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The Case of the Poisoned Capsule:
Treasures of the 1870's

To see some (well preserved) glimpses of University of Georgia treasures from circa 1870, click on the appropriate image in the table below

The Davis Souvenir Album
- the earliest known photographic album of the campus from circa 1875. Warning to sensitive literary society members: Phi Kappa Hall is identified as Demosthenian! This album of 14 photographs mounted on cardboard is the earliest known group of photographs of the campus and vicinity. Since Chancellor Lipscomb is identified as the former Chancellor of the University, it is dated to 1875, the year Lipscomb stepped down.

See selections from the Davis Souvenir Album

The actual album can be viewed in the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Please request collection MS 802 Original in Hargrett Manuscript Collection MS 802

The 1872 Commencement Program (perhaps one of these is among the crumbles in the time capsule?) The entire four page document can be examined in the Hargrett Library. See the Commencement Cover here (Opens in a new window). Original in University Archives Commencement Files, UGA 04-002:1

1872 Catalog of the Officers and Students of the University of Georgia. Along with information about classes, enrollment requirements and faculty, the catalog in 1872 included this rather sinister view of the campus. Perhaps the faculty decided that the blackened windows made potential students nervous, because it was dropped after that one year. As an early view of campus it is interesting to compare it with the earlier and better known view from Gleason's Magazine or the slightly later photograph that is plate 9 in the Davis Souvenir Album . See the 1872 Catalog Cover here. (Opens in a new window) Original in University Archives General Catalog Collection.

Campus Engraving from the 1872. This is perhaps the earliest view of the University Arch, which still has its gate. For times when they are locked, there is a convenient stile further down the block. The little lattice covered building near the fence shows up in later views. Perhaps it houses a well? The first two buildings from the right, the Library and the Ivy Building, would be combined in 1905 to create the Hunter-Holmes Academic Building. The Chapel sports a bell cupola, which was removed in 1913 and apparently the pillars of Phi Kappa Hall proved to be too much of a challenge to the artist. Otherwise (except for the traffic) the view looks a good bit like the same area today. See the Engraving here. (Opens in a new window)

The 1871 Commencement Sabbath program, featuring the finest ornamental border available at the Southern Cultivator Job Printing office. We don't have a program from 1872, but the printing work on this 1871 document was too glorious not to include in the exhibit. You can tell that the Southern Cultivator Job Office was proud of the ornamental type it owned. See the Sabbath Program here. (Opens in a new window) Original in University Archives

The Student's Guide, a campus humorous paper of 1867. The only known issue of this publication considerably predates the 1872 time capsule but we have no examples of The Cat, the humorous paper that the capsule digested. See Page 1 here. (Opens in a new window).

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