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Finding Aid for UGA 92-196 & UGA 92-185
John Dixon Bolton Papers, 1900-1965

Scope and Content

This scope and content statement will examine briefly each of six series, focusing on items of possible interest. These six series are:

(1) Financial Materials- This document series is significant in that it examines the entire fiscal process of the university, from Budget Requests through final audit and financial reports for the fiscal year. Also present on this series are working papers, rough drafts, reports, support documents and related correspondence. These records are substantially complete from the late 1940’s through the early 1960’s, and reflect best the marked growth of the University and the Comptroller’s Office. Also present are copies of bound Proposed Budgets. The 36 cubic feet (nearly half the volume of the entire collection) which this series encompasses reflect that these papers formed the chief substance of Mr. Bolton’s responsibility.

(2) Administrative Materials- Within this series can be found two interesting subject files. The first of these, miscellaneous contracts, has an interesting cross-section of research contracts at the University from 1944-56. In addition, there are documents on personnel training agreements for World War I. The second subject file, Administrative Correspondence, has a wealth of correspondence, including a letter to Eddie Rickenbacker, letters from Sen. Richard Russell and J. Edgar Hoover.

(3) Personnel Materials- The most significant portion of this series is occupied by the STATE SECURITY QUESTIONNAIRES AND LOYALTY OATHS from 1954-59. There is also a subject file which encompasses 5 cubic feet.

(4) Board of Regents Materials- This series focuses on the Physical Plant aspects of the Comptroller’s Office, with special emphasis on the physical properties of the University. Of special interest is the documentation for the period of growth and expansion which took place at the University from the mid 1950’s through the early 1960’s. There is also a copy of a 1934 inventory of physical holdings of the University. Also, several oversized blueprints and plans have been compiled in one location for easy access (Plate A).

(5) Athletic Association- This discrete collection is organized along the same lines as the major holdings, and includes a complete financial record of the Athletic Association from the early 1950’s through the early 1960’s. The most important series here is the Administrative Subject File which contains a wealth of correspondence and materials from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. Two files of material on Sanford Stadium and 1 file of contracts 1913-60 have been relocated to Hollinger Box 2.

(6) Personal Papers- This 1.5 cubic feet of material has been organized into an alphabetizedsubject /correspondence file, and includes correspondence with the Bolton family and friends. There are also materials dealing with Mr. Bolton’s various affiliations; Kiwanis, Athens Country Club, Masonic Lodge, and various other professional and social groups. The balance of the papers is largely insurance, tax or property related , materials.

There are additionally two files of interest which can be found in Hollinger Box 2. The first of these contains a photograph of Chancellor Sanford. The second file contains materials related to the attempts of Hamilton Holmes and Charlyne Hunter to attend the University of Georgia in early 1961. Included herein are financial documents and letters of removal from the University.

Processed and Prepared by Edward G. Head, Jr. and Diane Roberts-August 1980. Electronic version perpared by Emily Liss and Gilbert Head-October 2003. Online version: Carol Bishop.