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On November 19, 1953, the University's Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library was officially opened with speeches, lectures, a dedicatory poem and a special commemorative booklet. As we celebrate 50th birthday of the Little Library and look towards the 2003 opening of the new Student Learning Center, University Archives offers this gallery featuring the booklet, complete with contemporary photographs and prose that recreates some of the excitement of the opening of UGA's state-of-the-art library. If everything seems a bit blurry, don't worry about a sudden change in your sight. Except for the red typeface of the dedicatory poem by the booklet's designer, Claude Davidson, Jr., text and photographs are printed in an eyesight-challenging light gray on off-white paper.


The Director of the University of Georgia News Bureau in 1953, Claude Davidson, Jr., composed the dedicatory poem that meanders through the booklet. Davidson also designed the booklet and his lines are distributed to work in conjunction with its photographs. The text reads:

Upon the wind a voice Across the Library steps came saying:
"Here is knowledge"
Listen carefully For it is an elusive tone
It has spoken in the chant of riveted steel And whispered to a symphony lover
To youth its voice is swift And to age its echo clear
It sings a song of enchantment In strange and far-away places
And at the turn of a corridor It tugs at the Scholar's heart
In a thousand books and more It patiently waits to be heard
While in some library carrell a student Stirs with the turn of a page
As the voice comes saying "Here is knowledge Muted but Sure"

- Claude Davidson, Jr.

Our thanks goes to Mary Willoughby & the Digital Library of Georgia for scanning these images. The original pamphlet can be viewed in the Hargrett Library, University Archives Single Folder Collection UA 03-006


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