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Finding Aid for The Darl Snyder International Development Papers (UGA 03-033)

48 linear feet: 39 boxes, Some oversized.

Record Group RG 5:8 - International Development

Snyders and Dr. Mazuri

Darl and Florence Snyder with Dr. Ali Mazuri (center)

Note: Darl and Florence Snyder with Dr. Ali Mazuri (center), host of the PBS series "The Africans" and featured speaker at the first Snyder Lecture in 1992. (photograph by Bernadette Allard, original in folder 8, box 10 of this collection)

Creator Note:

Following wartime service in the Army Air Corps, Dr. Darl Snyder completed his undergraduate degree in agriculture at Iowa State University in 1947. After work in the agricultural chemical industry, he turned to academe in 1959, assuming the post of Director of Development and Public Relations at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. At the same time he assumed the post of National Secretary, Treasurer and Editor with the FarmHouse Fraternity. In 1969 he completed a Masters in Educational Administration at the University of Chicago.

That same year he joined the staff of the University of Georgia’s Rural Development Center, being established in Tifton, Georgia. After helping to bring the RDC’s plans to reality, Dr. Snyder assumed the post of RDC Director and Assistant Director of Cooperative Extension in 1971. In 1975 he was recruited to come to Athens to serve in the new post of Director of International Programs in Agriculture, becoming Director of International Programs in 1977. In 1976 Dr. Snyder earned his PhD in Education from North Carolina State University. From 1990 until his retirement in 1992 he served as Associate Vice President for Public Services & Outreach and as Director of International Development.

From 1953 to her death in 2007, Dr. Snyder’s partner in his work was his wife, Florence Snyder, who held undergraduate and masters degrees from the University and served as a speech therapist in the Home Health program at St. Mary's Hospital in Athens.

Following retirement, the Snyders continued their activity in international development, particularly with work in the African country of Burkina Faso, home of the ASUDEC, Africa’s Sustainable Development Council. On campus they have been particularly active with the African Studies Institute which organizes the annual Darl Snyder Lecture on Africa and whose students are sponsored in studies abroad by the Darl Snyder Foundation.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection richly represents the contributions of the Snyders and their daughter, Cherie, through papers, publications, awards, artifacts and images. In addition to documenting their work, many of the materials offer a unique view of life in contemporary Africa and the efforts of agricultural extension and development in the Northwestern part of that continent.

Many of the artifacts were created by artisans from around the world, from Tifton to Ouagadougou, and given to the Snyders in thanks for their efforts promoting international development projects. These materials were displayed in conjunction the Darl Snyder Lecture in 2004. At that time the Snyders toured the exhibit, with Dr. Lioba Moshi, Director of the UGA African Studies Institutes. A transcription of their remarks regarding the significance or history of various artifacts can be found in folder 20 of box 1. In addition we have placed their comments with the description of items in the list below, identifying the speaker by their initials, D.S. or F.S. for Darl or Florence Snyder.

File Inventory

Box 1 : Biographical & Career Materials I

  1. Resume materials
  2. Darl E. Snyder Personal [resumes & other materials related to career]
  3. Titonka High School Graduation Invitations
  4. Iowa State University materials: diploma, awards, memorabilia, clippings, 1942-1947
  5. Military Service materials, 1942-1947
  6. Standard Oil & Diamond Black Leaf Co., clippings, photographs, correspondence, publications; 1950-1958
  7. Walter Piggott correspondence, 1946-2001
  8. Farmhouse Fraternity
  9. Materials related to Farmhouse
  10. [First Congregational Church, LaGrange IL - Misc. Papers]
  11. Passports (D.S., regarding thick passport - "That passport I really treasure. I treasure it because I had to send it in and get an extra section put into it in order to accommodate all the travels.")
  12. University of Chicago materials, diploma
  13. Manuscript "Matrix: A Temporary Organizational Structure" by Darl Snyder
  14. Manuscript "Teacher Militancy in a Catholic High School: The Elizabeth Seton Story" by Darl Snyder, with clippings & letter.
  15. Elmhurst College [clippings & correspondence, 1958-1966] [Note: see also UGA 03-033:3, folder 6, "Snyder family scrapbook, 1960-1971"]
  16. Georgia Blueberry Association [clippings & correspondence, 1973-1974
  17. North Carolina State University: thesis ["Selected Factors Associated with the Value Orientations of Disadvantaged Farm Families Located in the Coastal Plains Area of North Carolina"], diploma & commencement program [1976-1977]
  18. University of Georgia Diplomas, Florence Snyder
  19. Kiwanis [clippings]
  20. Darl & Florence Snyder's remarks regarding items in UGA 03-033 made during 2004 exhibit in Hargrett Library.
  21. MS & Ph.D. Theses of Cherie Snyder
  22. Obituaries of Florence Snyder & DVD of her Memorial Service, November 26, 2007
  23. A Visonary: In Recognition of Dr. Darl Snyder, DVD 2008

Box 2: Biographical & Career Materials II

  1. [Clippings related to career and international development, letters of congratulations and thanks]
  2. [Clippings related to Dr. Snyder's career]
  3. [Biographical clippings, certificates & letters of thanks, notes for speeches, clippings related to development]
  4. [Letters of congratulation on awards and degrees, 1976-1983], [Letter from Sardar Muhammad, 1969]
  5. [Speeches by Darl Snyder]
  6. Speech: "Role of the Greek Community in Supplying Leadership in the Academic Setting."
  7. Upper Volta speech
  8. Burkina Medal of Merit [1997]
  9. Dom Pedro Roeser Award, Universidade Federal Rural de Permanbuco, October 1983
  10. Certificates of appreciation & recognition
  11. Nomination scrapbook for Gold Seal Award, National Council of State Garden Clubs, 1986 [includes photographs]
  12. Membership certificates
  13. [Misc. personal correspondence & photographs, c. 1966-1982]
  14. [Misc. correspondence related to UGA activities, 1985-1992]
  15. [Misc. correspondence & clippings, c. 1981-1987 & undated]
  16. Retirement recognition from University of Georgia
  17. Retirement celebration guest book
  18. Retirement letters
  19. Retirement dinner [cards, regrets]
  20. [Cards chiefly related to Darl Snyder's 80th birthday]
  21. Retirement dinner - speech by Dr. Snyder, guest list
  22. Misc. poems, quotations, Christmas card log
  23. Speech by John Dowling to UGA graduate students & faculty, "American Graduate Education in Today's World"
  24. Sermons by Dr. Charles Hasty, First Presbyterian church, Athens, GA, with other religious materials
  25. Nacro family: postcards, photographs, drawings, greeting cards
  26. Nacro family correspondence
  27. Notecards & children's drawings from the Nacro family, Burkina Faso
  28. International currency collected by Darl Snyder [35 coins, 1 bill]

Box 3: Tifton and Rural Development Center Items

  1. Letters of congratulations [RDC & International Development] [including clippings related to career, 1972-1978]
  2. Tifton clippings and programs from Charles Douglas
  3. [Photographs]
  4. [Clippings related to Snyder family in Tifton]
  5. [Snyder family scrapbook, 1960-1971]
  6. Tifton correspondence - friends

Box 4: International Development Office Files

  1. Japanese President Kagoshima visit at UGA - 16 photographs [1987]
  2. Brazil [Donation of books from UGA - 4 photographs]
  3. Burkina Faso 1985 [12 photographs]
  4. Zana, Meal for the Africans, Award Partners/Brazilians [15 photographs]
  5. Brazil, Ana Castricous, Aleixo, et al. [25 photographs]
  6. Japan [6 photographs]
  7. [Visit of Dr. Masduki, Indonesian UGA graduate & Gamma Sigma Delta initiation - 3 photographs]
  8. Burkina Faso award ceremony. Knapp, J. Leball, M. Nacro, et al. [34 photographs]
  9. Four groups of Africans - Aimi Viarrojo [4 photographs]
  10. Japanese visitors [3 photographs]
  11. Idriss[?] graduation [2 slides], downtown Athens [4 photographs]
  12. [Awards from Pernambuco, Brazil, c. 1970-1982 - documents & 3 photographs]
  13. Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil - Partners - GA/Pernambuco [7 photographs]
  14. [Photographs & negatives from FEDEX folder] [taken by UGA Ag Communications, c. 1988?]
  15. "Role of Universities in Development Assistance: University-PVO [Private Volunteer Organizations] Cooperation, [draft report by Darl Snyder for U.S. Office of Technology Assessment]
  16. [Press release and photograph, Dr. Snyder receives Burkina Faso medal for service, 1989] [Text of speech by Minister Nacro at ceremony, photograph and letters of congratulations]
  17. [1989 Volunteer Service Award of Partners of the Americas presented to Dr. Snyder - clippings & letters of congratulations]
  18. "Progrés Etats-Unis - Burkina Faso" issue 399, May 1986
  19. Presentation to Governor [of Georgia, George Busbee] [on international development, 1978] [Includes other clippings & correspondence related to international visitors]

Box 5: Subject & Correspondence Files, 1992-2002, A-G

  1. Africa [articles, business cards, ca 1994-1996]
  2. African Art Playing Cards
  3. African Business Development Center [1995]
  4. African Studies, UGA [ 1994-2002 }
  5. African Roundtable - UGA [2002]
  6. AIDS [HIV] [articles]
  7. Allard [Bernadette & Giles Allard, correspondence, 1994-2001]
  8. Amigos Agricultural Development [ca 2000]
  9. ASUDEC Minutes [2002] [see also files for Salibo Somé]
  10. Mark Bean / Peggy Johnson [correspondence regarding Burkina Faso, 1999]
  11. Bio-data [letters of reference and resumes of various individuals, 1994 - 1997 ]
  12. Dr. Boly's Program [[regarding visit of Dr. Boly Hamidou from University of Ougagdougou, 2001]
  13. Bonkoungou, Charles [correspondence 1993-2000]
  14. Borlaug - Atlantic Monthly [article on Norman Borlaug, Jan 1997]
  15. Bousse [letter from Ouedraogo Pousga Lambert of Burkina Faso, 1996]
  16. Brazil Correspondence [1994-1996]
  17. Trip to Recife, Brazil, October 2000 [notes on trip & speech by Dr. Snyder on the history of the relationship between the Federal Rural University of Permanbuco & UGA
  18. British Isles Trip 1993
  19. Ed Brynn [correspondence regarding Africa, 1994 - 2000 ]
  20. Burkina Connection/Osborne [Journal of the Friends of Burkina Faso, 1999 - 2001 ]
  21. Burkina Faso Trip - 4/7-23 1994 [ correspondence, notes, photographs
  22. Burkina Faso, Trip Notes
  23. Burkina Faso Trip Report and Clippings
  24. U of Ouagadougou / 20th Anniversary presentation April 1994
  25. Burkina Faso Trip - January 2001
  26. Burkina Faso Journal - Gunderson
  27. US Ambassador / Burkina Faso
  28. Burkina Faso
  29. Burkina Faso, Continued
  30. [Burkina Faso & African-related clippings & photographs]
  31. Clippings
  32. Coca Cola
  33. Correspondence 2002
  34. Correspondence 2000
  35. Correspondence 1999
  36. Correspondence 1998
  37. Correspondence 1997
  38. Correspondence 1996
  39. Correspondence 1995
  40. General Correspondence 1994

Box 6: Subject & Correspondence Files, 1992-2002, G-R

  1. General Correspondence 1993
  2. Darl - Correspondence 1992
  3. CWS
  4. Glen Davis (Burkina Peace Corps)
  5. Earth Day of God
  6. Dr. Carl Eicher
  7. E-Mail Messages
  8. Farmhouse
  9. Farmhouse Fraternity/ Foundation
  10. Fawhole / Nigeria
  11. ForChildren - Paul McCleary
  12. Foster, John and Sarah
  13. Friends of Burkina Faso / John Sneed
  14. Georgia Partners - Membership
  15. Gary [Gunderson]
  16. Global Health Action (INSA)
  17. Goat Project
  18. Rosa Guedes
  19. Hargrove [William]
  20. Alan and Nancy Harris
  21. Hebie, Ditalamane
  22. Heifer Project International
  23. Honorary Consul
  24. IDR
  25. International Development At UGA - Address to Kiwanis 2/94
  26. International Public Service and Outreach
  27. Iowa State University
  28. Japan
  29. Kenaf
  30. Louis Suchet
  31. Senator Mitch McConnell
  32. The Mahatma’s Vision Re-Evaluated
  33. Mwangi, John G.
  34. Nianogo, Aime’ Joseph
  35. Nigeria
  36. Ntoukam
  37. Odhiambo
  38. Big Jean [Ouedraogo Jean Bigbala]
  39. Jean Ouedraogo
  40. Peanut CRSP
  41. PVO / University Center
  42. Jack Reeves
  43. RDC History
  44. Role of the Individual in International Development
  45. Carla Roncoli
  46. Rowell – Burkina Baptist Mission
  47. Royal Bank of Canada Newsletter

Box 7: Subject & Correspondence Files, 1992-2002, S-Z

  2. Salibo Somé - 2001
  4. Senior University
  5. Sister Cities Board
  6. Darl E. Snyder (Biodata)
  7. ASUDEC / Somé
  8. Salibo Somé
  9. Snyder Lecture - 2002
  10. TAPSOBA Hamado
  11. Bryn Terfel
  12. UFRPe
  13. University of Georgia Correspondence
  14. UGA / University of Ouagadougou
  15. Village of Navielgane _ Burkina Faso
  16. Dr. Lalbila Yoda

Box 8: Miscellaneous Correspondence

  1. 1997
  2. 1998
  3. Salibo Somé I [Correspondence & photos, 1993-1996]
  4. Salibo Somé II [Correspondence 1993-1997]
  5. Salibo Somé III [Correspondence 1993-1998]
  6. Salibo Somé IV [Correspondence 1999-2001]
  7. Canada trip to visit Nacro family at Burkina Faso Embassy and Ambassador's residence [correspondence and children's drawings]

Box 9: Snyder Lecture Materials - correspondence, clippings, programs, photographs (see also oversize materials in 03-033:16).

  1. 1st & 2nd Darl Snyder lectures, 1992, 1993
  2. 3rd annual Darl Snyder lecture, 1994
  3. 4th annual Darl Snyder lecture, 1996
  4. 5th annual Darl Snyder lecture, 1997
  5. 6th annual Darl Snyder lecture, 1998
  6. 7th annual Darl Snyder lecture, 1999
  7. 8th annual Darl Snyder lecture, 2000
  8. 9th annual Darl Snyder lecture, 2001
  9. Snyder lecture 2002 [10th, includes tribute to Darl Snyder by Cherie Snyder]
  10. 11th Snyder lecture, 2003
  11. 12th Snyder lecture, 2004
  12. Snyder Lecture 2005
  13. Snyder Lecture 2006
  14. Snyder Lecture 2007
  15. Snyder Lecture 2008 [includes photographs of Pres. Bill Clinton w. UGA students in Tanzania]
  16. Snyder Lecture 2009
  17. Snyder Lecture 2010 [includes text of Dr. Some's address]

Box 10: Photographs (see also box 4 and others)

  1. [Portraits of Darl Snyder at Rural Development Center, Tifton, GA]
  2. Photographs - D. Snyder at Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires
  3. Passport photos [Misc. photos, business cards]
  4. [Photographs - Africa]
  5. Early photos, D. Snyder & Misc.
  6. [Photographs - Africa] [Nigeria trip]
  7. [Burkina Faso]
  8. [Snyder photographs from Bernadette Allard]
  9. [Negatives, including program in UGA Chapel - Snyder lecture?]
  10. Nacro children (Bawi, Wens'se & Kawia) & their parents, Mouhoussine & Rosette, in Ougagdougou, Burkina Faso
  11. [Africa - presentation ceremony with blue outfit and carved bowl [see UGA 03-033:15 for bowl and UGA 03-033: ? for clothing]
  12. Photographs - Burkina Faso
  13. Photo album 1 [disassembled]
  14. Photo album 2 [disassembled] [family & landscape]
  15. Photo album 2 continued [disassembled] [international & career related photos]
  16. Misc. photographs, including Dr. Snyder
  17. Recife photographs & card
  18. Misc. photographs & cards related to Africa
  19. Misc. unsorted photographs & negatives: Japan, Great Britain, unidentified photographs

Box 11: Photographic slides (see also box 38)

  1. Upper Volta, c. 1981
  2. Brazil, c. 1982
  3. Marked 2860, (Africa?)
  4. Japan, c. 1981
  5. Idrissa, c. 1983
  6. (Brazil?), c. 1977
  7. Eshetu Graduation, c. 1983
  8. Nacro family
  9. Venezuela, c. 1982
  10. Venezuela
  11. Venezuela, c. 1980
  12. Venezuela, c. 1982
  13. Venezuela, c. 1980
  14. Venezuela
  15. Graduation of Florence Snyder, c. 1982
  16. (Africa?), c. 1982
  17. Venezuela, c. 1984
  18. Personal - groups shots, landscapes, c. 1980-1982
  19. (Africa?), c. 1983
  20. Mali
  21. B F (Burkina Faso?)
  22. Niger & Burkina Faso (from Janice Woods, c. 1988)
  23. (Nebai?)
  24. Misc. (includes Brazil & Burkina Faso medal ceremony)
  25. Brazil
  26. Tama
  27. Folder A: Two sleeves of slides
  28. Folder B: Loose slides

Box 12: Commemorative items & Awards I

  1. Medal with ribbon from Burkina Faso, engraved "Medaille du Merite Du Travail de la RDP", boxed in red case.
  2. Brass & glass paperweight, Seoul National University
  3. Medallion of merit, “Universidade Federal Rural De Pernambuco”, in blue presentation case
  4. Medallion from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in blue presentation case
  5. Metal plaque inscribed in (Arabic?) with ear of wheat as decoration, in red presentation case.
  6. Brass ruler from Kiwanis International in blue box
  7. Centennial medallion for city of Covilha, ? , 1970
  8. Medallion “Cidade De Vila Real, Portugal; 1925 – 1975”
  9. Medallion from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco inscribed to Dr. Snyder, 1980; in white presentation case
  10. Small metal presentation plaque from Comite Pernambuco-Georgia inscribed to Dr. Snyder; July, 1981, in blue presentation case
  11. Bronze University of Georgia medallion for “Distinguished Achievement for Public Service & Extension”, 1984, in black presentation case.
  12. University of Georgia Bicentennial medallion (bronze?), 1985 boxed
  13. Small metal presentation plaque for involvement in UFRPE/UGA Exchange Program, Recife, June 14, 1988, in blue presentation case 2.
  14. Silver plate inscribed to Dr. Snyder from Universidad Del Salvador, Buenos Aires, 1991. In oxblood presentation case.
  15. Ceramic plate from Universidad Del Salvador, Buenos Aires commemorating 35th anniversary, 1956-1991. In blue presentation case.
  16. Metal plaque from Consejo Profesional De Ciencias Economicas de la Capital Federal, Tierra del Fuego, Antarida e Islas del Atlantico Sur”, thanking UGA for participation in the Symposium, “The New International Order, It’s Incidence on the Economic and Social Development” , Buenos Aires, October 1991. In black presentation case
  17. Presentation plaque in honor of Dr. Snyder’s retirement, 1992, from President Soo Hyun Lew and International Programs Director J.C. Chai of Kyungsung University, Korea. In blue presentation case. Includes photocopied letter from J.C. Chai to Charles Knapp asking him to present the award in their absence, and letter from President Knapp to Dr. Snyder.
  18. Small metal presentation plaque from UGA alumni chapter of Brazil (Recife), April 19, 1996, in blue presentation case.
  19. Small metal presentation plaque from UGA alumni chapter of Brazil (Recife), Oct. 24, 2000, in blue presentation case, with photograph.

Box 13: Commemorative items & awards II

  1. Wood & decoupage plaque of signatures from FarmHouse Fraternity, North Carolina Chapter, North Carolina State University.
  2. Glass & wood medallion, “Master Builder of Men Award” from Farmhouse, September 1970
  3. Wood & metal plaque, International Honor Award from USDA Office of International Cooperation and Development, May 1983
  4. Gavel & wooden plaque inscribed to Dr. Snyder from Georgia Partners, 1985
  5. Glass globe on wooden plaque inscribed to Dr. Snyder from the Coordinators of International Programs, University Center in Georgia, 1987-1992
  6. Wood & metal plaque inscribed to Dr. Snyder by Consulate General of Argentina in honor of his retirement, May 1992
  7. Wood & metal plaque inscribed to Dr. Snyder for service to South-East Consortium for International Development, June 1992.
  8. Wood & metal plaque inscribed to Dr. Snyder by World Trade Club, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1992
  9. Wood & metal plaque inscribed to Dr. Snyder by Georgia Blueberry Growers, June 1999

Box 14: Commemorative items & awards III 641

Box 15: Awards & Presentations IV

  1. Silver plate inscribed to Dr. Snyder, 1989 Partners of the Americas Volunteer Service Award
  2. Large carved and painted wall hanging in form of bowl or shield - light wood or gourd material. Inscribed "DR DARL E. SNYDER ON YOUR VISIT TO NIGERIA MAY 6-17 1991 BY THE JAIYESINMIS" [photographs of presentation in UGA 03-033:10, folder 11]

Box 16: Oversize awards, presentations, artwork & scrapbook

  1. African Studies Institute Scrapbook of Darl & Florence Snyder Fellowship Fund
  2. Lithograph of Chicago warehouses by Wagners Printers
  3. Ornamental folder containing Chinese calligraphy
  4. Oriental painting of child and koi
  5. Print "Rue Marques de Olinda" [Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil]
  6. Prints "Mosteiro de São Bento" & "Forte de Orange"
  7. Certificate enrolling Darl Snyder as member of Cradle Roll Department of the Baptist Sunday School of Humeston Iowa, March 14, 1922
  8. Certificates from Board of Regents, University System of Georgia, conferring title of "Associate Vice President for Services Emeritus and Director of International Development Emeritus" on Darl Snyder, September 8, 1992 with related program and letter from Governor Zell Miller.
  9. Items from 2004 Snyder Lecture & Library display: posters, enlarged photographs of Snyders & Africa from collection (box UGA 03-033:10)
  10. Large black & white photographic portrait of Darl & Florence Snyder.
  11. Snyder lecture posters, 2006-
  12. Resolution by "Amigos De Snyder" in honor of Dr. Darl Snyder, Recife, Nov. 26, 2008
  13. Retirement recognition from Burkina Faso students and visitors, June 30, 1992
  14. Matted Japanese calligraphy
  15. Matted Japanese print, mountain and bay scene

Box 17: Oversize awards and presentations

  1. Leather & photograph presentation plaque from A.Su.DE.C. (Africa's Sustainable Development Council), featuring photograph of Dr. & Mrs. Snyder in Africa
  2. Framed letter from President Charles Knapp in recognition of Dr. Snyder's retirement, 1992
  3. Tooled leather notepad cover initialed DS on inside. Outside decorated with seal inscribed "Universite de Ouagadougou, Haute-Volta"
  4. Tooled leather notepad cover from Burkina Faso
  5. Framed notice of gift to ASUDEC made in the name of Darl Snyder by Cherie Snyder in commemoration of his 80th birthday

Box 18: Art & Craft: Bronze, copper, jewelry

  1. Bottle opener with face/mask (D.S.-: Burkina Faso)
  2. Abstract design in copper in brass & wood frame.
  3. Brass standing female figure with basket on head (D.S. - accompanied by two separately cast bowls that stack on her head – Burkina Faso)
  4. Brass seated male figure drumming (D.S. – Funeral drummer, traditionally special drummers play at Burkina Faso funerals – Burkina Faso)
  5. Steel letter opener with horn or plastic handle in shape of elephant
  6. Box of jewelry items: horn or plastic bracelet; copper (?) ring; brass, copper & copper wire bracelet; small aluminum (?) spoon
  7. Membership & souvenir pins & bookmarks in wooden box ornamented with calligraphy (Japanese?)

Box 19: Art & Craft: Large brass sculpture of baobab tree (D.S. - gift of Nacro family of Burkina Faso)

Box 20: Art & craft: Wood & stone items

  1. African female bust (D.S. - "The hat and carving of the African woman were given to me in Bogadelasso and they gave that to me because it was tradition that they would give so-called important people a young lady from the tribe or the ethic group so, since I was married they decided maybe this would be adequate.")
  2. Standing angelic/Madonna figure (D.S. - gift of Alfred Treyora - Burkina Faso)
  3. Standing Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman (D.S. - Gift from the family of Moussine Nacro, current (2004) ambassador from Burkina Faso to Canada)
  4. Japanese fan & wooden stand
  5. Camel with feeding baby (D.S - From Mali)
  6. Soapstone eagle with fish (D.S - Origin not recalled)

Box 21: Art & craft: Oversize items I

  1. Leather-wrapped iron implement - (D.S.- "Men carry this instrument and that hook over it hooks over their shoulder - I think that at one time it was an instrument for protection. It's from Burkina Faso.")
  2. Wooden mask with nude female figure and antelope figure (F.S. – Fertility mask from Burkina Faso )

Box 22: Art & Craft: Oversize items II

  1. Wooden plaque carved with old man with pipe (D.S. - "That's Brazilian and what they do , what they used to do at least, they would take siding off of a building or Something like that and then they would carve these kinds of things and all along the sidewalk there would be a whole display of different types of carvings that the artists would have on display. We saw many of them in Olinda." F.S. "The gentleman of whom that carving is was a local figure who was well known around the community and many, many carvings of him - he was quite typical of the craft.")
  2. Standing nude female figure with elongated mask-like face (D.S. – Burkina Faso)
  3. Dogwood root walking stick inscribed "Darl E. Snyder, RDC, Bicentennial U.S.A. , Spring of '76, By H.D.W." Presented to Darl Snyder at Rural Development Center, Tifton, GA."
  4. Varnished walking stick by Burkina Faso craftsman (D.S. - "A gift from Dr. Salibo Somé' Director of Africa's Sustainable Development Council (ASUDEC) on my last trip to Burkina Faso, at the end of January,2003, I think.")
  5. Walking stick with carved human head by Burkino Faso craftsman,(D.S. - "A gift from my very close and dear friend, Dr. Mouhoussine Nacro on my last trip to Burkina Faso.")

Box 23: Art & craft: Basketry I

  1. Large divided letter basket in natural color with red and green accents, inscribed for the Snyder's daughter, Cherie.
  2. Small rectangular basket with band of designs in natural color stitched on sides
  3. Handmade fan from Burkina Faso

Box 24: Art & Craft: Basketry II

  1. Oval basket in natural, purple and green-blue weave
  2. Wicker & leather drawstring basket ornamented with ribbons and cowries & containing cowries (D.S. - "Cowries are traditionally given in such a basket as bride price." )
  3. Footed container and lid of yellow yarn ornamented with grey, red, pink, green and white yarn (F.S. – Ethiopian)
  4. Natural-color rectangular basket with blue rim and ornamental bands, primarily in blues.
  5. Small brown, yellow and natural conical basket with wooden stick base (D.S. – Burkina Faso)
  6. Small circular container with lid made of yellow, green and magenta reed & thread with maroon leather (D.S. – Burkina Faso)

Box 25: Art & craft: ceramic items I

  1. Small black spouted saki pot and two footed cups (D.S.: Japan)
  2. Long-necked floral vase
  3. Small floral paperweight

Box 26: Art & craft: ceramic items II

  1. Japanese female standing figure in blue kimono
  2. Small mug, 35th Anniversary of Universidad Del Salvadore, Buenos Aires, 1956-1991

Box 27: Hats & sandals & bag

  1. Two straw & leather hats
  2. Two pair, leather sandals (D.S. – Burkina Faso)
  3. Leather belt by Burkina Faso craftsmen, gift of Dr. M. Nacro
  4. Tote bag from Friends of Burkina Faso
  5. Leather change purse
  6. Tooled leather wallet inscribed "S.B.M.C. La Manufacture du Cain, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso."

Box 28: Clothing: Robes I

  1. Nigerian man’s clothing presented to and worn by Dr. Snyder: pale blue trousers, pale blue blouse with gold brocade (D.S. - "That was presented on a developmental visit to Nigeria by Hakim Jaiyesinmis & his wife, along with with the gourd bowl. They had lived in Atlanta"). Presentation photographs are in UGA 03-033:10, folder 11, and the gourd bowl is in UGA 03-033:15.
  2. Blue, gold & white cap
  3. Black, orange, red & green cap
  4. Pale blue gown with gold brocade, African

Box 29: Clothing: Robes II

  1. Ceremonial costume for 20th anniversary of Universite de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 1994: gown, trousers and hat of white cloth printed with pattern of purple spades and squares ornamented with white circles; interrupted at intervals with the university symbol for anniversary printed in purple, yellow green and red. (D.S. - "It is fairly common in Burkina and perhaps in other African countries to make up prints, fabrics with decorations promoting things, as in this case the 20th anniversary of the university. They also use the garments to promote certain kinds of messages - it might be safe sex, controlling malaria - with pictures. Many of the people in the villages don't read but they do recognize pictures.")
  2. Commemorative shirt, "Semana Nacional de ciencia e Tecnologia, 20 a 26 de outubro de 2088" included with Georgia-Pernambuco Partner in the Americas materials. Transferred from folder 7, box 39 to this box, 1/31/2011.

Box 30: Clothing: Robes III

  1. Sleeveless upper garment of black, white and green striped cloth with white embroidery (D.S. - "This fabric was also woven in Burkina. It's a coarser weave - by that I'm not meaning to imply it's any less soft.")
  2. Shirt of green, white and rose batique embroidered with gold and copper braid ornament (D.S. - "That is Nigerian. Lioba (Dr. Lioba Moshi) , am I correct in saying that this work (the stitched gold ornament) is all done by machine?" L.M. - "Yes, in the past it would all be done by hand, but nowadays it is done by machine" D.S. - "And in Burkina many of the people who are doing this type of decoration are not Burkinabe, they're Ghanian and they're men. It's traditional in Ghana, I think, that the men do the sewing." )
  3. Upper garment of purple & red batique embroidered with with brocade (D.S. - Nigerian)

Box 31: Miscellaneous Office Items & Ceramics

  1. Circular copper medallion of fishermen from Brazil, mounted on green felt and brass
  2. Large eraser inscribed "I NEVER MAKE BIG MISTEAKS!
  3. Black & white plastic office door plate for Dr. Snyder
  4. Black & white plastic identification badge for Dr. Snyder from Rural Development Center, Tifton
  5. Map of Jamaica pen set, plastic finish on wood
  6. Small wooden paddle inscribed with oriental characters
  7. Metal ashtray with with circular ornament of Universite D'Orleans- inscribed Chateau de la Source, Orleans, France
  8. The Cuthbertson Verb Wheel (French)
  9. Plastic folder from "Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba"
  10. Burkina Faso postage stamps
  11. Ceramic pot with lid by F. Brennand, Recife, Brazil
  12. Large ceramic ashtray by F. Brennand, Recife, Brazil
  13. Leather bookmark
  14. Ceramic tiles (4) from northern Brazil

Box 32: Media items: sound and video recordings

A: Brazilian 7" Phonograph Records

  1. Quniteto Violado Philips EP 2801 033 (1975). (In plastic sleeve w/ Time/Life flexi Arthur Fiedler’s Favorites)
  2. Sandra Sa: Enredo do Meu Samba/Musa Sigia/Somlivre 401.6170 (1984) (In picture sleeve).
  3. Coral Da Telpe: Ciranda da Telpe/Asa Branca (Private Pressing) (1982) (In picture sleeve).
  4. Orquestra Romancal Brasileira: (2 discs) Galope a Beira-Mar/Benedito de Romeiro/Marcha Rural & Tore/Aralume fabrica de discos roenblit ltda. CSGP 0137/8 (1978) (In gatefold picture sleeve).
  5. Ritmos e Dancas: Frevo Marcha #1/As Tres da Tarde/Gostosao/a Provincia/Ultimo Dia/Fogao. fabrica de discos rosenblit ltda. CD 0001 (c. 1980) (In softbound book w/ dance instructions).

B. Brazilian 12" Phonograph Records

  1. Banda de Frevo da Policia Militar de Pernambuco: O Tema e Frevo, Vol. 3 Passarela LP 60-127 (1980).
  2. Banda de Frevo da Policia Militar de Pernambuco: O Tema e Frevo, Vol. 5 Mocambo LP 20.020 (1982).
  3. Banda de Frevo da Policia Militar de Pernambuco: O Tema e Frevo, Vol. 8 Emcape LP 529.404.071 (1987).
  4. Banda de Musica 1 de Novembro: Carnaval de Pernambuco Empetur/Rozenblit LP 90.017 (1979).
  5. Banda Sinfonica Juvenil de Pernambuco: Projeto Musa FIFL SD-0003 (1982).
  6. Cancioneiro Pernambucano: Serie Arquivo fabrica de discos rosenblit ltda. LP-90.014 (1977).
  7. Marilourdes Ferraz: O Canto do Acaua Polydisc 992 663-1 (1987).
  8. Arthur Moreira Lima: interpreta Ernesto Nazareth Discos Marcus Pereira MPA-9311-A (1975).
  9. MPB-4: A Arte De MPB-4 Fontana 6470 584 (1976).
  10. Dorival Caymmi: As Musicas de Dorival Caymmi Cid LP-Cid 4047-A (1978).
  11. Sivuca & Rosinha de Valenca: Gravado ao Vivo RCA Lado 107.0269 (1977).

C. Spanish 12" Phonograph Records

  1. Jesus Guridi: Diez Melodias Vascas Amaa Clave 18-1122 (n.d.).

D. Audio cassette tapes

  1. Lessons from the Forests, Dr. Ben C. Mathes [Cassette Tape in Folding Case] (1996).
  2. Noel au Burkina Faso Centre du Media Baptiste 01 BP 580 Ouagadougou (nd).
  3. Noel a Pabre Centre Audio-Visuel de Pabre Ouagadougou – Haute – Volta (nd).
  4. Waogi Wennaam: Burkina Faso Baptiste Yiil Sebre CMB BP580 Ouagadougou 1-35 (nd).
  5. [unlabeled TDK Normal Pistion AD 90 cassette Tape in Case with note].
  6. [Note with TDK AD 90 cassette Tape, letter & program of UGA orchestra performance from Ralph Verrastro, July 11, 1983].
  7. Asas da America: Freva Ariola. 401 639 (nd).
  8. A Arte de Baden Powell [Memorex 60 cassette tape].
  9. HRH QE II at Runnymede /Rusk Flo Snyder 549-6731 [Realistic Compact Cassette C-60].
  10. Flo Snyder SPC 210 [Realistic Compact Cassette C-60].
  11. [unlabeled Memorex dB series 60].
  12. [unlabeled Memorex dB series 60].
  13. [BASF LH-EI 60 IEC 1 Cassette Tape, sides labeled “A” and “B”].
  14. Univ. of Georgia Interview by Bill Whitson: A. Fletcher; V. Pres. Younts Glen Ames, G. Brister (1983).
  15. Naaba Sanom III (nd).
  16. [Realistic C-60 case with Scotch Dynarange 60 Tape with faded label, “NA ALFANDE GA AT THE CUE TIME” ?]
  17. Agrisearch Sept 17-18, 1983 Dr. Snyder [Professional IRC cassette tape].

E. Video Cassette Tapes

  1. African Forum: Georgia Reaches Out [3M T-120 VHS tape]. (2 copies)
  2. Burkina Faso: Where Lion Once Roamed The University of Georgia Office of Public Information.
  3. Courtesy Call on Governor Marwa by Director of International Development University of Georgia (U.S.A.) 13 / 5 / 1991.
  4. Cultivating Opportunity: Self-Help Solutions to Poverty in the U.S. and Africa Oxfam America (1997).
  5. Fellows IV VNR (English) Global Village Communications Client: Partners of the Americas.
  6. Africa: A History Denied, Time Life’s Lost Civilizations ISBN 0-7835 8276-5 (1995).
  7. U.S. Agency for International Development and the Environment in Africa: Can They Co-Exist? 9/20/89 (sic 1989).
  8. [unlabeled VHS tape in case with note; “…US Ambassador went to Lokpodia for the dedication of the home for the village nurse last February.” 7/31/00 (sic 2000).
  9. Reportage sur les activities de ASUDEC 2002 and Ceremonie de remise des poulis a l’ecole de Gampela (Feb 2004).
  10. Vietnam: Faces of Change.

F. Digital Media

  1. Africa: Music from the Acclaimed Television Series (audio CD) Wrasse Records Wrass 035 (2001).
  2. Pernambuco: Sua Melhor Escolha (Your Best Choice) (CD-ROM) Promoting Investment Opportunities in Pernambuco
  3. Burkina Faso: Where Lions Once Roamed, University of Georgia Office of Public Information. (DVD, transferred from videotape 2007)

Box 33: Published materials & theses

  1. African-American Institute. Traditional Sculpture from Upper Volta. NY, NY. African-American Institute, 1978
  2. Branco de Lima, Adelia Melo. From proletariate to peasant: the impact of a coffee eradication program on households in a rural black community in Pernambuco, Brazil. UGA Masters thesis, 1985.
  3. Diawara, Moussa. Grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) resistance to fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda). UGA doctoral dissertation, 1991. Copy dedicated to the Snyders.
  4. Diawara, Moussa. Influence of weed control in wheat and barley on weeds in doublecropped no-till soybeans and grain sorghum, respectively. UGA Masters thesis, 1987. Copy dedicated to Snyders.
  5. Compaoré, Blaise. The Ways to hope. Burkina Faso. Grande Imprimerie du Burkina. C. 1998. Copy dedicated to the Snyders.
  6. Campbell, Alan. Antarctica: images from a frozen continent. Exhibit catalog, 1988
  7. Council of Freely Elected Heads of Government. Observing Guyana's electoral process, 1990-1992. Atlanta. Carter Center of Emory University, c. 1993
  8. Fanon, Franz. Black skin, white masks. NY,NY Grove Press, 1967
  9. Friends of Burkina Faso Membership Directory, 1987-88
  10. Heifer Project International. The Gift: a world solution to hunger and poverty. Little Rock, Bradley Publishing, 1998
  11. Jeune Afrique Atlases. Burkina Faso Atlas. Paris. Les Éditions J.A. 1993
  12. Riis, Thomas L. More than just minstrel shows: the rise of Black musical theatre at the turn of the century. Brooklyn, Institute for Studies in American Music. 1992. Copy dedicated to Snyders.
  13. Somé, Salibo. Effect of intercropping and tillage/residue management on plant competition for water and nutrients. UGA doctoral dissertation 1993. Copy dedicated to Snyders.
  14. Skinner, Elliott P. African urban life: the transformation of Ouagadougou. Princeton University Press, 1974
  15. Ungar, Sanford. Africa: the people and politics of an emerging continent. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1989
  16. University of Georgia. President's Report, 1989-1990. Photograph of Dr. Snyder, p. 6
  17. Vass, Winifred Kellersberger. Doctor not afraid: E.R. Kellersberger, M.D. Franklin TN. Providence House, 1999
  18. Vass, Winifred K & Lachlan C. Vass III. The Lapsley saga. Franklin, TN. Providence House, 1997
  19. Promotional materials for PBS television series Africa (poster, flyer, Georgia Public Television Preview magazine for September, 2001.
  20. Anais da Academica Pernambucana de Ciencia Agronomica, v. 5 & 6, 2008-2009. Includes an article by Dr. Snyder and R.M. Moura, "Intercambio Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco - Universidad da Georgia; uma programacao vitoriosa (periodo 1975-1990)" on pages 147-157
  21. Roy, Christopher D. and Tomas G.B. Wheelock. Land of the Flying Masks: Art and Culture in Burkina Faso, The Thomas G.B. Wheelock Collection. New York, Prestel, 2007

Box 34 Clothing: Robes IV

  1. Green dyed African gown with gold brocade collar
  2. Purple, orange and green dyed African gown
  3. Red dyed gown with silver, white & gold brocade collar

Box 35: Hats

  1. Large straw and leather hat – (D.S. - "This was given with the bust of the woman in Bogadelasso.") The bust is located in UGA 03-033:20)
  2. Flat brimmed hat (D.S.- African)

Box 36: Subject/Correspondence Files, Deposited 2006

  1. HPI [Heifer International]
  2. HIV/AIDS, Aflatoxin & ABAS
  3. Georgia Young Scholars
  4. Georgia's African Roots
  5. Friends of Burkina Faso
  6. Moussa [,Diawara]
  7. Cranbrook/African Village
  8. Close Up- A Needed Renewal
  9. CARE
  10. Editorials: Burkina Faso
  11. Burkina Trip - January 2004
  12. Burkina Faso
  13. ASUDEC Exhibition Day [2005, including photographs]
  14. ASUDEC - Shallowford Presbyterian
  15. ALP [American Language Program, University of Georgia]
  16. African Studies Program (UGA)
  17. International Symposium/Africa
  18. Ethiopia
  19. US Ambassador to Burkina Faso
  20. Gilvan, Anna Maria
  21. RDC [Tifton Rural Development Center]
  22. Sally and Jean Ouedraogo
  23. Dr. Georges Ntoukam
  24. Nigeria - Philip Gompang, et al
  25. Grant Moore
  26. Don Melvin - AJC
  27. Magoffin, Sami Jo
  28. Jean Legall
  29. Youth Leadership for Global Health
  30. The Africanist
  31. Telescope Project - Burkina Faso
  32. Telescope
  33. Somé/ASUDEC
  34. Salibo Somé - Wire Transactions
  35. Salibo Somé
  36. Ottawa Trip 6/99
  37. New England Foliage UGA Trip
  38. Panama Canal Cruise 1995
  39. Alumni College - UGA
  40. Burkina Faso Trip 1997
  41. California Trip 11/98
  42. Ireland
  43. Los Angeles Trip
  44. Travel To California - 12/16-31
  45. Brazil Trip 10/00
  46. Cherie's Travel - 10/22-29 2004
  47. Miscellaneous - cards, stamps, letters, magazine
  48. Rowe Fund: Adelia Melo Branka de Lima

Box 37: Four Burkina Faso Figurines of Masked Dancers

Box 38: Burkina Faso Slides in Kodak Carousel Transvue 80 Slide Trays (3 boxes)

Box 39: Files from 1982-2010, Transferred 2007-2010

  1. Proposal for a Matching Formula Title XII University Strengthening Grant Submitted to the Board for International Food & Agricultural Development by the University of Georgia, 1983
  2. Reports on Projects of UGA Office of International Public Service & Outreach, 2006-2007
  3. Worldwide Ministries, Shallowford Presbyterian Church - Salibo Some, etc. 2005-2008
  4. Partners of the Americas - Georgia Pernambuco Partnership, c. 1991-2008
  5. Georgia-Pernambuco Partners of the Americas, 40th Anniversary, 2008 - Programs, Correspondence, etc.
  6. Georgia-Pernambuco Partners of the Americas, 40th Anniversary, 2008 - Photographs from Past Events, 1986 and Undated
  7. Semana Nacional de Ciencia e Technologia, 2008 - Souvenir Shirt (transferred to box 29 in this collection, 1/31/2011)
  8. ASUDEC Submission to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2006
  9. Dr. Jean Ouedraogo, UGA Grad. fro Burkina Faso c. 2007
  10. Moussa Sanon - UGA Grad. from Burkina Faso, 2007
  11. Lokpodja School, 2010
  12. Romero Moura, c. 2000-2010
  13. Nacro, Mouhoussine, c. 1982-2010
  14. Peanut CRSP, 2009
  15. Salibo Some, c. 2006-2010
  16. April Rinne [Watercredit, Water.Org], 2010
  17. Jack Reeves, 2002-2005
  18. Ray, Apurpa, 2004-2006
  19. Traore/Bayala Visit to UGA, 2009
  20. Helen Suzman, 2009
  21. Storycorps, 2002-2007
  22. Solar Hatchery - Sudano-Sahelian Belt, 2005-2010
  23. Worldwide Ministries Operating Manual - 2010
  24. World Wide Missions (Water) 2009-2010
  25. U.S. Embassy, Ouagadougou, 2010
  26. UGA/UFPe [Universidade Federal dd Pernambuco] Agreement, 2010
  27. UGA Archives - Steven Brown, 2002
  28. ASUDEC, 1998-2010
  29. Baobab Tree, 2010
  30. 2009 Africa Trip
  31. ASUDEC Proposals, 2004
  32. ASUDEC Microfinance Proposal, 2009
  33. Aleixo [Aleixo Da Silva, Jose Antonio] 1996-1999
  34. Bousse/Decatur Schools, 2010
  35. Bieha Project, 2005-2007
  36. Bill Bates' Paper [Herbert Meyer's "What in the World is Going On?"] 2008
  37. Echo News, 2002-2008
  38. Earth Day of God, n.d.
  39. Decatur/Bousse Sister Cities, 2009-2010
  40. Burkina Faso Masks (Bwa) 2009
  41. FH [Farm House Fraternity] 2005-2009
  42. Barry Jones, 2007
  43. Kleckner [Barbara Kleckner, Jane Snyder Kleckner], 2002-2003
  44. GM Crops - Africa [Genetically Modified Crops] 2010
  45. Georgia Partners, 2006-2010
  46. Francoise Yameogo, 2005-2007
  47. UGA African Studies Institue Brochures, c. 2010
  48. The Africanist, Publication of the UGA African Studies Institute, issues from 2004-2010
  49. Living Waters for the World, c. 2004
  50. Burkina Connections (published by Friends of Burkina Faso) 2006-2007 issues
  51. Misc. Cards, Pictorial Cards of Africa, Darl Snyder's New Business Cards, c. 2010
  52. Article from Augusut 2007 Georgia Trend, "A Unique Partnership" by Ed Lightsey [describes program similar to mission of Tifton Rural Development Center according to cover note from "Gene" (Gene Younts?)
  53. Articles on African Development, 2010