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Senatus Academicus Minutes, Part 3 (1820-1829)



Milledgeville 13 Novr 1820

                                    Senate Chamber

            On this day the following members of the Senatus Academicus attended.

            His Excellency Govr Clark

            The Hon  Mathew Talbot, Prest. of Senate

            The Hon  David Adams  Speaker. H.R.

            Messrs Abrahams                     Haden                          Powell

                 “      Epps Brown                 Hathhorn                      Powers

                        Hugh Brown                 Hatcher                        Ryan

                        Beasley                        Henly                           Reid

                        Blackshear                   Holt                              Smith

                        Blair                             Jackson                        Stocks

                        Boyd                            Jordan                          Strippling

                        Crawford                     Irwin                            Strain

                        Cleveland                     Knight                          Swain

                        Coffee                          Lockhart                      Thweat

                        Fliming             Lewis                           Troup

                        Garrison                       Chas Mathews  Val. Walker

                        Groves                         Wm Mathews               R. Walker

                        Harden                         Mitchell                        Wimberly

                                                            McConnell                   Woods,

Of the Bard of Trustees

President Waddel.

Messrs  Clayton                                   Messrs Cuthbert

                “       Meriwether                                   “      Harris

                “       Upson                                            and

                “       Campbell                                      “      Harden




            Read the minutes of the last meeting of the Senatus Academicus

Received and read the reports of the Senators on the state of the County Academies and Literature in general – from such as had written Reports, and heard verbal accounts from others

Adjournment till 3. O’clock to-morrow

The Senatus Academicus convened as adjourned –

The Governor being absent from indisposition, The Hon. Mathew Talbot the President of the Senate was called to the Chair. Received the Reports from the President and Treasurer of the University which were read and approved of –

Mr. Campbell offered the following Resolution, which was agreed to –

Resolved That the several Reports which have (been) made to the Senatus Academicus at this meeting be by the Secretary communicated to the Legislature

The Senatus Academicus then adjourned “Sine Die”

Qoud (sic) Attestor                                                                   Matthew Talbot

                        Asbury Hull





                                                                                                Milledgeville 12 Nov 1821

                                                                                                            Senate Chamber, -

            This being the day appointed by law for the meeting of the Senatus Academicus, the following members, attended, viz of the Board of visitors.

            His Excellency Govr Clark

            Honourable Mathew Talbot. Pres’ Sen

            Hon. David Adams. Speaker H. Rep

Mr. Adams                                           Mr. Henly

  “   Allen                                                “   Jackson, Jefn

  “   Beasley                                            “   James

  “   Beck                                                “   Little

  “   Blackshear                           “   Mitchell., (Clarke)

  “   Brown                                             “   Mitchell. Morgan

  “   Burton                                             “   Mitchell. Jones

  “   Cleaveland                               O Neal

  “   Crawford                                             Parks

  “   Dunham                                               Reid

  “   Eberhart                                               Ryan

  “   Harden                                                Scearcy

  “   Wimberly                                             Stevens

      Woods                                                 Stocks

of the Board of Trustees

            President Waddel

Mr. A. S. Clayton                                 Mr. Harris

   “  G. R. Clayton                                    “  Harden

   “  Campbell                                          “  Paine

   “  Cuthbert                                           “  Meriwether

                                                               “  Upson




            The Trustees of the University presented a memorial intended to be addressed to the Legislature, which being read, on motion of Mr. Campbell, the following Resolution was adopted in relation thereto

            Resolved that the memorial of the Board of Trustees upon the subject of the affairs and prospects of the college this day submitted to the Senatus Academicus, be reported to both branches of the Legislature as a basis of any legislation which may be had in relation to the University - Resolved further that the printing of 150 copies of said document be recommended to the Legislature.

            The greater part of the Senators made reports of the State of the County academies and other seminaries in their respective Counties, Others made no reports -

            On the subject of the Reports which were presented and read – the following resolution was taken -

            Resolved, that the several reports of the condition of the County Academies be submitted to the Legislature with a recommendation, that they be referred to the joint committee on publick Education and free schools - The Board then adjourned.





Tuesday Evening 13 Novr

The Senatus Academicus met pursuant to adjournment – their (sic) being Qourum present the board proceeded to business.

Recd and read reports from the Counties of Richmond, Washington & Camden, on the condition of their academies.

The President of the University submitted a report in relation to the College, which was refered, (to) a committee consisting of Messrs A. S. Clayton  Talbot  & Crawford.

The Treasurers Abstract was read and refered to Messrs Meriwether, Stocks and Blackshear as a Committee.

            Adjournment till 3. o’ck.

            The Senatus Academicus convened according to adjournment.

            The Committee to whom was refered the Report of the President of the University, Report the following Amendments to the Laws of the College.


1. The Students of College shall not unless by the permission of the President, extend their walk on the Sabbath day, beyond one mile from the College Edifice.




2nd No Negro shall enter the College on the Sabbath of at any other time, except by the permission of the President

3rd The Trustees are authorized to make such regulations for furnishing firewood to the Students as they may deem necessary.

4th No Students shall leave the college during a Session on a visit to his home, except when expressly sent for by a written request addressed, by his Parent or Gaurdain (sic) to the Prest or by  the permission of the President.

5 All the officers of Instruction in the College are required to attend and be present in their respective rooms in and about the College during the hours assigned to the Students for studying

6 That so much of the Laws of College now in force as requires the three highest students in the scale of merit in the several classes, to be published in the Gazettes of the State, be and the same is hereby repealed.

            The Senatus Academicus then took up read and adopted the Report of the committee on the Treasurers abstract, and refered it to the Legislature, together with the Abstract.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned Sine die          John Clark

                                                                                                    Govr & President




Milledgeville 11 Nov 1822

Senate Chamber.

            The Senatus Academicus convened in the Senate Chamber, the following members attending, constituted a Quorum - of the Board of visitors,

            His Excellency Govr Clark

            Hon Mathew Talbot Prest. Senate

            Hon. Allen Daniel Speaker H. R

            Mr. Allen                                                          Mr. Little

              “   W. W. Baker                                               “   Martin                                           

                   Edwin Baker                                               “   Maxwell

                              Beal                                                 “   McKinnee

                              Berrien                                             “   Mitchell of Clark

                              Blair                                                 “   Mitchell  “ Jones

                              Blackshear                                       “   Mobly

                              Brown                                                   Parks

                              Cleveland                                              Powell

                              John Coffee                                           Powers

                              Cochran                                                Remson

                              Crawford                                              Singleton

                              Easley                                                   Sheffield

                              Farnelle                                                 Stocks

                              Garrison                                                Stokes

                              Gilmore                                                 Starling

                              Groves                                                  Strawn

                              Holt                                                       Swain

                              Jackson                                                 Walker

                              Jones                                                     Whatley

                              Irwin                                                     Wimberly

                              Keener                                                  Worthy





Of the Board of Trustees

            President Waddel

            Mr. Campbell                                       Mr. Harden

              “   G. R. Clayton                                   “   Meriwether

              “   Cobb                                               “   Jackson

              “   Cuthbert                                          “   Upson

            The Senators were called on alphabetically and rendered in written reports of the State and condition of County Academies in their several Counties, which were received and read.

            On motion of Mr. Campbell, it was Resolved, That the Reports which have (been) received and read be laid before the Legislature with a request, that they be refered to the Committee on public education and free Schools.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned, to meet again on to-morrow evening at three O’clock

            Tuesday Evening

            The Board convened according to adjournment.

            The President of the University, offered a Report on the State and condition of Franklin College for the past year.

            The Treasurer of the University also made of the finances of the institution, which together with the Report




of the President were ordered to be laid (before) the Legislature, with a view to there be refered to the Standing Committee on free Schools and public education. On motion of Mr. Cuthbert, Resolved that a Committee of three members of the Board of visitors be appointed to examine and report upon the minutes of the Board of Trustees. Which committee consisted of Messrs  Berrien, Stocks and Crawford

            The Senatus then adjourned until tomorrow Evening, 3. O’clock

                                                                        Wednesday Evening

            The Board convened according (to) the adjournment. A Quorum being present the board proceed to business

            Mr. Stocks from Committee appointed on yesterday made the following Report which was concurred in

            The Committee to whom was refered the proceedings of the Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia, have performed the duty assigned them, and beg leave to submit the following Report to the Senatus Academicus - Your Committee are of Opinion that the Board, of




Trustees of Franklin College have performed the duties assigned them, as Trustees with ability and vigilance - Your Committee feel it a duty further to express their entire approbation of the proceedings of the aforesaid Trustees.

            Your Committee further state that upon examining the minutes of the said Board, they find that Colo William Jackson, has been appointed a Trustee of Franklin College to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Stephen W. Harris Esq.e - Which said Appointment requires the sanction of the Senatus Academicus - Your Committee beg leave therefore to submit the following Resolution.

            Resolved, That the appointment of Colo William Jackson as Trustee of Franklin College, be and the same is hereby approved.

            On motion of Mr. Campbell, Resolved that it is the opinion of the Senatus Academicus, that (it) is expedient to sell a portion of the tract of land belonging to the University of Georgia in the vicinity of Athens not exceeding one hundred acres -

            Resolved that the Legislature be requested to pass an act, authorizing the Sale of one hundred acres of the tract of Land adjoining the College, in such Lots




and upon such terms as may be prescribed by the Board of Trustees

            On motion of Mr. Meriwether, Resolved that the Gen. Assembly, be and they are herby requested to legalize by Law to be enacted for that purpose the sale of all Lots of Land heretofore sold by the Board of Trustees in the Town of Athens -

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned Sine Die

                                                                                    John Clark

                                                                                    Govr & Presdt




Milledgeville 10 Nov. 1823

                                                                        Senate Chamber

            This being the day appointed by Law for the meeting of the Senatus Academicus the following members attending constituted a Quorum.

            Of the Board of Visitors

            His Excellency Govr Troup.

            Hon. Thomas Stocks. President of Senate.

            Hon  David Adams. Speaker H. Rep.

            Messrs Allen of Burke.             Mr. Joice

                 “      Allen of Elbert                                 Lamkin

                 “      Baker                                              Little

                 “      Barnett                                            Lockheart of Bullock

                 “      Beall                                                Lockheart       Warren

                 “      Blackshear                                      Mann

                 “      Blackstone                                      Maxwell

                        Berrien                                            McKinnee

                        Bonner                                            McCrimmon

                        Brown of Camden                           Miller

                        Brown of Hancock                          Montgomery. DeKalb

                        Bullock                                Montgomery. Jackson

                        Burney                                            Philips of Jones

                        Cleveland                                        Philips of Walton

                        Coffee                                             Powell

                        Cook                                              Powers

                        Crawford                                        Robinson

                        Garretson                                        Sellers

                        Glenn                                              Sheffield

                        Groves                                            Stirling

                        Harper                                            Strawn

                        Jones of Newton                     




Mr. Watson

                 Mr. Swain                                         “   Worthy

                   “   Swilley                                        “   Wilborn

                   “   Tippins                                        “   Wimberly

                   “   Walker.                                      “   Wooten

            Of the Board of Trustees.

            President Waddel.  Messrs. Clayton

            Campbell. Crawford. Cuthbert.

            Meriwether. Nesbit. Paine & Upson.

            The President of the University presented a report on the present condition, and future prospects of the Institution, which having been read was refered to a Committee, consisting of Messrs. Berrien, Stocks, Walker, Cuthbert & Upson.  with instruction to report at the next sitting of the Senatus Academicus on tomorrow evening -

The Senators were then called on alphabetically to report on the state & conditions of Academies in their respective Counties, all of whom rendered written statements, except Mr. Blackstone of Crawford. Mr. Jones of Newton  Mr. Watson of Earley. & Mr Wilborn (sic) of Monroe who reported, that in their several Counties there was neither Academies, nor funds.




            The Trustees of the College then submitted a revised Code of Laws for the government of the Institution, which (was) refered to a committee, consisting of Messrs. Stocks, Powell  Baker. Joel Crawford, & Meriwether, to report to-morrow evening.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned to meet again to-morrow evening -

Tuesday Evening

3. O’clock. P.M.

            The Board convened and formed a quorum, and read the minutes of yesterday.

            Mr. Berrien from the Committee on the Presidents communication, made the following report which was concurred in.

            The Committee to whom was refered the communication of the Reverend Doctor Moses Waddel President of the University of Georgia beg leave report -

            That they have examined with the attention due to so interesting a document this very clear, detailed & satisfactory exposition of the actual condition and prospects of the University of Georgia.

            Your Committee avail themselves of this occasion, to express to this Board the entire conviction which they have derived from this examination, of the present prosperous condition of this valuable seminary, and to offer to their fellow citizens generally, their congratulations




on the assurance thus afforded to them of its progressive increase, and permanent utility.

            The Committee derive much pleasure from the confident  and unanimous conviction which they entertain of the Zeal and ability, with which the interest of the institution have been watched over and cherished by the distinguished individual, who has for some years presided, and still continues to preside over it, with so much honour to himself, and advantage to the great interests of literature within our State, and they would feel that they were guilty of a culpable neglect of duty, if they were to omit on this occasion, the expression of their opinion, that he is justly entitled, to the unabated confidence of his fellow citizens, and to that high rank, among the friends of literature and science which he so eminently enjoys.

            The attention to the Committee has been drawn to the resolution of the Board of Trustees prescribing the age and qualification of candidates for admission to the College, which is refered to in the communication, which they have had under consideration, and while they cordially concur in principal of this resolution, they feel bound to express to this Board their unanimous opinion that it may be still further extended, with advantage to the institution, and with peculiar benefit to the objects of its instruction.




            The Committee have likewise had under consideration, the situation of the faculty of the University with especial reference to the duties now required from the respective professors and they take leave to submit to the Board the following observations.

            It is of primary importance in the view of this Committee, that the duties of instruction, should be so distributed, among the several members of the Faculty, as to leave the President free to exercise, a general a vigilant, and an entire superintendance over each and every of the classes - This will be necessarily impracticable if he is incumbered with the duty of attending to multiplied recitations, and the President will consequently remain uninformed except from the report of others of the actual condition in morals & improvement in their studies of a portion of the Pupils of the University - Such is the evil - The remedy as your Committee respectfully conceive is to be found in such a distribution of the duties of instruction among the present members of the Faculty, as will leave the President free to exercise thus required vigilance over all classes of the students, or if this be impracticable to increase their numbers; and should the present funds, of the University be insufficient for this object, your committee do not doubt that




the liberality of the Legislature may on the representation of this Board, be called into exercise for its attainment.

            On motion of Mr Campbell the following resolution was adopted.

            Resolved That the Report of the committee to whom was refered the communication of the Prest of the College be printed in the public Gazettes of Milledgeville

            Mr Stocks, from Committee made the following report.

            The Committee to whom was refered the new Code of Laws, Submitted for the consideration of the Senatus Academicus, propose to be adopted, in lieu of the Code of Laws now in force, for the government of Franklin College.

            Report that (they) have carefully examined the Code of laws now in force for the government of said institution, as well as the new code submitted for their consideration, and are of opinion, that the new code of laws if preferable to those now in force for the government of said Institution.

            Your Committee with due deference recommend that the 15 Sec.

1 Chap. Be stricken from the new Code, & that the 20 Sec. 1 Chap. Of the old Code be inserted in lieu thereof - Your Committee further recommend, that the 5 Sec. of the amendments




adopted at the last meeting of the Senatus Academicus be added to the new Code as an additional Rule.

            The New Code was taken up, and read by Section, and adopted, whereupon the following resolution was agreed - viz

Resolved, That the Code of laws this day reported for the government of the Officers & Students of Franklin college be agreed to as amended

            That three hundred Copies be printed, and that it be recommed to the legislature to provide for the expense thus to be incurred in the appropriation law to be passed at the present Session.

            Mr. Mangham of Glynn & Mr Mann of Houston rendered reports on the condition of their county Academies –

            On motion of Mr Upson, - Resolved that the appointment of Major Joel Crawford as a member of the Board of Trustees in the place of the Hon A. S. Clayton resigned, be and the same is hereby confirmed

            The Board then adjourned ‘till 3. O.clock

                                                                                                            Wednesday evening

            The Senatus Academicus met pursuant to adjournment – The minutes of yesterday were read – The following resolution was offered by Mr Cuthbert & adopted -

            The Board of Trustees of Franklin College having expressed an opinion that it is expedient to charge a reasonable sum for the Tuition of each student in the Grammar




School at Athens, and being desirous to obtain the approbation of the Senatus Academicus; for that purpose resolved by the Senatus Academicus that the board of Trustees of Franklin College, have the consent & approbation of this Board to impose upon each Student in the Grammar School at Athens such charge for Tuition as the said Trustees may deem reasonable -

            On motion of Mr Upson

            Resolved, That the several Reports from the President, Secretary & Treasurer of the University & from the County Academies be laid before the representatives branch of the Legislature.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned Sine Die

                                                                                                G M Troup

                                                                                                            Governor &

President of the Senatus Academicus -

Asbury Hull





                                                                                                Milledgeville 8 Nov. 1824

Pursuant to Law the Senatus Academicus, met in the Senate Chamber this day at 3. oclock P. M.


Honerable (sic) Allen B. Powell president of the Senate, in the chair, Hon. John Abercrombie Speaker of the House of Representatives -

Messrs. Allen, Baker, Beall, Blackshear, Blackstone, Bozeman, Brown of Decatur, Cleveland, Cook  Crawford, Davies, Gibson, Gilmer, Gilmore, Groves, Holt, Lockheart, Hardee, Johnston, Jones, Little, Mangham, Maxwell, McCrimmon  Mckinne Miller, Mitchell, Mobley  Montgomery, Powers, Prince, Rawles, Remson  Sellers, Stocks, Stokes, Strawn, Swain, Taylor, Tennille, Walker, Welbborn, Whitehead  Wimberly, Wooten, and Worthy - and of the Board of Trustees, Messrs  Campbell  Crawford, Harden, Meriwether, Nesbitt, Walker & Wayne.

The Minutes of the last Session was then read and The Senators called on alphabetacally to render in reports of the state & condition of county academies & other seminaries of learning in their respective counties, which were received and read. The annual Report of the President of the University was, then read and refered to a Committee consisting of Messrs Campbell  Gilmer & Davies. The Board then adjourned till 3 O.clock to-morrow evening




                                                                                                Tuesday Evening

The Senatus Academicus met pursuant to adjournment, and read Minutes of the preceding day.

Additional reports were this evening recd and read from the Counties of Hancock, Clark, Morgan  Pike & Glynn. On motion of Mr J. Crawford, Resolved That the appointment of William Terrell, Abram Walker, James Camak, and Augustin S. Clayton Esq.e to the office of Trustees of the University of Georgia be and the same is hereby approved.

            On motion of Mr Harden, Resolved That the several reports of the Senators, in relation to the State and condition of the County Academies, be refered to the Senate, in order that the same may be laid before the Committee on Public Education & Free Schools.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned to meet on to-morrow evening 3. O.clock.

                                                                                    Wednesday Evening 3. o.clock

            The Board met pursuant to adjournment and Mr Meriwether, presented the annual Report of the Trustees of the University, showing the Receipts and disbursements of funds of the institution for the past year, which was recd and read

            The Board then adjourned to meet again to-morrow at 3 o.clock P. M.






                                                                                    Thursday Afternoon

                                                                                                3 O.Clock

            The Senatus Academicus convened again when Mr Davies from the Committee on the Presidents Communication made the following report which was read and concurred in viz.

            The Committee to whom was refered the annual report of the President of Franklin College, cannot but express their gratification, at the opportunity which has been offered them of deriving correct information of the prosperity & success of so favorite and institution as that of the University of Georgia.- Within the recollection of your Committee, the seminary which is now the peculiar object, of you fostering care, well nigh languish to despair.

            For a series of years it seems to have been visited by a wayward destiny, which counteracted the efforts of her most zealous advocates, and reduced to a state of existence merely nominal – From a condition do deplorable – so dampening to the ardour of patriotism, and sickening to the feelings of philanthropy; an immediate and permanent relief was ardently to be denied.

            Happily for the present generation and for posterity, a period arrived which brought with it a combination of reliefs most




seasonable and efficient – The Legislature recognized the Institution as an object of its fostering care Public sentiment fixed upon it as a point of concentration. The Board of Trustees in prospective saw that the rewards of their untiring labours was at hand and took fresh animation – But your Committee regard, the appointment of the Revd Doctr Waddel, whose report they have had under consideration, to the Presidency of the College, as a subject of general congratulation, and that look to the fact, as one which contributed, most essentially to the reviving and upbuilding of the University of Georgia.

            This distinguished labourer in the widened field of literature & Religion, has bestowed a persevering vigilance, a duration and ability, which ranks him high as a general Benefactor.

            While your Committee, offer, this tribute to the Head, they would be culpable, were they to withhold from the other members of the Faculty, a proportionate applause. The document before us furnishes the consoleing facts, that the College Family, consists, of upwards of One Hundred of the Youth of our Country – That they evince an honourable, and respectful submission to the Laws and the Authority of the Institution – That they are distinguished, for a regular, Upright & exemplary deportment, which your Committee regard as




flattering presages of future usefulness. These fruits which are in themselves so choice, serve conclusively to evince the excellence of the tree by which they produced. Upon the whole your Committee are of the opinion, that the general concerns of the University, form a subject of sincere congratulation.

            The following addition to the Laws of the College was then presented to the Senatus Academicus, for their concurrence; the same having been adopted by the Board of Trustees, viz: The Faculty shall have power to sentence, all and every refractory or negligent student, in the two lower lasses to the Grammar School, for & during a term not greater than three months; and all & every student so sentenced, shall comply with such sentence, under penalty of expulsion from the Institution. Whereupon the following resolution was adopted.

            Resolved That the Senatus Academicus approve of the addition; proposed to the present Code of Laws, for the government of Franklin College.

            There was then read the Communication of the President of the University made to the Board of Trustees which contained a proposition to sell to the Trust his House & Lot in the Town of Athens, and also his resignation of the office of President of Franklin College, to take effect at 31st Dec. next.




            In relation to the first proposition, and accordance with a recommendation of the Board of Trust. Mr Stocks offered the following resolution which was adopted viz; Resolved That the Senatus Academicus, approve the recommendation of the Board of Trustees in relation to the purchase of a suitable Building for the President of the College, and therefore recommend to the Legislature now in session the propriety of appropriating, the sum of Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, for the purpose of purchasing a suitable building, for the use of the President of the University of Georgia.

            In relation to the other proposition contained in the Presidents  communication: On motion of Mr Gilmer the following resolution was adopted.

            Resolved that Senatus Academicus are deeply impressed, with a sense of the important services already, by Doct. Moses Waddel to the University of Georgia and that it would (be) highly advantageous to the University and the whole community, if he could be retained as President of Franklin College.

            Resolved that the Trustees of Franklin College be directed to use their exertion to prevail on Doct Waddel to retain his present office, as long as his sense of duty will permit him

            Resolved that the Secretary forward to Doct W a copy of these Resolutions.




            The Senatus Academicus having gone through all the business, before it, then adjourned “sine die”

Attest                                                                           Allen B. Powell                        

        Asbury Hull                                                                 President of the Senate                 



                                                Milledgeville 14. Nov. 1825

                                                            Senate Chamber.

The Senatus Academicus convened this, day pursuant to law. The following members attending constituted a quorum. viz. His Excelleny George M Troup, Govr and “Ex officio” President of the Senatus Academicus, The hon. Allen B. Powell Prest of the Senate, the honourable Thos W. Murray Speaker of the House of Representatives

Messrs Adrian                                                  Messrs Blackshear

            Alston                                                              Branham

            Anderson                                                         Broadnax

            Atkinson                                                           Brown. Camden

            Baker of Liberty                                               Brown. Hancock

            Baker, Waren                                                   Brown. Decatur

            Beall                                                                 Bryan

            Bird                                                                  Burney





Messrs Cleveland

            Coffee                                                  Messrs Miller

            Crawford                                                         Mobley

            Crittenden                                                        Phillips

            Daniels                                                 Powers

            Fort                                                                  Scarlett

            Gibson                                                             Sellers

            Griffin                                                               Spann

            Groves                                                             Stocks

            Hardeman                                                        Stokes

            Harmon                                                            Strawn

            Harris                                                               Swain

            Hilliard                                                 Swilley

            Johnston of Dekalb.                                          Tinnille

            Johnston. Tatnall                                               Walker

            Jones                                                                Wellborn, Houston

            Lawson                                                            Wellborn, Monroe

            Liddle                                                               Wilkerson

            Lockhart                                                          Wooten

            Mathews                                                          Worthy

            Mitchell                                                            Young.

Messrs Campbell, Clayton, Wm H. Crawford, Harden  Paine and Wayne. of the Trustees -

The minutes of the preceding session were (read) and then was presented and read the annual Report of the President of Franklin College, which on motion was refered to a Committee consisting of Messrs Campbell, Wayne, Stocks  Hardeman and Blackshear.

The Senators were then called alphabetically who rendered written reports of the condition of County Academies & other Schools in their respective Counties, after spending some time in the reading of which reports, the Board adjd to meet again to-morrow evening at 3. o.clock




                                                Tuesday Evening

            The Senatus Academicus convened pursuant to adjournment. Continued to receive and read the balance of the reports from the Senators, who did not report on yesterday.

            Mr Campbell from Committee made the following report which (was) read & concurred in. viz

            The Committee to whom was refered the Report of the President of Franklin College, have considered the several matters therein contained. The satisfactory evidence which it affords of the flourishing condition and useful progress of an Institution which it is the duty of every Citizen to cherish is matter of particular congratulation. The present prosperity which the College enjoys is the more striking & satisfactory, when contrasted with the lowly condition in which it not long since languished. By a concert of feeling & action new energies have been imparted to the cause of Literature throughout the State, and they have no where been so sensibly felt as at Athens, the head of the literary department of the State. This was to have been expected, because, there, the state has bestowed her treasures, and thence she is entitled to draw her rewards. Your Committee are satisfied that nothing had been bestowed in vain, but that the Talent has been committed to faithful




Stewards, and that they improved it an hundred fold.

            We may confidently rely on the annual overflowings of this Georgia Nile for the fertilization of our rising Country. Another branch of the Report refered to our consideration, is of a character more delicate, but from the manner in which it has been communicated, materially connected with the interest of the institution. Your Committee would be far from recommending a course which would restrain the right of opinion. But in the only public institution of the State, maintained by its funds and owned by her citizens as tenants in common, it is incumbent that the exercise of such opinions should be so controuled as that individual feeling should be respected, and the laws of the College preserved inviolate. That the Faculty should have refrained from the inculcation of party politics was to have been expected. Your Committee are gratified, that the evidence of this conformity to duty on the part of the Faculty, has been furnished in a manner so satisfactory by the President of the College. A continuance in the like course is confidently expected. And that the neutrality of the Institution may be preserved, it particularly recommend that the Students in all public exhibitions, be required to abstain from the expression of any sentiment of general or local party politics. In connection with, and furtherance of the foregoing remarks, your Committee recommend




the following resolutions.

            Resolved that the thanks of this Board are due to the President and faulty of Franklin College, for the ability, fidelity & preserving zeal with which they have discharged their respective duties so creditably to themselves and so beneficially to the community.

            Resolved that it be and is hereby declared to be part of the laws of Franklin College, That the Students in all Public exhibitions, be required to refrain from the expression of any sentiment of general or local party politics. Resolved that a copy of the foregoing report and Resolutions be forwarded by the Secretary to the President & Faculty of Franklin College.

            The Following extract from the Minutes of the Board of Trustees was then read.

            The Committee on the laws and discipline of the College to whom was refered the communication of the President report, That so (much) as relates to that part of said communication which suggest the great evil, of compelling Students of College to keep fire arms and perform malitia duty, they recommend that application be made to the Senatus Academicus to request the Legislature to pass a law, exempting all Scholars of both private and public schools from the performance on malitia duty in time of peace – And also to pass a law giving to the Faculty of College, the power of removing




all expelled or dismissed Students from the College buildings and enclosure. –

Also the following addition to the College Laws, to which they desire the confirmation of the Senatus Academicus, viz. No Student of the College of Grammar school, shall engage in any dramatic performance in the Town of Athens, either in term time or vacation, under the penalty of being expelled from College.

            Mr Wellborn of Monroe, called up a memorial which he had on yesterday laid on the Table, from John A. Cuthbert Esquire praying to be permitted within the Bar of the Senatus Academicus, to contest the appointment of His Excellency George M. Troup, as a Trustee of the University, alledging that he the memorialist considered himself entitled to the seat occupied by the said Geo. M Troup, and from which the memorialist conceived himself unlawfully ejected. In relation to which several resolutions were offered, and a letter from Mr Cuthbert to Prest. Waddel, and the law of the Legislature under the operation of which the Seat of Mr Cuthbert had been declared vacant were read. - and after same discussion thereon His Excellency the Govr retired from the chair, and in the absence of the President of the Senate, The Hon. Thos W. Murray Speaker of the House of Representatives presided, when Gen. Harden offered the following resolution which was agreed to viz. Resolved That the appointment of his Excellency Geo. M. Troup, as a Trustee of




the University of Georgia, be and the same is hereby confirmed. - Whereupon Judge Wayne offered the following resolution which was concurred in: viz:

            Resolved, That John A. Cuthbert Esq. have permission to withdraw his memorial

On Motion of Mr Campbell, Resolved that the Reports of the Senators and the Report of the President of the College be, delivered over to the Senate with a request that the same be refered to the Committee of both Houses on public Education & Free Schools -

Resolved that the report on the Presidents Communication together with the Catalogue of the Students be published in one or more of the Gazettes of Milledgeville, and that the Legislature be requested to provide for the expense of the same.

The Senatus Academicus then adjourned “Sine Die”


            A. Hull                                                             G. M. Troup

                        Secretary                                                                      Governor



Milledgeville 13 Nov. 1826

                                                                                                Monday Evening 4. O.clock    

            The Senatus Academicus convened this day pursuant to Law; The following members attending constituted a Quorum, viz His Excellency Gov. Troup.

            The Hon. Thomas Stocks, President of the Senate.

            The Hon. Irby Hudson, Speaker, House of Reps

            The Revd Moses Waddel, President University Ga.

            Messrs Camak, Campbell, Clayton, Cobb & Terrell of the Board of Trustees -  Of the Senate -

            Messrs Allen                                                    Messrs Footman,

                        Alston                                                              Foster

                        Anderson                                                         Frazier

                        Baker of Liberty                                               Groves

                        Baker, Warren                                                 Harmon

                        Blackstone                                                       Harris

                        Blair                                                                 Hendrick

                        Broadnax                                                         Horn

                        Brown of Camden,                                           Janes

                        Brown, Decatur                                                Joice

                        Brown  Monroe                                                Jones

                        Brockman,                                                       Knight

                        Burney                                                             Lawson

                        Cargille                                                 Love

                        Choice                                                             Mathews

                        Clayton of Clark                                               Powell of McIntosh

                        Clayton, Pulaski                                                Powell, Rabun

                        Coffee                                                              Porter

                        Daniel                                                               Powers

                        Dyall                                                                Ray




            Messrs Scarborough                                         Messrs Tippins

                        Spann                                                               Walker

                        Scarlett                                                 White

                        Sellers                                                              Wellborn

                        Smith                                                                Williams

                        Stokes                                                              Wimberly

                        Strawn                                                             Wooten

                        Tennille                                                 Wynn, Gwinitte

                        Thomas                                                            Wynn, Hall

                                                                                                Young -

            The communication of the President of the University was read and refered to a committee, consisting of Messrs Clayton, Daniel and Walker-

            The Treasurer’s Report on the finances of the College which was read and refered to a Committee consisting of Messrs  Cobb, Terrell, Hudson, Scarlett & Brown.                               The Senators were then called alphabetically, who rendered written reports on the state and condition of Academies and other schools in their several Counties after spending some time in reading those reports, the Senatus Academicus adjourned to meet again on to-morrow evening at 3. O’clock P. M.

                        Tuesday evening 3. P. M.

The Board convened pursuant to adjournment.

            Mr Clayton from the Committee to whom was refered the Presidents communication, made the following report, which was concurred in, viz

            The Committee to whom was refered the communication of the President of the University, have had the same under consideration, and being sensibly impressed, by the flattering condition of the Institution, as therein represented, cannot forbear the expression of their opinion, that no,




subjict (sic) of a public nature could form a matter of such sincere gratulation to the community as the increasing prosperity of this favored and favorite Seminary of the State. This Board can not but feel and believe that nothing can be so important to the food people of Georgia, as to have their youth educated among themselves, and as long as knowledge is strength, and absolutely necessary to all, the departments of government, to the council and to the field, to the literary reputation as well as political character of the State, so long will it be necessary to cherish and diffuse its blessings, throughout this rising and flourishing country.

            They feel and believe that this knowledge should be imparted within ourselves, because it should be intimately blended with the customs, habits, views and feelings of our people, & as intimately connected with the just principles of our government to the end that all our exertions should tend to an identity of sentiment, interest and affection, in every thing which concerns our private happiness, and the public good.

            They feel and believe that in the progress of our general systems of Education, intended to ex end this blessing to all classes of our community we shall be able to draw from this fountain of rich supply of instruction, for all the institutions, which an enlarged benevolence of






the State may hereafter establish, without the danger exerted by foreign influence, over the habits principles & susceptabilities of the intellect of the country.

            Under this view of the subject they cannot withhold from the officers of the Institution, the just tribute of their approbation and confidence, for the honest and faithful discharge of duty so satisfactorily implied by the favorable results, communicated to this Board of mention has been attempted to be made by this Committee, in a language worthy of their high importance. We are aware that the government of Youth, who are at all times, ardent and impetuous in their feelings and sometimes imprudent in their conduct, are attended with difficulties & embarrassments, which few can know & none can well appreciate, who have not been extensively concerned in their direction & management, hence their teachers are often reproached for misconduct, which they themselves have as sincerely regretted as any one could who have suffered from youthful indiscretion. We can sincerely say that the good people of this State cannot want, a better guarantee for the support & maintenance of their religious & literary interest, as well as a due and proper regard for their feelings & character than is to be found in the age, the piety respectability and long services of their College officers.




            The(y) have reputations at stake, characters to support, and consciences to defend, so that there can be no motives offered to the considerations, strong enough to draw them from the path of upright duty.

            In addition to the above remarks, your committee would recommend the ratification of the altered Laws mentioned in the communication, and the adoption of an alteration of another law therein suggested, and to that end would submit the following Resolutions.

            Resolved that the regulation made by the Board of Trustees, in relation to the religious exercises of the College, in having them alternately performed in the College Chapel and Methodist Church in Athens be approved & continued, so long as the same may be found usefull to the Institution & the harmony of Religious worship.

            Resolved that the alteration of law reducing the age of fifteen instead of fourteen at which, a student may now enter College e and the same is hereby approved & continued.

            Resolved that the age of seventeen which is now required for the admission of irregular, students into College, be reduced to sixteen, at which latter age it may now be lawful to receive them in like manner as before.

            Mr Cobb from the Committee on Finance made the follow (sic) Report which was concurred

            The Committee to whom was refered the examination of the Treasurers abstract of the condition of the funds of the Institution Report –




That they have performed the duty assigned them, and are satisfied, of the correctness and accuracy of accounts & statements of the Treasurer.

            From these it appears that the Receipts into the Treasury of the University for the last year amounts to the sum of ……….$14.307.27 3/4

            viz. From what may be considered

            permanent sources of Revenue the

            Dividends on Bank Stock - $8.000

            The Tuition money……… 3.314. 53 1/2

                                                      11.314.53 1/4

            and from all other sources

            detailed in the Report…. 2.992.76 1/4              $14.307.29 3/4

            The Expenditures of the Institution

            have amounted to the sum of $12.367.46 3/4.

            Composed of the following items, to wit.

            Permanent annual appropriations for

the salaries of officers….$9.970.00

And for all other, objects including

The increase of Library & Apparatus

&c. &c. as per the Report …2.397.46 3/4  =  $12.367. 46 3/4

Which deducted from the Receipts will leave     $1.939. 83

A cash Balance on hand of the sum of  

The Expenditures all appear to be made in conformity with the appropriations made by the Board of Trustees for the purposes necessary & proper, and within the powers conferred on them by the Charter of the University.

The Committee availed themselves of this occasion to say that it satisfactorily appears, for several years past the affairs of the Institution, in regard to its funds have been managed with great Judgment & Economy.

Notwithstanding great & useful accessions have been made to the Library  and      Apparatus, yet the annual expenditures, have always amounted to a sum less than the annual receipts the officers of the College have always been punctually paid, and the Institution preserved from debts.




The committee deem it their duty to bring to the consideration of the Senatus Academicus, another subject pf great importance & usefulness as connected with the course of instruction in Franklin College, viz. the institution of a professorship of Modern Languages - For more than a century past, the French Language in some measure been considered the language of science and was believed to be more universally spoken than any other. The recent establishment of the independent governments in Spanish America, and our adjacency to, and great intercourse with them, has rendered the Spanish language, more important even than the French. Of the importance of Instruction in both of them, all other college in the United States, seem to be sensible, for in most of them provision has been made for teaching them. It is believed that the better means of acquiring a knowledge of these languages at other colleges, will have the effect of drawing from our State many students who would otherwise be educated at Athens.

            With the present resources of the Institution such as Professorship cannot be created, for under existing regulation believed to be judicious & proper, the permanent annual expenditures will amount nearly to the permanent annual receipts - The aid of the Legislature alone can enable the Board of Trustees to create it, and the committee are of opinion that such aid ought to be solicited by the Senatus Academicus - It is believed that a salary of $1200 per ann. would be amply sufficient - In order that this subject may be brought before the Senatus Academicus for consideration, the committee report the following Resolution. to wit:




            Resolved That it is expedient and proper that this Board do solicit from the General Assembly of this State an annual appropriation of twelve hundred dollars per. ann. to be applied exclusively to the establishment of a Professorship of Modern Languages in Franklin College in the University of Georgia.

            The remaining reports of the Senators were then laid on the table, and the reading of them dispensed with, when the following resolution was agreed to – Resolved That the Reports of the Senators on the condition of County Academies &c &c, be laid before the Legislature, with a request that the same, be refered to the committee on Public Education and Free Schools.

            On motion of Judge Clayton, Resolved that the appointment of Doctor Henry Hull, as a Trustee of the University be & the same is hereby confirmed

            The Senatus Academicus having gone (through with) the business before it, adjourned “Sine Die”

Attest                                                                                       G M Troup

A. Hull                                                                         Govr & President of the

            Secy                                                                             Senatus Academicus





                                                                                    Milledgeville 12th Novr 1827

            The Senatus Academicus convened to Law. The following members attending constituted a quorum - viz - His Excellency Governor Forsyth, The Honorable Thomas Stocks President of the Senate, The Honorable Irby Hudson, Speaker of the House of Representatives

            Messrs Allen                                                    Hendrick

                        Beall                                                     Holloway

                        Blair of Habersham                               Janes

                        Blair of Lowndes                                  Jordan

                        Brown of Camden                                Leonard

                        Brown of Monroe                                 Luckie

                        Burton                                                  Martin

                        Campbell                                              McDougald

                        Cargille                                     McTyre

                        Clayton of Clarke                                 Moore

                        Cochran                                               Miller

                        Crawford of Columbia              Moncrief

                        Crawford of Hancock                           Munroe

                        Davies                                                  Phillips

                        Denmark                                              Powell

                        Dunnagen                                             Remson

                        Ezzard                                                  Scarboro

                        Fullwood                                              Scarlett

                        Gamble                                                Sellers

                        Gilder                                                   Sledge

                        Groves                                                 Smith

                        Harris                                                   Spann

                        Hawthorn                                             Swain











            Of the Board of Trustees - Revd Waddel – Messrs Camak  Campbell, Clayton, Crawford, Harden, Meriwether, Nesbit, Paine, Terrell and Wayne –

            The Communication of the President of the University on the condition of the College was presented, read & refered to a committee, consisting of Messrs Clayton, Crawford of Hancock & Phillips –

            The Treasurers abstract of the funds, was also read & refered to a committee consisting of Messrs Merriwether, Davies & Brown of Monroe –

            A Memorial from the Phi Kappa & Demosthenian Societies, was presented, read & refered to a committee consisting of Messrs. Campbell, Hudson & Lawson –

            The Senators were then called on alphabetically to render in written reports on the condition of the Academies in their Counties – who, except such as were absent or excused, made Reports - 

            On Motion of General Harden – Resolved that the Senatus Academicus dispense with reading the reports of the Senators – When a motion to reconsider the vote was rejected, so the Board determined to dispense with reading the reports –

            On Motion of General Hardin, Resolved that the Reports of the Senators on Academies be refered to a select committee, ordered that Messrs Hardin, Terrell, McDougald, Groves & Allen be that Committee -

            Resolved that the Reports on Free Schools be refered to a select committee, ordered that Messrs Crawford of Columbia, Paine, Ezzard, Tennille & Wayne be that committee –




            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned till 3 oclock to morrow afternoon –

            Tuesday Evening 3 O.clock

            The Board met pursuant to adjournment – Those Senators who on yesterday, were absent or excused were this evening permitted to make Reports –

            Mr. Clayton from the appointed committee, made the following report which was concurred in, viz,

            The Committee to whom was refered the communication of the President of the University – Report – that the information contained in that paper is of a truly gratifying nature. Not withstanding the pressure of the times, extremely adverse to every object of expenditure, yet it exhibits a success & prosperity of the University heretofore unknown & unequaled. This pleasing result is the more encouraging as the Committee think they perceive, in the wayward course of certain political measures exerted in apposition to the interest of State Rights, that there is an increasing necessity to educate our youths at home. Intelligence is of but little consequence without principle – intellectual cultivation can never compensate for the want of patriotism, & as the education, at this institution, is at the public expense, the Public have a right not only to the knowledge that flows from it, but the exclusive affection of its beneficiaries, to its own internal institutions –

            This attachment may be endangered by foreign education, it therefore behooves the State to continue its fostering care & protection to all the seminaries of learning,




both high & low, public & private within its own borders. And if the head of out literary system is in a flourishing condition we have every reasonable expectation that its prosperity will shed a happy influence over all its branches. We cannot conclude this Report without remarking that much of the welfare of the College is justly attributable to the fidelity, skill & intelligence of its officers of instruction; & the manner in which they have conducted the affairs of the institution, during the last year, is entitled to, & receives, the unqualified approbation of the SENATUS ACADEMICUS

            Mr. Campbell from the committee appointed made the following reports which was read & agreed to, viz –

            The Committee to whom was refered the joint memorial of the Demosthenian and Phi Kappa Societies at Franklin College have has the same under view, & have felt much gratification in contemplating the Document, & the object it aims at.

            These Societies composed of the students of the College, of resident graduates, & literary gentlemen of the village have been organized for the purposes of improvement in Virtue & Science. Experience has shewn, that in both these departments they have been found sufficient auxilliaries to the institution to which they are attached – One of them is almost coeval with the College itself, & several of the members are at present enjoying a merited distinction in the Halls of Legislation. The other is of more recent establishment, but has already yielded its fruit in sufficient abundance & richness to shew that the tree is genuine – Those who have been in the habit of attending the exercises of the University, cannot have





failed to discover the existence of a laudable rivalry, & its improving influence upon the genius, taste, & morals of the students. Your Committee cannot permit themselves to doubt for a moment, but that mush essential good would be done, & the sphere of usefulness greatly extended, by granting to these institutions an increase for the means of improvement. The one, by individual contribution, has furnished itself with a large & commodious Hall of costliness & taste & the other by lie means, with one of much neatness & convenience – These expenditures have left exhausted treasuries & naked shelves & the Societies find themselves well accomodated with places with but few of the means of improvement. This destitution is the more sensibly felt on account of a similar inconvenience on the part of the University. The want of Books at the College is (a) matter of serious & well-grounded complaint. Relief to either, will be relief to both. But your Committee are of opinion that relief to the memorialists, will be better than a like gratuity to the College itself – Access to their Libraries is easier – Competition would be more excited, & the means of ascendancy, more eagerly sought. The little munificence so earnestly, but respectfully asked, applied at your Committee are satisfied it would be, to the enlightening of the Community, they do not feel at liberty to withhold – They therefore recommend the adoption of the following resolution –

            Resolved that the Senatus Academicus do approve the object of the memorial of the joint committee of the Demosthenian & Phi Kappa Societies at Athens,




& that they do recommend that the Legislature grant an appropriation of Two Thousand dollars to be applied under the direction of the College Faculty to the purchase of Libraries for the use of said societies –

            On motion the two Committees on Reports of Academies & Free Schools, were indulged until to-morrow evening to make Reports –

            The Reports of the Putnam County Free Schools were read at length –

            The Trustees of Franklin College, then presented a revised Code of Laws for the government of the College the amendments to which were read one by one & agreed to by the Senatus Academicus -

             On motion of Mr. Campbell – Resolved that the revised code of Laws for the government of Franklin College as reported by the Committee be & the same is hereby ratified by the Senatus Academicus – and that the Legislature be requested to provide for the printing of five hundred copies thereof for the use of the College –

            On Motion of Mr. Meriwether, resolved that the appointment of John M Berrien & George R. Gilmer Esqrs to the office of Trustees of the University of Georgia be & the same is hereby confirmed

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned till to-morrow evening –




                                                                                    Wednesday 3 Oclock P. M.

            The Senatus Academicus met according to adjournment. Mr. Meriwether from the Committee appointed made the following report, viz,

            The Committee to whom the statement, of the present condition of the funds of the University, was refered, ask leave to submit the following Report –

            That the whole amount of receipts during

            The past year was ………………………....... $14.123.88 3/4

            The whole amount of disbursements ……….. $12.276.87 1/2

            Leaving a ballance on hand of ……………… $1.847.01 1/4

            The expenditures are covered by satisfactory

            vouchers & appear to have been made with

            economy & for purposes essentially important

            to the best interests of the Institution.

            The committee have thought it their duty to

enquire into the pecuniary prospects of the

College for the ensuing year; & have ascer-

tained that the probable receipts will be

the following,

Unclaimed dividend for the current year ….. $1.000

Dividends the ensuing year …………………. 8.000

Tuition ………………………………………. 3.800

Sale of Town Lots …………………………...   .500

Amounting to ……………………………… $13.300 00

Which together with the ballance on hand …    1.847.01 1/4

will constitute a fund of …………………… $15.147.01 1/4

            To meet the expense of the year upon this fund

            the following drafts will probably be made viz,

            For the Presidents Salary…………………... $2.200.00

            four Professors $1.400 each ………………..  5.600.00

            Two Tutors            700    “    ………………..  1.400.00

            Two     “     In Grammar School ……………  1.600.00

            Secretary & Treasurer ……………………...       650.00

            College Servant …………………………….       125.00

                                                                                    $11.575 00




                                                                   Amot brot forward $11.575.00

            Appropriation for purchasing astronomical apparatus ..$1.300.00

                   Do                                    Do                   for Library ……..  1.500.00

            For Scientific Periodical Publications …………………     150.00

            Contingencies ………………………………………….     500.00

            Making a total of …………………………………….. $15.025.00

            Which taken from the amount of receipts will

            leave a ballance of …………………………………… $    .122.01 1/4

            in favor of the University -

            This ballance so much smaller than had appeared for years past, has induced the committee to search for the causes of its reduction, & they are happy to find that those causes are not of a character to induce the slightest suspicion of mismanagement, they are two, the increased expenditure consequent upon the appointment of a Professor of Belles Lettres & Ethics & the almost entire exhaustion of the source from which the ballances have been usually supplied, that is, the sale of lots & old outstanding debts -

            The surplus revenue of the College has been annually, very properly applied to the purchase of books & apparatus; but the exertions of the Board of Trustees to render these indispensable appendages of a college complete. Must necessarily cease until their means are made more competent to meet all the important demands upon their attention, for your Committee believe that the permanent receipts of the Institution will in future, if unaided, be barely sufficient to meet the permanent expenditures, as may be seen by the following statement -

            Permanent Income

            Dividends …………………………………………... $8.000.00

            Tuition ………………………………………………   4.000.00

            Total ………………………………………………...$12.000.00




            Permanent Expenses

            Presidents Salary ……………………………………$ 2.200.00

            4 Professors at $1400 each ………………………….   5.600.00

            2 Tutors         “    700     “ …………………………...   1.400.00

            2  Do  in Grammar School at 800 each …………......   1.600.00

            Secretary & Treasurer ………………………………       650.00

            College Servant ……………………………………..       125.00

            Amounting to ……………………………………….$11.575.00

            Leaving a ballance of ……………………………….$     425.00

            Only to meet all contingencies & appropriations for supplying the chemical department with agents & tests & subscriptions for scientific periodical works, all of which is respectively submitted - Read & adopted.

            Mr. Crawford from the Committee appointed made the following Reports which was concurred in, Viz,

            The Committee appointed to examine the County returns made to the Senatus Academicus of the application of the poor School fund Report - That it is not in the power of the committee to perform the duty assigned to it satisfactorily to themselves or to fulfill the expectations of the Senatus Academicus as returns have been made only from a third of the Counties in the State & but few of them contain any detailed view of the number, ages or Sexes of the poor Children who have been instructed, the mode of instruction which has been pursued or any account current of the expenditure of the fund. This duty by law, is developed upon the Justices of the Inferior Court or upon the Trustees they may have appointed pursuant to the 2nd section of the Act of 1823 - The Senators being only the instruments for the conveyance of the returns to the Senatus Academicus –




Since the system began, such returns as the laws direct have not been made & the Solicitude of the General Assembly upon the Subject is plainly indicated by the Act of 1826. Besides the annual returns to the Senatus Academicus, that act directs annual returns to be made to the Governor by the Trustees of the Poor School fund & until an accurate & clear disposition of the money advances shall be shewn, the Governor is directed to withhold from the Counties from which returns may not be received by him, any further distribution of that fund provided by liberal policy & enlarged benevolence to life up poverty above its heaviest calamity by placing the offspring of the indigent in a condition to add to bodily labor the efforts of mind for support & happiness & the use of which in connection with sound principles of morality, render men if not entirely independent of the vicissitudes of life, exempt them from being the victims of its disastrous change. It is believed the deficiency in the returns is owing to the form of the returns not being prescribed law, from a misapprehension of whose duty it is to make them & from the belief that in the counties where the system has not been commenced though the money apportioned to each may have been received that returns are not necessary. The Counties may be classified as follows.

            1st Those counties who have drawn no portion of the Poor School fund.

            2nd Such Counties as have drawn their respective proportions of the fund & have not made of have been prevented from applying the same to the object.

            3rd Such as have made returns without specifying the numbers ages or sexes of the poor children instructed & without an account current of the expenditure -

            4th Those counties which have made returns in conformity with the letter and spirit of the laws upon the Subject about ten or fifteen in number -

            The committee therefore cannot form a table Shewing the practical operation of the system & it will never be in the power of the Senatus Academicus to do this important duty until by the Legislature a more efficient plan than now exists shall be




provided to obtain the annual returns. It is at variance with the scrupulous enquiries with the Legislature should make into the expenditures of the appropriations that $39.115.05 should already have been disbursed from the Treasury for the Poor School fund & that the laws should require the disbursement of $20.000 annually to the same object without any means being furnished to the State to determine of the benefit received and in prospect is commensurate to the bounty bestowed. The committee view this subject as most interesting which can engage the attention of the General Assembly & being unanimously advocated for an annual appropriation to educate poor Children & fearing that the whole system may be defeated by the inefficient execution of it, take the liberty to suggest & advise that an act of the General Assembly be passed calling upon the Justices of the Inferior Court & upon the Trustees in each County of the Poor School fund to make in the ensuing year to the Grand Juries of the Counties, returns of the disburse(ment) of the fund since December 1825, together with a particular Statement of the number of the children instructed, their ages, sex, the mode of instruction pursued, & the persons employed as teachers, & that the said returns be forwarded to the governor of the State to be placed by him before the Senatus Academicus & the General Assembly -

            Mr. Harden from the committee appointed made the following Report which was concurred, viz;

                                                                        Milledgeville November 13th 1827

            The Committee to whom has been referred the different reports of the Senators, of the State & condition of their County Academies - Report - that in the performance of the duty assigned to them a synopsis, imperfect indeed in its execution, but not much more so, than the documents from which it was extracted, is herewith presented to the Senatus Academicus -

            The plan marked out for the literary advancement of the State of Georgia is beautiful in theory, & might be productive of the most useful results. But, in practical utility it has never yet met the reasonable ex(pectations)




(ex)pectations of the community. The county academies intended by the System to be ramifications to the Mother Stock of learning, has as yet ministered but little to the advantage of their common parent. The defects which are so visible to all, are not to be sought for the imperfection of the System, but may be found in the improper application of the provisions of that system, to the ends for which it was intended. By which it is contemplated that the minds of the rising generation should be nursed & nurtured. In the county academies, & be there brought into the proper state to receive the perfecting influences of a collegiate course of Study - That the time of life when the human intellect is receiving its greatest expansion, should be devoted to the higher acquirements, for which the proper foundation has been already laid in the primary schools - Instead of which the academical learning is so scantily diffused, or so imperfectly communicated, that there is sometimes almost wholly a deficiency of the necessary information resulting from those sources, when the candidates apply for admission to the College. It is therefore in the opinion of your Committee absolutely necessary that the academies throughout the state should be place more especially under the Superintending power of the College at Athens, & it is accordingly recommended to the Committee upon Public education, to devise the best means by which the academies can be made more essentially to contribute to the objects for which they have been instituted.

            For the effectuation in part, of the proposition suggested, the following resolution is recommended to the consideration of the Senatus Academicus.

            Resolved: That the Faculty of Franklin College prepare & report to this Board at its next annual meeting, a System




of English Education to be taught in the several incorporated male Academies of this State, & also a list of the classical book, which shall be used therein, in the order in which they shall be read, & also the different branches of the Science which shall be taught, in the said Academies & the order in which they shall be Studied.

            Mr. Harden also presented a synoptical view of the condition of Academies, which was read & taken as part of the above report -

            On Motion resolved that the reports of County Academies & Free Schools be refered to the Legislature, to the end that the same may be placed before the Committee on Public education & Free Schools -

            Mr. Meriwether laid on the table the following Resolution:

Whereas, great inconvenience has arisen from the variety of forms given to the Reports on the State & condition of County Academies, & of the disbursement of the poor School fund – Therefore Resolved that it be respectfully recommended to the Legislature to prescribe and furnish suitable forms, for the direction of those by whom said Reports are to be made -

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned “Sine Die”

                                                                                                John Forsyth

Attest.                                                                                      Govr & pr of the S. A.

            Asbury Hull,                                                                

                                    Se. Sen. Academ.




                                                                                    Milledgeville 10th Novr 1828.

            The Senatus Academicus convened this at 3 Oclock P. M. in the Senate Chamber pursuant to Laws.

            The following members attending constituted a Quorum.

            His Excellency John Forsyth, Governour & ex officio, Prest. of the Senatus Academicus.

            The Hon. Thomas Stocks, President of the Senate.

            The Hon. Irby Hudson  Speaker House of Represen.

            Of the Senators

            Messrs Alexander, Anderson, Battle, Blair, Brown of Camden, Brown of Decatur, Bryan, Burton, Clower, Cochron, Collins, Cox, Crawford of Columbia, Crawford of Hancock, Ezzard,  Fulwood, Groves, Hall, Harlow,  Hatcher, Hendrick, Hines, Holloway, Janes, Jordan, Knight, Leonard, Luckie, Martin, McCrimmon, McDougald, McTyre, Muncrief, Munroe, Phillips of Jasper, Phillips of Walton, Porter, Posey, Powell of  McIntosh, Powell of Rabun, Ray, Reeves, Remson, Rogers, Scarborough, Scarlet, Sellers, Sentell, Shaw, Sheffield  Sledge, Smith, Spann, Swain, Tait, Tennille, Tillman, Thomas of Appling, Thomas of Clark, Wells, Wilson, Williams of Baldwin, Williams of Bullock, Wimberly of Houston, Wimberly of Twiggs, Woolfolk, Wooten, Worthy –




            Of the Board of Trustees, Messrs  Camak, Crawford, Cobb,  Nesbitt, Paine, & Troup.

            Read the Minutes of the last session.

            The President of the University laid before the Senatus Academicus, a communication on the state and condition of the Institution, which was read and on motion laid on the Table.

            The Treasurer of the University presented a Report on the funds of the Institution for the past year, which was read & on motion of Mr. Cobb, was refered to a committee consisting of Messrs Cobb, Stocks, & Janes.

            The Senators were then called alphabetically to make reports on the Academic & Poor School funds & institutions in their several Counties when the following members made reports, viz. Messrs Battle, Blair, Hudson, Brown of Camden, Brown of Decatur, Bryan, Burton, Cox, Crawford of Hancock, Ezzard, Gamble by proxy, Harlow  Hendrick, Hines, Holloway, Janes, Jordan, Leonard, McCrimmon, McTyre, Muncrief, Owen by proxy, Phillips of Jasper, Phillips of Walton, Porter, Porter, (sic) Powell of McIntosh, Ray, Remson, Rogers, Scarborough, Scarlett, Sheffield, Sledge, Smith, Tait, Tennille, Tillman, Williams of Baldwin, Williams of Bullock, Wimberly of Twiggs,

            Reports of the Poor School funds from sundry  counties were presented by his Excellency the Governor.




            On motion of Mr. Crawford of Columbia, it was resolved that the Senators who have not made a report of their Academies or poor school funds do report at the next meeting of the Senatus Academicus, on to-morrow evening.

            Mr Martin presented a preamble and resolution which was read and laid on the Table.

            The President of the University in obedience to a Resolution of the last session of the Senatus Academicus presented the following course of studies to be pursued in the several incorporated Academies of this State.

            In order to introduce uniformity into the academies connected with the University of Georgia, it is recommended by the Faculty of Franklin College, that the Senatus Academicus, prescribe to each, the following course of studies & author to be used preparatory to admission into College. viz

            Murrays English Grammar.

            Arithmetic to the end of the cube root

            Ruddiams Rudiments.

            Corderius - 50 colloques at least

            Erasmus at least one half.

            Cornelius Nepos, to Allicus.

            Caesars Commentaries 6 Books.

            Cicero’s Orations at least 9 to be read.




            Virgil - The Bucolics, Georgics, & 6 Books of the Aenid.

            Mairs or Clark, Introduction to making of Latin.

            Wittinhalls Greek Grammar.

            The Greek Testament at least through John & the Acts.

            Graeca Minora to the end of the dialogues.

            The above are essential to qualify the Student to enter the Freshman Class - In addition to these, the following are necessary for admission into the Sophomore class. viz:

            Xenophon 4 Books

            The Whole of Horace.

            Homer one Book.

            Algebra through simple equations.

            Geography thoroughly, and a knowledge of the Maps essential.

            In relation to which on motion of Mr. Wm H. Crawford it was resolved.

            That the system recommended by the Faculty of Franklin College, to be studied in the several County Academies, be adopted by this Board and that the same be published in the public papers of this Town, for the information & government of all persons intrusted with the management of those Academies.

            The Board then adjourned until to-morrow evening 4 O.clock. P. M.




                                                                                    Tuesday Evening 4. O.clock

            The Senatus Academicus met pursuant to the adjournment.

            Mr. Cobb from the committee appointed made the following reports which was concured in viz.

            The committee to whom was refered the annual Report of the Treasurer of the University of Georgia, have examined the same with care and beg leave to make the following report.

            That the Treasurer has given a condensed, but very satisfactory Statement of the Receipts & Expenditures of the Institution during the past year. The result is, that the Receipts derived 1st from the Balance on hand at the last report; 2dly from the $8000 of Bank dividend annually appropriated for the endowment of the Institution & 3dly Tuition money, & the sale of Lots and Lands & other miscellanieus sources have amounted to the same of $15.616.03 1/2. The Expenditures during the same period have amounted to $14.438.10 3/4, thus leaving a Balance in the hands of the Treasurer on 1st Nov. 1828 of $1.177.92 1/2.

            For these expenditures the Treasurer of the University has in every instance exhibited a satisfactory voucher, shewing not only the correctness of his accounts, but the judicious and economical principles, upon which the expenditures have been ordered & directed by the Board of Trustees of the Institution. The committee have no reason




for objecting to any one item of the account.

            In extending the fiscal operations of the Institution to the end of the year, by the reasonable estimate the following result will be produced.

                                    Estimates of Receipts

            Balance now on hand……………………………………$177.92 1/2

            Balance unclaimed of the Bank                                  

            Declared, & payable in Apl. Last………………………..   500.00

            Bank dividend payable in Oct…………………………...  4000.00    

            Total of probable Receipts……………………………….$5.677.92 ½

                                    Estimates of Receipts

            In salary viz

            To President Waddel to 30th Decr 1828…………………$550.00

            To Professor Church, & J. Jackson @ 350………………  700.00

            Balance to Professor Olin………………………………..  155.54

            Balance to Professor Henry Jackson……………………..  116.66

            1 Yr. salary to 2 Tutors in College……………………….  350.00

            1  do    do        do          in Gr. School…………………….  400.00

            Do              Secretary & Treasurer………………………..  162.50

            Do              Bell ringer & college servant………………...    60.00

            Appropriation heretofore made…………………………..1.065.00

            Contingences……………………………………………..   250.00


            Leaving a probable Balance in Treasury

            on the 1st January 1829 of ………………………………$1.868.22 ½







            The Balance it seems is greater than was anticipated & has been produced, by the saving portions of the salaries that would have been payable to Professors Henry Jackson & Olin from the dates of their respective resignations to the end of the year, & from larger receipts from the sale of Lots & Lands and old debts than was estimated.

            The committee deem it but sheer justice to the Board of Trustees, here to remark, that they continue pertinaciously to adhere to an excellent principle, established many years ago; to wit, never to permit their expenses to exceed their income.

            In order that the Senatus Academicus, may better consider of the propriety, while exercising their legitimate powers of superintending & drecting  the Literature of the State of recommending a further extension of Legislative patronage to this interesting Institution, of Legislative creation, the Committee deem it of importance, to present a view of the Receipts & Expenditures of the year 1829.

            The only permanent sources of revenue are 1st the dividends on Bank Stock as regulated by Law, & 2dly the receipts from Tuition - There are indeed certain balances due for town Lots, & Lands heretofore sold, & old debts, but they are too small to be noticed on an estimate of this nature.

            The Amt. of Bank Dividend will be………………………$8.000.00

            The receipts from Tuition probably………………………  3.500.00

            To which add Balance on hand……………………………  1.868.22

            Making an aggregate of…………………………………...$13.168.22




            Presuming that the Board of Trustees will keep employment, the same number of officers, at the same salaries, which they never raise, the probable disbursements of the year will be

            In Salary

            1st To the President………………………………………. $2.200.00

            2d To 4. Professors @ 1400………………………………  5.600.00

            3d To 2 Tutors in Gr. School……………………………..  1.600.00

            4. To 2      do   in College………………………………...  1.400.00

            5. Treasurer & Secretary………………………………….     650.00

            6. Two College Servants………………………………….     250.00

            Total of Salaries…………………………………………$11.700.00

            Add for permanent appropriation for

            periodical works, chemical texts &c………………………..  250.00

            & for contingences…………………………………………   500.00

            Probable expenses……………………………………….$12.450.00

            leaving a Balance 1st Jan. 1830                                   $  718.22.

            An examination of the foregoing estimate will present the lamentable fact, that but for the balance, that will be on hand at the end of this year, the income of 1829 would not be adequate to the expenses of that year. In 1830, the residue of that Balance will be absorbed & without further Legislative aid, the Board of Trustees will be reduced to the sad alternative, of reducing the number of instructors, already too few, or of reducing their salaries now sufficiently low. The imployment of additional instructors, the extension of the College Buildings,




or the increase of the Library & Apparatus will (be) utterly impracticable without additional funds.

            Without presenting any specific proposition for adoption on this important topic, the committee feel themselves, constrained to recommend the subject to the serious consideration of the Senatus Academicus.

            On this evening the following Senators, made reports who had not done so on yesterday. Viz.

            Mr. Battle on the academic funds.

            Mr. Speaker Hudson. poor school.

            Mr. Bryan.                   do      do

            Mr. Crawford of Columbia, on Academics & Poor School.

            Mr. Crawford  “  Hancock on Academic fund.

            Mr. Janes on Poor School Funds.

            Mr. Luckie on Academic Fund.

            Mr. McTyre on Poor School.

            Mr. Owins     “  Poor School

            Mr. Powell of Rabun on both funds.

            Mr. Reeves on Both funds.

            Mr. Scarlett on both funds.

            Mr. Sledge on Poor School fund.

            Mr. Smith on both P. S. & A.

            Mr. Spann on both P. S. & Academy.

            Mr. Swain on both P. S. & A.

            Mr. Tait on Poor School fund.

            Mr. Tennelle, Mr. Tillman & Mr. Thomas of Clark on Academic funds.




            Mr. Thomas of Appling & Mr. Williams of Baldwin on the Poor School funds.

            Mr. Williams of Bullock, Mr. Wimberly of Houston Mr Woolfolk,

            Mr. Wootin & Mr, Worthy on both,

            On motion of Mr. William  H. Crawford

            Resolved, That his Excellency the Governour be requested to publish annually sixty days before the meeting of the Legislature, in such of the public papers of this State as he may select, a list of the sums of money, which have been drawn, out of the public Treasury, on account of the Poor School and Academic Fund, during, the preceeding year, up to the date of publication, shewing by whom the said sums have been received.

            The following preamble & Resolution, yesterday offered by Mr. Martin was taken up & agreed to. viz.

            Whereas several Counties in this State have drawn portions of the Poor School fund, which by the unfaithfulness of agents, in some instances, and by the death or removal of Trustees in others, has rendered it impossible to comply with the provisions of an act of the Legislature, passed the 22d day of December 1826, entitled “an act to amend an act to amend an act, passed 23d December 1822 to distribute the Bank dividends, & nett proceeds of the poor school funds, among the different counties in the State, passed 23d December 1823, and also to amend




the act to distribute certain funds, for the use of the several Academies in this State, passed 23d Dec. 1822, and whereas that the the (sic) with-holding from such counties their dividends of the said fund, in many cases, is manifestly unjust & offensive, for remedy whereof.

            Resolved That the General Assembly be & they are hereby respectfully recommended, to pass an act, so modifying the provisions of said act as to leave it discretionary with the Governour, to permit, or refuse the drawing of said dividends in any case, where a strict complyance with the provisions of said (act) be impossible, or to make some other & suitable provision by Law for the relief of all such Counties.

            The President of the University having communicated the fact, that the Board of Trustees, had since the last meeting of the Senatus Academicus, elected Oliver H. Prince Esq & Dr. James Whitehead to fill the vacamcies in the Board, on motion, Resolved, that said appointments be ratified by this Body.

            A Resolution of the Trustees of the College, imposing Tuition on the Students in the Grammar School at Athens was considered and discussed, & refered back to the Trustees, with instructions so to modify the Resolution, as to exclude from said School all pupils under twelve years of age.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned “Sine Die”


A. Hull                                                             John Forsyth

            Secretary                                                          Govr & P. of the S. A.




                                                                                    Milledgeville 9 Nov. 1829.

            The Senatus Academicus convened this day in the Senate Chamber.

            The following members attending constituted a Quorum, to wit:

His Excellency Govr Gilmer, The Honourable Thomas Stocks President of the Senate. The Hon. Warren Jourdan, Speaker, House of Reps  Messrs Anderson, Battle, Beall, Black, Blair of Habr  Blair of Lounds, Brailsford  Branham, Brown, Bryan of Montgomery, Bryan of Screven, Burch, Cobb, Collins, Crawford, Daniel, Dunnagan, Echols, Ector, Everett of Crawford, Everett of Randolph, Ezzard, Fambrough, Fullwood, Gamble, Hall, Harlow, Harper, Hawthorne, Hendrick, Hilliard, Hines, Janes, Jordan, Lamar, Luckie, McCall, Mealing, Meriwether, Miller, Muncrief, Muroe,  Nesbett of Gwinnett, Nesbett of Morgan  Phillips, Porter, Powers, Prior, Ray, Reese, Ross, Sayre, Sledge, Smith of Bryan, Smith of Twiggs, Spann, Stewart, Strickland of Henry, Stickland of Wayne, Surrency, Swain, Tait, Tennille, Thomas of Appling, Thomas of Lee, Turner, Watson, Wells, White, Wilcox and Wooten.

            Of the Board of Trustees. Messrs, Camak, Clayton, Cobb, Crawford, Gilmer, Hull, Nesbett, Payne, Prince, Walker, & Whitehead.

            The Minutes of the last session were read.

            Mr. Cobb, of the Board of Trustees, announced to the Board, the fact of the resignation of Dr. Waddel of the office of President of Franklin College, and the appointment of Revd Alonzo Church, to fill the vacancy thereby created, Whereupon it was,




            Resolved, the appointment of the Reverend Alonzo Church, to the Presidency of the University of Georgia, be and the same is hereby confirmed.

On motion of Mr. Clayton,

            Resolved, that a committee be appointed to wait on Mr. Church, to inform him of his appointment, and request his attendance in the Senatus Academicus to take the prescribed oath of office - whereupon the President appointed Messrs Clayton, Crawford of Columbia & Mr. Speaker Jourdan to be that Committee - and the committee proceeded forthwith to discharge their duty, and having conducted the President Church, to the chair, he took and subscribed the following before his Excellency the Governour. to wit:

            “I Alonzo Church, do swear, that I will support the constitution of the United States, and of the State of Georgia, and will discharge the duties of President of the University of Georgia, to the best of my abilities and according to Law.

            So Help me God

Sworn to & subscribed                                     A. Churh

before me.

         George R. Gilmer

                        Govr & Prest. Sen. Academs

            A Resolution of the Trustee recommending the communication of the President of the University on the condition of the College, as their report to the Senatus Academicus was refered to; and the communication read & laid on the Table. A communication of the Hon. George M. Troup, was also read, and laid on the Table.




            The Report of the Treasurer, on the State of the Finances was presented, read, and refered to a Committee consisting of Messrs, Paine, Meriwether, & Brailsford.

            On motion of Mr. Crawford of Columbia, it was resolved that the communication of the late Governor Troup be refered to the same committee.

            The Secretary then commenced to call the Senators to make reports on the condition of the Literature in their respective Counties.
Mr. Anderson made a Report which was read in part, when on a motion to dispense with the further reading, a discussion arose, during which on motion of Mr. Branham the Senatus Academicus adjourned until 3. O.clock to-morrow evening.

                                                                                    Tuesday Evening 3. O.clock

            The Senatus Academicus convened, pursuant to their adjournment.

            Mr. Paine from the committee appointed made the following Report.

            The committee to whom was refered the annuals accounts of the Treasurer of the University report, that they have diligently examined the same, compared, & investigated the vouchers, and find it correct, leaving a balance in the hands of that officer of $2.989.75 3/4 on the first day of Novr inst.

            The Committee beg leave further to report, that with regard to so much of the Letter of the Honble George M. Troup, late Governour of Georgia in relation to connecting the University, with the




Poor School system, while they admire the elevated patriotic, & truly republican sentiments of that distinguished Citizen, regret that the limited allowed them to consider the subject is far too short to permit them to attempt even a sketch of a plan by which this great purpose could be effected.

            The Committee, therefore, ask leave respectfully to suggest, the propriety of submitting so much of said letter, as the committee have had in charge to the Legislature, with a request, that it be refered to the committee of that Body, denominated, “the Committee on Public Education & Free Schools, in order that a measure so benevolent & so original in its conception, and promising such public benefit, may receive that earnest, and mature consideration which it merits.

            On motion of Mr. Speaker Jourdan Resolved, That the Reports of the Hon. Senators, be recd That the same be laid before the Senate, with a request that the said reports, of Academics and Poor school fund, be refered to the joint committee on Public Education & Poor Schools, and that said committee be requested to report specially on the following subjects: viz: the whole number of Scholars, educated in the State, under the Poor School fund, distinguishing the males & females  Also, the number of scholars, in the different Academies, their different studies, & the amount of money expended, in the Education of said scholars.

            And it is further resolved, that a copy of said report, be transmitted by order of the President, to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees for their use.




            The Senators present then handed in Reports of the Academies & Poor Schools in their respective Counties, which were refered in pursuance of the request in the foregoing resolution.

            On motion of Mr. Powers

            Resolved That a copy of the Minutes of the Board of Trustees, since the last meeting of this Boars, & including those of the present session, & the rules adopted for the government of Franklin College, as well as the rules proposed for the government of, or course of instruction, to be pursued by the different County Academies, as well as the minutes of the Senatus Academicus, be furnished by the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, to the Se. of Senate, to be published with the Laws & Journals or otherwise disposed of, as the Legislature may think best, for the information of those concerned, and the public generally.

            On motion of President Stocks, the minutes of the Board of Trustees for the past year were read.

            On motion of Mr. Branham

            Resolved that Trustees of the College, be requested to lay before the Senatus Academicus, an estimate of the amount of funds necessary, more certainly & effectually to advance the future and best interest of the Institution.

            On motion of President Stocks

            It was Resolved –




That so much of the Resolutions of the Board of Trustees, as imposes tuition upon Scholars in in (sic) the Grammar School, be and the same is approved by the Senatus Academicus.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjourned until to-morrow evening 3. O. Clock -

Wednesday Evening 3. O. Clock .

            Mr. Blair of Habersham offered the following Resolution which was adopted.

            For the purpose of extending equally and as extensively as possible benefits of Education to the Poor of the State, - Be it Resolved by the Senatus Academicus, that the General Assembly be requested to take into consideration, the propriety of extending their benevolence to this portion of our Citizens, and of setting apart a permanent fund for the purpose of educating at Franklin College, upon principles of equality the poor children of this State.

            The Trustees of the University presented to the Senatus Acads the following Report. to wit:

            The Trustees of the University to whom was refered the resolution of the Senatus Acads requesting them to lay that Body, “an estimate of the amount of funds necessary, more certainly and effectually to advance the future and best interests of the Institution” have approached the subject with great pleasure, because they have considered this resolution as decisive evidence of a disposition




on the part of the guardians of the Literature of the State, to repel the reproaches that have hitherto been cast upon Georgia, on account of the low State of her University. - And from the good feeling & liberality, which manifestly led to the adoption of the resolution, the Trustees have been induced to make, a full & explicit exhibition of the wants of the Institution, in the firm belielf, that the time has arrived, when efficient assistance will be extended to it, - That consequently it will be soon placed in a condition, to command the respect of intelligent men every where and enlist in its favour, the patronage & the warmest sympathies of all classes and denominations of our Citizens.

            From the Treasurers Books it appears that the present annual income of the College is as follows viz:

            Dividends on Bank Stock…………………………………$8.000

            Recd from Tuition, on average…………………………...  3.500


The present permanent,

annual Expenditures viz

            President’s Salary……………$2.200

            4 Professors @ 1400………...  5.600              

            2 Tutors @ 800……………...  1.600                                                                                      Secretary & Treasurer…………  650

            Servants & contingencies……..   750                         10.800


This Exhibit shows that there will remain in the Treasury at the end of each year, a balance of $700.

            This arises from the saving made of the salaries heretofore allowed to the teachers of the Gram. School; for if these salaries were to be paid as heretofore, the Board with the present means, would be brought in debt annually about $900.




            This is the condition of the present affairs of the Institution under its present organization

            The Resolution of the Senatus Academicus, however requests, “an estimate of the amount of fund necessary more effectually to advance the future and best interest of the institution”

            The Trustees now proposed to make that estimate in perfect good faith - not going so far as their wishes extend - but confining themselves to what they conceive the State is bound to do, under present circumstances and in the present condition of the World, by every consideration that can influence the public authorities of a free people. -

            It is proposed that two professorships be added to those already instituted - viz -

            A professorship of Modern Languages. -

            A Professorship of Natural History. -

            The annual expenditure will then be

            Salaries of President and Six Professors……………. $12.850

            Servants and Contingences (sic)……………………..      750


            Permanent Annual Revenue…………………………   11.500


            Thus leaving $2100 to be provided for annually. The trustees beg leave to suggest that this sum be provided for by appropriation from the State Treasury. - And they would respectfully urge this strong Argument as they conceive in favour of that course, namely that the College will probably need this assistance from the State but a few years, For if the great of this small sum is obtained, The Trustees believe that by it, they will be enabled to place the college in such condition, as that by the increase of of (sic) the number of students, a sufficient sum




will be received from Tuition, to meet the deficiency now proposed to be provided for.

            The whole annual expenditures will then be…………$13.600

            To show that this sum is within the bounds of moderation, & proper economy on the part, of the government, the Trustees here state, what is the annuals expenditures of some other College. viz.

            Cambridge for support of officers alone……………..$22.594

            South Carolina appropriated annually from

            the Treasury, to pay officers alone…………………...  10.400

            In Alabama the salaries of 8 officers

            at the rates established there would be……………….  16.000

            With these views of the subject before us, shall it be said, any longer of Georgia, that while she is expending annually thousands, from the public Treasury, to improve the physical condition of the country, she refuses to be equally liberal with her neighbours, in discharging that most important of all duties, that an dissolve on any government, namely, to provide for the moral & intellectual improvement of her citizens.

            But, further,

            It is unreasonable to expect, that the officers should provide their own houses, Such a thing is unknown at any well endowed college, within the knowledge of the Board of Trustees. And they believe, that from this very circumstance, they have been in part deprived of the power on several occasions of calling into their services the first talents of the Country.




            The Trustees pay but $1400, to a Professor, and require the devotion of all his time to the duties of his office. – out of this sum he must pay House rent, which leaves but a small sum for his support, & when compared with the salaries of other public officers, will be found considerably lower, than the amounts recd by them for services perhaps not more arduous or useful.

            The Library belonging to the College is altogether too limited. - And here it may with propriety be suggested, that it is of particular importance to the sons of poor men, that the Library should be enlarged – Wealthy men can provide books for their Sons, but if the poor, who are striving to obtain an education - to be something and do something, among their fellow men are not provided with books at the public expense, they must greatly suffer in the prosecution of their studies, and consequently must appear to great disadvantage, before the public, when they come in competition with their more fortunate companions - This consideration it is hoped will be permitted to have all its weight.

            It is of particular importance that the College should possess a cabinet of minerals - The good effects of this addition to the institution will be more particularly felt, in the upper Counties abounding as they do in mineral Treasuries of immense value - One consequence would be




the rapid extension of the gold regions of our State by speading (sic) among the people a more accurate knowledge of the indications of the existence of that precious metal.  

            A new chapel is much wanted as every one must be sensible, who has attended the late annuals Commencements.

            All these improvements the Trustees respectfully represent to be indespensable, in the terms of the resolution of the Senatus Academicus “more certainly & effectually to advance the fortune & best interest of the institution - How the means are to be provided to make them is the question to be submitted to the wisdom and the intelligence of the Senatus Academicus

            The Trustees only add an estimate of their cost. To wit..”

            6 Houses at $3000 is…………………………... $18.000

            Library…………………………………………     5.000

            Cabinet of Minerals……………………………     2.000

            College Chapel………………………………...     8.000


            In making their report, the Trustees, it is hoped will stand acquitted of any motive of a selfish or personal nature. They consider themselves in no other light, than the representatives of the people, intrusted with a high charge & bound by duty to exhibit, a faithful statement of the affairs of the University of Georgia intended by its founders, to become a great public blessing to the community. And without such plain, fair statement, the Legislature, cannot make the provision for its




further usefulness so patriotically called for by the Constitution of the State, and which their liberality will doubtless, be disposed to grant, upon the existence of the proper necessity. After the report was gone through, and some discussion thereon - Mr.Branham offered the following Resolution which was adopted -

            Resolved, that the Senatus Academicus concur in so much of the Report of the Board of Trustees as relates to the engagement, of two additional Professors - The erecting of a new College Chapel, - The addition to the Library - and procuring a cabinet of minerals – and that the Legislature is hereby requested to make adequate appropriations to carry into effect these objects.

            On Motion it was resolved that the foregoing Reports & Resolutions, be communicated to the House of Representatives.

            The Senatus Academicus then adjrd “Sine Die”


            Asbury Hull                                                      George R. Gilmer

                        Secretary                                              Gov. & Prest. Sen. Acads

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