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Curtis Alton Beall Papers (1940-2012)

UA 12-007

RG 2-1: Alumni

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Curtis "Coot" Alton Beall was born in Dublin, Georgia in 1922 and attended Dublin High School where he played trumpet in the school's award-winning band. Beall also played on the high school's basketball team and was selected as an All District Player in 1938 and 1939.

After graduation, Beall attended Middle Georgia College on a basketball scholarship. During his freshman year, Beall's team won the 1940 State Junior College Championship.

After one year at Middle Georgia, Beall decided to transfer to the University of Georgia. However as a one-year transfer student, he was ineligible to play on a senior college's varsity basketball team. Although Beall was allowed to practice with the team, he wasn't able to play in official games.

During Beall's undergraduate years UGA cheerleaders were elected by the student body. A fan of the UGA football team , Beall decided to campaign for the position of non-fraternity campus male cheerleader. He won a spot on the squad for the Bulldog's 1942 and 1943 seasons and enthusiastically cheered the team on to winning records.

In addition to being a cheerleader, Beall was considered a campus leader at UGA which is reflected by his election to the following honor and academic societies: X-Club, Aghon, Blue Key, Gridiron and ODK. He also campaigned for and served as Campus Leader and was voted the 1943 Outstanding Senior by a campus-wide election.

As World War II escalated, Beall was ordered to active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps on July 1, 1943. He was sent to the Officer Candidate School at Duke University. There Beall attended very challenging classes while also playing basketball for the Duke Team. Their team had a very successful season that included winning the Southern Conference.

At the end of his second semester at Duke, Beall was ordered to Parris Island to begin basic training. He continued on to more advanced training at various locations around the country and graduated in 1944 with advanced leadership and combat skills from Reserve Officers School. World War II was still going strong and Beall was sent to Pacific Theater where he was a commander at the Battle of Okinawa. Beall eventually ended up in Tientsin, China where he was awarded a Purple Heart.

Beall was discharged from the service in 1946 and returned home to marry his college sweetheart, Athens beauty, June Clarke. He re-enrolled at UGA and in 1947 received his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Agronomy and a minor in Animal Husbandry.

During his long and productive life, Beall has partaken in numerous enterprises such as teaching agriculture classes to veterans and farmers and serving as the President of the Federal Land Bank Association in Dublin, GA. Other business ventures include: Christmas tree farming, catfish farming and wine-making.

The oldest living male UGA cheerleader, Beall is proud of being a member of the Bulldog Family and is often seen on the sidelines during home games cheering on the football team. Homecoming weekends he can be found wearing his original 1942 cheerleading sweater and joining other alumni cheerleaders as they ride through downtown Athens, GA atop a festive parade float.

Scope and Content:

The Curtis Alton Beall Papers hold items from Beall's very prolific life. His 2006 book, Memoirs of a Marine Dawg: From Rose Bowl to Pacific Theater and various newsclipping and magazine articles about Beall are in this collection.

Additional materials include Beall's 1947 UGA diploma along with trophies, plaques and certificates awarded to him over the years. The collection also holds photographs, correspondence and mixed media dating from the 1940 through the 2012.

Articles of clothing representing Beall's students days at UGA are two rat caps, a cheerleading sweater and a "X" Club jacket. Other clothing items are a World War II era Pith Helmet, Marine uniforms and a veteran's reunion cap along with letter sweaters and sweat pants from his days at Duke, Middle Georgia College and Dublin High School.

For preservation purposes the collection has been refoldered. Photographs were placed in archival sleeves, newspaper clippings photocopied onto archival quality paper and most smaller framed items removed from frames. Clothing, plaques, framed items and trophies were wrapped in protective tissue wrap.


Content Inventory:

UGA 12-:007:1

  1. Memoirs of a Marine DAWG: From the Rose Bowl to Pacific Theater by Curtis Beall [Three Copies 2006].
  2. Curtis Beall-High School [Dublin High School Band (Newsclippings With Pictures and Western Union Telegram) c. 1940s].
  3. Middle Georgia College Basketball [Article (2012), Booklet 70th Anniversary of the State Junior College Basketball Championship of the 1941 Middle Georgia College Wolverine Basketball Team...(2012) and Photographs (c. 1941)].
  4. Curtis Beall-Undergraduate Days [Photographs and News Clippings c. 1940s].
  5. [Curtis Beall-Certificates (College of Agriculture, Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa and The American Society of Agronomy 1942-1943].
  6. [UGA Cheerleaders-Past and Present-Photographs, Correspondence, Words to UGA Fightsongs and a Christmas Card (Signed by "The UGA Cheerleaders, Mascots and Staff" c. 2000s] [1].
  7. [UGA Cheerleaders-Past and Present-Photographs, Correspondence, Words to UGA Fightsongs and a Christmas Card (Signed by "The UGA Cheerleaders, Mascots and Staff" c. 2000s] [2].
  8. [Photographs of Curtis Beall Wearing X Club Sweater and a Photograph of UGA Certificates and X Club Sweater c. 2000s].
  9. [Framed Photograph of "Hairy Dawg" Mascot (Signed "To Mr. Beall-Go DAWGS! Hairy")].
  10. [Duke University-Photocopy of Duke Stadium, 1942 Rose Game, Photocopy of Basketball Squad c. 1944 and Duke MagazineArticle "Lessons in Perpetual Motion" About Mike Krzyzewski) January-February 2012].
  11. [Duke University-Men's Basketball Reunion-Correspondence, News Clippings and Photographs 2010] [1].
  12. [Duke University-Men's Basketball Reunion-Correspondence, News Clippings and Photographs 2010] [2].
  13. [Duke University-Men's Basketball Reunion-Correspondence, News Clippings and Photographs 2010] [3].
  14. "China Pictures" [Contents of Scrapbook 1945].
  15. [Curtis Beall's Marine Service-Photographs, Certificates and News Clippings c. World War II].
  16. [Curtis Beall-Certificate of Purple Heart Medal 1945].
  17. [Curtis Beall-Veteran of World War II-Certificate (Veterans Service), Certificate (Signed by Harry Truman), Photographs and News Clippings c. 1940s-2011].
  18. [Curtis Beall-News Clippings About (or Including) Him c. 2000s].
  19. [June Clarke (Beall)-Photographs, News Clippings and 4-H Club Manual (June Clarke is the Cover Girl c. 1940s)].
  20. [Curtis Beall-Personal Life [Photographs, 91 Psalm, Cross Stitch c. 1940s, 1980s].
  21. [Curtis Beall-Professional Life-Brochures, Photographs, Newsletter and Newsclippings] [c. 1950s-2000s].
  22. [Curtis Beall-Certificates of Recognition and Appreciation [Future Farmers of America and Georgia Young Farmers 1981].
  23. "Copy [Scan] of Book Cover Thanksgiving Picture" [CD] and Two Prints of The Georgia Agriculturist [November, 1942] Cover [Featuring Cheerleaders Kathryn Rice and Curtis Beall Chasing Thanksgiving Turkeys].
  24. "Talk to NW Lauren School-Veteran's Day 2008-Approx. 1000 People" [DVD].
  25. "Interview With Christian Dixon From TV Channel 35, Dublin in 2010 1 Hour 20 Minutes" [DVD].
  26. "'Going Back' Interview by Fran Lane to Claude McBride at Alumni House 2007 1 Hour 7 Minutes on File at Alumni Office at UGA [DVD].
  27. Lee's DVD on CAB and UGA Cheerleaders" [c. 2000s].
  28. "DVD of 2010 Men's Basketball Reunion at Duke University Feb. 13, 2010. Coach 'K' 62 Birthday 1000th Game: Duke Defeated Maryland".
  29. "Coot's Promo PACE Color PACE from UGA Alumni Pace" [DVD c. 2000s].
  30. "Life of a 'Marine DAWG' from Rose Bowl to Pacific Theater" [CD c. 2000s].
  31. Ag Georgia Farm Credit [Leader]. [Curtis Beall Featured in Article "Year of the DAWG Issue, 20003].
  32. Georgia 2006. [Curtis Beall Featured in Article "Georgia Cheerleaders: Bulldog Ambassadors" October, 2006].
  33. UGA Alumni Association/Legacy [Online] [Curtis Beall Featured in Article "Greatest Generation" February, 2008].
  34. Athens [Curtis Beall Featured in Article "G is for Generations, S is for Spirit" September/October, 2008].
  35. The University of Georgia Magazine [Curtis Beall Featured in Article "Where are They Now?" December, 2008].
  36. GEMC Georgia Magazine [Curtis Beall Featured in Article "Honoring Heroes: A Tribute to Georgia's World War II Veterans" September, 2009].
  37. "Curtis Beall-UGA Memorabilia and WWII Artifacts-Exhibit and Reception" [3 Programs with Exhibit Lists February 28, 2012].
  38. Items Listed for Exhibit [Inventory 2009].
  39. Labels for Exhibit Items c. 2000s].
  40. [Original News Clippings c. 1940s-2000s].

UGA 12-:007:2

  • "Year of the 'DAWG'" [Framed Ag Georgia Farm Credit Article 2003].

UGA 12-:007:3

  1. [Laminated News Clipping-The Wall Street Journal-Article Featuring Curtis Beall "Alumni Dust off the Pom-Poms" No Date].
  2. ["Georgia Beat Tech" Sign (1942) and Photograph of Sign with a Bulldog Statue (No Date)].
  3. "The Marines' Hymn [Handwritten Poster] [No Date].
  4. [Cartoon of UGA Bulldog and Rival Team Drawn and Signed "For Curtis!" (Also Features a Handdrawn Male Cheerleader) 2006]

UGA 12-:007:4

  1. [Framed Article "G is for Generations, S is for Spirit" From AthensSeptember/October, 2008].
  2. [Framed Proclamation "The Title...'United States Marine' Curtis Beall" No Date].
  3. [Framed Caricature of Curtis Beall as a Marine. Signed "A Georgia 'Peach'"].
  4. [Framed University of Georgia Diploma-Curtis Alton Beall Awarded Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Degree on June 13, 1947].

UGA 12-:007:5

  1. [Plaque "Special Thanks to Mr. Curtis Beall...for His Generous Support of the 'Cheers' Booster Club" No Date].
  2. [Plaque "On the 70th Anniversary of the Georgia Junior College State Championship Won by the Middle Georgia College Wolverines" Presented on January 30, 2012].
  3. [Plaque "In Appreciation for Dedicated Service as President of the Georgia Council of Farmer Cooperatives 1978-1979" May 17, 1979]
  4. [Plaque "In Appreciation to Curtis A. Beall for 31 Years of Dedicated Service to the Farmers of the Federal Land Bank Association of Dublin" November 9, 1982].

UGA 12-:007:6

  • [Poster Size Version of Memoirs of a Marine DAWG: From Rose Bowl to Pacific Theater-Includes Note "Proceeds to UGA Cheerleaders $25.00 Signed by Curtis Beall, 88. Oldest Male Alumni Cheerleader" c. 2000s].
  • [Poster Size Photograph of Curtis Beall with Duke Cheerleaders c. 2000s].
  • [Poster Size Photograph of Curtis Beall with University of Georgia Cheerleaders c. 2000s].
  • [Three Autographed Posters of University of Georgia Cheerleaders c. 2000s].

UGA 12-:007:7

  • [Curtis Beall's World War II Era Pith Helmet].
  • [Red Cap from Curtis Beall's World War II Marine Unit's Reunion 2008].

UGA 12-:007:8

  • [Curtis Beall's Sunday School Medals No Dates].
  • [Curtis Beall's Duke Sweatpants c. 1940s].
  • [Curtis Beall's UGA Rat Cap 1945].
  • [June Clarke (Beall's) UGA Rat Cap 1947].

UGA 12-:007:9

  • [Curtis Beall's Letter Sweaters and Jackets (UGA "X" Club jacket and cheerleader sweater. Also includes Duke, Middle Georgia College and Dublin High School sweaters and jackets) c. 1940s].

UGA 12-:007:10

  • [Curtis Beall's Military Uniforms c. World War II].

UGA 12-:007:11

  • [Curtis Beall's Trophy "Most Outstanding Senior U of GA. 1943...Presented by 'X' Club"].
  • [Curtis Beall's Silver Cup "Georgia Distinguished Cooperator Award...In Recognition of Outstanding Service to Georgia Cooperatives by Georgia Cooperative Council, Inc. March 1, 1991].

UGA 12-:007:12

  • [Curtis Beall's plaque "On Behalf of all Marines, I send my personal regards as you continue to battle cancer..." (July 12, 2012)].
  • [Curtis Beall's plaque "Certificate of Appreciation...U.S. Marine Corps" (circa 2012)].
  • [Three laminated newspapers featuring University of Georgia football games (1942-1943)].
  • Curtis Beall's Graduation Cap c. 1947.