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Finding Aid for Georgia Review & University of Georgia Press Estrays (UGA 85-003)

RG1:9 & RG1:10
.5 feet : 1 document box

Scope and Content:

As might be guessed, estray is an elegant archival term for something that has "strayed". Estray collections may contain small files, individual artifacts and other strays that have come to the University of Georgia Archives outside of major file series. As new and appropriate materials related to this program are received they will be placed in this collection.

Although they may be "strays," items in estray collections can be of great importance in understanding a program.

Contents Inventory:


  1. Georgia Review – Advertisements 1950-2004
  2. Georgia Review – Biography of Georgia Authors
  3. Georgia Review – Fifty Years of Fine Writing Anniversary Celebration 1997
  4. Georgia Review – Photos, Robert Frost
  5. Georgia Review – Press Releases and Extracts 1946-1992
  6. Georgia Review – Roots in Georgia Literary Symposium 1985
  7. Georgia Review – Tables of Contents 1952-1963
  8. Georgia Review and University of Georgia Press – Georgia Press Institute 1951-2004
  9. University of Georgia Press – Catalogs of Books 1945-1998
  10. University of Georgia Press, Friends of
  11. University of Georgia Press – Pamphlets and Releases on Books