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Finding Aid for 19th Century Student Textbooks & Faculty Books (UGA 06-021)

RG 6: Student Life
2.5 linear feet, 2 bankers boxes

Scope and Content

These books are associated with the University of Georgia due to their inscriptions. Many seem to be textbooks used by students, while others appear to be books owned by students or faculty members. Many belonged to Dr. Alonzo Church, faculty member and later president of the university. The list below includes basic bibliographic information about the books and notes regarding their inscriptions.

Most books were at one time in the Georgia Room of the Hargrett Library and bear call numbers beginning with "LXL 1" on their spines. The unique part of each call number (the part following LXL 1) is given at the end of the citations below, enclosed in brackets. It provides a ready way of identifying a specific book without having to decipher the often faint or damaged titles on the spines.

Box 1

Lessons in elocution : or, A selection of pieces in prose and verse, for the improvement of youth in reading and speaking by William Scott. Hartford, Conn. : Printed by Hudson & Goodwin, 1795. Ownership inscriptions: "Henry Jackson, March 1, 1827" and "Robert Christie, November 4th, 1799." [ J12 ]

The history of the progress and termination of the Roman republic by Adam Ferguson. Philadelphia : Printed for the proprietors, Wm. Poyntnell & Co., 1805 ([Philadelphia] : Robert Carr). Ownership inscription: "A. Church." [C561h, v. 1-3 ]

Poems by William Cowper. Boston, Charles Ewer and Timothy, 1823. Ownership inscription: "Augustus L. Hull. Soph. class, Jan. 1863" followed by list "Soph.Class" names--Flyleaf at end. Note: Hull, Augustus Longstreet, University of Georgia Class of 1866. [ H913 ]

The works of Virgil. New York, E. Duyckinck [etc.] 1823. Ownership inscription: "A. Church." [C561v, v. 1-2]

[Analekta hellēnika meizona (romanized form)], sive, Collectanea graeca majora, ad usum academicae juventutis accommodata: cum notis philologicis, quas partim collegit, partim scripsit Andreas Dalzel. Cantabrigiae, Mass., E prelo Universitatis, sumptibus Cummings, Hilliard, et so., 1824. Includes marginalia: "Catalogue of the students of Franklin College 1845" followed by table listing "Seniors" [17 surnames], "Juniors" [27 surnames], "Sophs" [23 surnames], and "Fresh" [31 surnames]--Verso p. 211. Includes marginalia: "Sophs 1845, Franklin College" followed by list of 23 names, and annotated "A.W. Church wrote this June 5th 1845 when in JP Waddel’s room". Ownership inscription: "Mary F. Hull from her aunt Mary T. Hamilton." [C561c, v 2]

The ancient history of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians, and Grecians. by Charles Rollin. New York, W. Borradaile, 1825. Includes ownership inscription: "Alonzo Church, Librarian, Franklin College Library, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia"--Flyleaf, vol. 1. [C561 1825, v.1-2 ]

The principles of moral and political philosophy by William Paley. Bridgeport [Conn.] : M. Sherman, 1827. Names of junior class at Franklin College, 1845, in manuscript on flyleaf. Ownership inscription: "William S. Basinger, Franklin College, Athens, Georgia, May 7th 1845"--Flyleaf verso. Ownership inscription: "William Starr Basinger, Savannah, Georgia" and "W.S. Basinger, Athens." [B131 1827]

A treatise on the philosophy of the human mind : being the lectures of the late Thomas Brown, M.D.; abridged, and distributed according to the natural divisions of the subject by Levi Hedge. Cambridge : Hilliard and Brown, 1827. Ownership inscription: "John H. Jones, Franklin College, January 26, 1838"--Flyleaf. Note: Jones, John Henry, University of Georgia Class of 1838. [ J77 v.1 ]

A brief outline of the evidences of the Christian religion by Archibald Alexander. Philadelphia : American Sunday School Union, 1829. Ownership inscription: "J.C. Curry, Athens, Ga."--t.p. "The Junior Class’s comments on Alexander’s Evidences on the 21st of April 1841 under the superintendence of A. Church, D.D., President of Franklin College."--Front flyleaf. Note: Curry, Jackson Cicero, University of Georgia, Class of 1842. [ C976 ]

Lecture on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres by Hugh Blair. Philadelphia: James Kay, Jr. & Bro., c 1829. Ownership inscription: J.P. Waddel. This interesting textbook, "With a Memoir of the Author's Life to Which Are Added Copious Questions; and an Analysis of Each Lecture," includes blank leaves on which the reader can make notes. In this volume the pages are well annotated, perhaps by J.P. Waddel who is likely James Pleasant Waddel, son of University of Georgia President Moses Waddel, a graduate of the University, and a scholar in his own right.

The theological works of Thomas Paine : to which are added the Profession of faith of a Savoyard vicar by J.J. Rousseau ; and other miscellaneous pieces. New York : W. Carver, 1830. Ownership inscription: "A. Church"--t.p. [ C561P ]

Decimi Junii Juvenalis et Auli Persii Flacci Satirae expurgatæ, notis illustratæ. Boston, Bazin & Ellsworth [1831] Owner’s inscription: "Thomas Wray Jr., Franklin College, Third term sophomore, April 20, 1858"--Flyleaf. Names of Wray’s classmates, University of Georgia (i.e. Franklin College) class of 1860, recorded in [contemporary?] penciled annotations throughout text. [ W943 ]

Box 2

Historia animalium : ad optimorum librorum fidem accurate edita by Aristotle. Lipsiae : Sumtibus et typis Car. Tauchnitii, 1831. Ownership inscription: "Jno. H. Bocock U.T.S. 1837"--Front paste-down. (John Holmes Bocock, a Richmond, Va. Presbyterian minister, was the father of Willis Henry Bocock, professor of Greek, University of Georgia, 1889-1947). [spine missing ]

An introduction to algebra, being the first part of a course of mathematics, adapted to the method of instruction in the American colleges by Jeremiah Day. New Haven, H. Howe, 1833. Ownership inscription: "Telemon Cuyler, 1837, Athens, Ga"--Flyleaf. Note: Cuyler, Telemon L. University of Georgia,Class of 1837. [C994 ]

Roman antiquities; or, An account of the manners and customs of the Romans by Alexander Adam. New York, Collins and Hannay [etc.] 1833. Ownership inscription: "Joseph Le Conte’s Book, Roman Antiquities, Feb.1838"--Front flyleaf. Note: Leconte, Joseph, University of Georgia, Class of 1841. [ L4 1833 ]

The genuine epistles of the Apostolic fathers, St. Clement, St. Polycarp, St. Ignatius, St. Barnabas; the Shepherd of Hermas, and the martyrdoms of St. Ignatius and St. Polycarp, written by those who were present at their sufferings... Translated by William, lord archbishop of Canterbury. Hartford, Parsons and Hills, 1834. Ownership inscription: "E.C. Barrow, from the library of Dr. Alonzo Church.” [ C561 ap ]

Chymistry applied to agriculture by John Antony Chaptal. Boston, Hilliard, Gray, and Co., 1835. Ownership inscription: "Jas. Camak, Oct. 31, 1836." [C172c 1835]

A treatise on the construction, properties, and analogies of the three conic sections by the Rev. B. Bridge. New Haven : Published and sold by Hezekiah Howe & Co. [and 9 others], 1836. Ownership inscription: "Jno. Puryear, Franklin College, Athens, Georgia, 1840"--Flyleaf. Note: Puryear, John, Matriculate, University of Georgia, 1841. [ P986 ]

An introduction to botany : including a treatise on vegetable physiology, and descriptions of the most common plants in the middle and northern states by J. L. Comstock. New York : Robinson, Pratt & co., 1837. Ownership inscription: "A.C. Flewellen, May 18th, 1843"--t.p. Note: Flewellen, A.C., matriculate, University of Georgia Class of 1845. [F618 1837 ]

Thoughts on religious experience by Archibald Alexander. Philadelphia, Presbyterian Board of Publication [c1844]. Ownership inscription: "A. Church." [ C561t 1844 ]

Elementary chemistry. Theoretical and practical by George Fownes. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1845. Ownership inscription: "Thomas M. Camak, Junior Class [...] Athens, Georgia , April 27, 1847." [C172e]

The indications of the Creator; or, The natural evidences of final cause by George Taylor. New York, C. Scribner, 1851. Ownership inscription: "A. Church." [ C561 I ]

De oratore; dialogi tres, ad Quintum fratrem. by Cicero. New York, Clark, Austin & Smith, 1859. Ownership inscription: "W.B. Thomas, Franklin College, Athens, Ga." ; also, "W.B. Thomas, Eufala, Ala."--Front endpapers. Note: Thomas, William Bailey, A.B. University of Georgia, 1868. [T463 ]

The principles of Greek grammar : comprising the substance of the most approved Greek grammars extant : for the use of schools and colleges by Peter BullionsNew York : Sheldon, 1865, c1853. Owner’s inscription: "William A. Carlton, Esq., University of Georgia, Athens, Oct. 30th 1867"--Flyleaf. Note: Carlton, William A., A.B. University of Georgia, 1868. [ C285 1865 ]

An elementary treatise on mechanics : for the use of the junior classes at the university and the higher classes in school, with a collection of examples by S. Parkinson. London : Macmillan, 1869. Ownership inscription: "W.R. Power, Roswell, Ga. [...] University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., Oct. 3rd 1873"--Flyleaf. Power, William Reynolds, B.S., University of Georgia, 1874. [ P887e ]

Elements of criticism by Henry Home of Kames. New York and Chicago, A. S. Barnes & Company, 1874. Ownership inscription: "C. Henry Cohen, Junior Class, University of Georgia, Examination July 24th"--Flyleaf, opp. t.p. Note: Cohen, C. Henry, matriculate, University of Georgia Class of 1874. [ C678e 1872 ]

Plant life, considered with special reference to form and function by Charles Reid Barnes New York, H. Holt & company, 1898. Ownership inscription: "Phinizy Calhoun, XF [Chi Phi], University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., Sept. 20, ’99 [i.e. 1899], XF [Chi Phi], Eta Chapter." [ C152 ]