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Guido Adler, 1855-1941

Portrait of Guido Adler

A scholar, writer, critic, and founder of the field of Musicology, Guido Adler was an important figure in international music circles for nearly fifty years.

Born in Eibenschutz, Moravia in 1855, Adler studied music theory and composition at Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, a Vienna conservatory. Graduated in 1875, Adler decided against a career as a composer and instead studied law. He received his law degree in 1878. A practicing attorney for three brief months, Adler decided music was his true love and returned to school at the University of Vienna where he received his Ph.D. in 1880. Adler taught in Prague and at the University of Vienna until his retirement in 1927.

As a teacher Adler’s impact was enormous. In addition to the many students who went on to become important musicologists in their own right, he founded Quarterly for Musicology, created scholarly festivals on Haydn and Beethoven, published numerous authoritative works of musicology and began publishing Monuments of Music in Austria – a work he edited for forty-four years.

The Guido Adler Collection, MS#769, consists of 74 boxes of documents ranging from correspondence with all the major figures in music of his day to clippings of concert reviews.

The Guido Adler Collection is a singular, extremely rich source of information for the history of music and the field of musicology for a period of nearly five decades. The collection is primarily in German.

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