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Finding Aid for UGA 92-256
John L. Green Papers, 1923-1974


The John L. Green Papers were transferred from the Records Management Annex of the Division of Business and Finance to the University Archives on July, 28, 1983. They were held in a processing area until processing could begin.

Work was begun on the collection on May 18, 1984. As received, the papers were in 70 RC boxes, maintaining the same provenance (or lack thereof) that the records had enjoyed at the Business and Finance Annex, where they had been stored in a series of 5 vertical filing units.

After a box label manifest had been assembled, it remained to be seen whether or not the contents retained any organizational integrity. Random examination of 25 boxes established the fact that original office provenance (as provided for in the file guides in the collection) had been disrupted. It remained for an organizational scheme to be drafted for the records.

Fortunately, further examination revealed that the papers basically broke down into two major series, with a 1 cubic foot (sub) series of personnel records. This division follows roughly a chronological sequence, and recognizes the passing of the office of University Comptroller form J.D. Bolton to J.L. Green.

At this point, it should be noted that there was a major organizational shift that took place in the University's fiscal duties sphere, and this reorganization radically altered the structure (if not necessarily the scope) of Green's duties. To some extent, the shift from Comptroller to Vice President for Business and Finance is represented in the organizational shift between the two main record series.

Finally, a word about the first major series. The first Administrative Subject File in the Green papers is largely a product of the J.D. Bolton tenure as Comptroller; this is reflected both temporally and organizationally. Consequently, this series should not stand alone, but should be assessed in the larger context of the Bolton papers. At the same time, the presence of this much material in the Green collection allows for an insight into the period of transition represented by J.L. Green's tenure as the University's Chief Fiscal Officer.

Processing of the collection was completed on July 23, 1984.