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Finding Aid for The University of Georgia Retirees Association (UGARA) Papers 1994-2004 (UGA 04-015)

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As members of a growing segment of the University of Georgia community, retired personnel need and want a continuing active relationship with the institution. Retirees have the energy, interest, knowledge, skills, and time that may be utilized for the mutual benefit of themselves and the University of Georgia. Accordingly, the University of Georgia Retirees Association (UGARA) was formed as the result of a 1988 report by the seven-member task force appointed by President Charles Knapp to review the status of University retirees. At the 1990 annual Retired Faculty/Staff Dinner, sponsored by the UGA Alumni Association, attendees approved the task force's recomendation for a retirees association and at the 1991 dinner UGARA was formed with the election of a nine-member governing council. UGARA was established for the primary purpose of providing an accessible and viable organization for close and continuing communication between the University of Georgia Campus and its retirees. UGARA sponsors activities for retirees that inform them of important university functions and changes around campus and in health insurance and retirement pension programs. The organization also sponsors short-term travel opportunities, visits to museums, theatrical productions and other cultural or social events. (Source: Thursday, 19 June 2003 email sent to UGARA members.)

Scope and Contents

In 2004 this material was accessioned by the UGA Archives. The collection reflects the activities of UGARA from 1994-2004 and includes an extensive collection of newsletters, board minutes and agendas, along with documentation of numerous travel, volunteer, and entertainment opportunities provided to members. Materials have been refoldered and newspaper clippings photocopied for preservation purposes. Accession UGA 04-015:1 holds UGARA's paper documentation. Accession UGA 04-015:2 houses a gavel given to the organization by retired School of Agriculture faculty member Jack Perkins who served as the Chairperson of UGARA's Council and Travel Committee.

Content Listing

UGA 04-015:1 (UGARA's Paper Documentation.)

  1. Retired Faculty/Staff Dinner.
  2. Homecoming 1996.
  3. 1997 [UGARA].
  4. 1998 [UGARA].
  5. 1999 UGARA.
  6. Community-UGA Activities.
  7. UGARA to Atlanta.
  8. Newsletters [1994-1999].
  9. Newsletters [2000-].
  10. UGARA Correspondence (Gen.) [1998-1999].
  11. UGARA Correspondence [2000-].
  12. UGARA Correspondence-Perkins [F. "Jack" Perkins].
  13. UGARA Membership.
  14. Sample for Chair Recognition.
  15. UGARA By-Laws [& Mission Statement].
  16. Nominations & Elections.
  17. [UGARA Minutes 1994-1998].
  18. UGARA Minutes [1999-2000].
  19. UGARA Minutes [2001-].
  20. Meeting Notices & Agendas.
  21. Travel Committee.
  22. UGARA Travel [1998-].
  23. Finances UGARA.
  24. [Retirement, Healthcare, & Financial Planning].
  25. Membership Forms.

UGA 04-015:2 (Gavel)

  1. Gavel.(Jack Perkins, former Chairperson of the UGARA Council and Travel Committee, had three gavels made from the broken remains of wooden banisters and moldings that had been discarded during the renovation of Connor Hall. He presented one of these gavels to UGARA.)

Processed by Carol Bishop, July 2004