration of the University's Developmental Studies program, and charges by Jan Kemp of grade accomodations for student athletes created an atmosphere which led to Davison's resignation in 1986.


Law Library (1967); Boyd Graduate Studies/Science Library (1968); Psychology/Journalism Complex (1968); University Bookstore (1968); State Botanical Garden (1969-85); Aderhold Hall (1971); Plant Sciences Building (1972); Family Housing Extension (1972-74); Ecology Building (1974); Library Annex (1974); Henry Feild Stadium (1977); Law Annex (1981); Caldwell Hall (1981); Tate Student Center (1983).


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