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Find Aid for the Harry Lowrance Brown Biographical Papers
UGA 08-008

RG 2-9

One Bankers Box, One linear foot


Harry Lowrance Brown (1888-1984) was born in Forsythe County, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1916. In his long career he served as a county extension agent, director of extension in Georgia, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture in the Roosevelt administration , Assistant Director of Agricultural Relations with the Tennessee Valley Authority, General Agent of the Third District of the Farm Credit Administration, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Georgia in charge of Agriculture, a member of a U.S. State Department technical commission for development in Brazil and, finally, Dean and Director of the University of Georgia College of Agriculture. Following his "retirement" he served as a Georgia State Senator and was a member of a variety of important organizations related to agriculture in Georgia.

In retirement Brown recorded this account of his life and career, aided by his friends, Rosslyn Smith and her husband, University of Georgia Agricultural Extension film maker J. Aubrey Smith. Judging from a note enclosed with the tape cassettes, it appears that Ms. Smith interviewed Brown and used the lengthy taped interview to developed the typed text for his approval.

In addition to narrating events in his life Brown gives his perspective on agricultural life in the first half of the 20th century and on the operations of the many government operations in which he played a role.

Scope and Content:

These papers were found among papers of J. Aubrey Smith (collection UGA 08-007) which were transferred from the University of Georgia Brown Media Archive to University Archives in 2008. In addition to a finished manuscript of his memoir, this collection includes early drafts and outlines, notes, correspondence and both tapes of the interview with Brown and a transcript of the tapes.

Content Inventory:

Box 1 (Bankers Box)

  1. Biographical manuscript Parts 1 & 2
  2. Biographical manuscript. Part 3
  3. Biographical manuscript. Part 4
  4. Introduction, bibliography, notes on H.L. Brown's honors
  5. Biographical outline and general notes
  6. H.L. Brown biographical interview by Rosslyn Smith - transcription of tapes
  7. Early draft of biography?
  8. Editing draft of chapter 1, "Early Life"
  9. Editing draft of chapter 2, "U. of Georgia Attendance"
  10. Editing draft of chapter 3, "Marriage"
  11. Editing draft of chapter 4, "County Agent Work"
  12. Editing draft of chapter 5, "Director of Extension"
  13. Editing draft of chapter 6, "Assistant Secretary of Education"
  14. Editing draft of chapter 7, "TVA"
  15. Editing draft of chapter 8, "Farm Credit Bureau"
  16. Editing draft of chapter 9, "U. of Georgia Vice Chancellor, Dean, Brazil Delegation
  17. Editing draft on Georgia legislature service
  18. Editing draft of chapter 10, "Retirement"
  19. Editing draft of chapter 11, "Farm Bureau"
  20. Editing draft of chapter 12, "Agricultural Trends & Changes"
  21. Editing draft of chapter 13, "Church & Religion"
  22. Lucy Neville Brown, biographical notes
  23. Production notes, receipts, time statements related to creating biography
  24. Correspondence related to having biography published & excerpt for review by publishers
  25. Tape recordings of interview with H.L. Brown by Rosslyn Smith & note from J. Aubrey Smith regarding origin of biography
  26. Biographical news clippings