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Inventory for The Georgia Center Historical Materials 1950-1970 (UGA 94-101)

Georgia Center

Georgia Center in 1950s

UGA 94-101:1

  1. [Continuing Education Project, Reports, Minutes, Memos 1953].
  2. Georgia Center for Continuing Education Staff Conference, September, 1954.
  3. "Georgia's Plan" [ca. 1952].
  4. "Athens, Georgia Home of the University of Georgia 1801 - 1951".
  5. Planning Documents and Proposals for Continung Education Projects and GA Center - [Includes Early Organizational Chart].
  6. [Proposal to Kellogg Foundation for $450.000 Grant for Communications Equipment, April 26, 1956].
  7. Annual Report, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1955 - 1956.
  8. Photographs of Construction and Architect's Sketches, Correspondence Relating to Design Awards, 1958.
  9. Photographs of Georgia Center Construction and Architects Sketch of Building.
  10. The Georgia Center for Continuing Education [Color Photograph Album, ca. 1957].
  11. [Photograph of Hotel Room at GA Center, ca. 1957].
  12. Georgia Center Opening [Clippings, Reprints, Floorplans].
  13. Folder of Reprints, Floor Plans, Photographs Relating to Design and Opening of GA Center, ca. 1957. Includes 1954 Staff Photograph].
  14. [Invitation and Outline for Open House, Feb. 1957; Clipping Related to Opening, Information Sheets About Center, Floor Plans; Feb. 11, 1957. Issue of 'Preface" Featuring Center Opening].
  15. [Outlines and Clippings Related to Early GA Center Conferences and Activities.
  16. "Christmas in Georgia, U.S.A." [December 21 - 31, 1958 at GA Center - Includes Contemporary Tourist Brochures in Pocket].
  17. [Extension Enrollment Figures for 1957-58].
  18. Newspaper Clipping Originals for Rededication Project. Georgia Center "Jumble" of History 1950s, 60s and 70s Predominantly.
  19. "A Lifelong Source of Learning for All" [Booklet on GA Center].
  20. [Interview With W. R. Brown Regarding GA Center - Post 1965].
  21. Information on Center [Early Photographs, Staff List, Policies on Use of Center and Adult Education, Reprints].
  22. Georgia Center "Personalities" [Biographical Press Clippings on GA Center Personnel.
  23. [Clippings on Continuing Education, Georgia Center, Personnel].
  24. Catalog of Plays - Drama Loan Library, 1978; Plus Supplements for 1979, 1980.
  25. Library [Newspaper Clippings and Articles Relating to Georgia Center].
  26. "Continuing Education: An Evolving Form of Adult Education" [ca. 1960].
  27. "Southern Telephone News, Oct. 1957" [Featuring GA Center].