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Finding Aid for Campus Landscaping Plans, 1942-1956 and Campus Map, 1947 (UGA 06-016)

RG 3:5 Physical Plants, Grounds Department
1 Map Folder


  1. Plans for Suggested Walks and Boxwood Plantings, North Quad, Old Campus, 1942 by Hubert B. Owens
  2. Old College Landscaping, 1943, by Dept. of Landscape Architecture.
  3. Moore College, Meigs Hall, Harris Terraces, 1945, by Dept. of Landscape Architecture
  4. Old College, Plaza and Walk to Jackson Street, 1946, by Edwin R. Kenny
  5. Old College Plaza, 1947, by Dept. of Landscape Architecture
  6. Forecourt Plans for Pharmacy Building (New College), 1947 by Edwin R. Kenny
  7. Herty Drive Gates at Broad Street Landscaping, undated, by Hubert B. Owens
  8. Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1956, plan annotated by Athen's nurseryowner Charles Rowland III
  9. Campus Map (General Plan, North and South Campuses) 1947 by B.C. Kinney