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The Davis Souvenir Album of the University of Georgia

Plate 5: Old College: This photo shows the 1804-1806 building before its exterior walls were replaced early in the 20th century. Is it apparent the campus landscaping has improved considerably in the past 103 years.

Plate 6: New College. This view shows the 1823 building as rebuilt in 1832 following a disastrous fire. The rebuilt building eliminated a 4th story.

Plate 7: Demosthenian Hall. Demosthenian Literary Society, founded in 1803, still conducts regular meetings in this hall built by the society in 1824. .

Plate 8 Phi Kappa Hall (Really!). Given the intense rivalry of the two literary societies, the error of identifying the 1836 home of the Phi Kappa Literary Society as Demosthenian may have hurt sales of the album. Phi Kappa still holds regular meetings in this hall.

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