More Photographs and Illustrations

Image: Midshipman Frank Tinker
Midshipman Frank
Glasgow Tinker '33

Image: Tinker's flight log book
Twentyfour flights made in sixteen days -
Pages from Tinker's official flight log book

Image: Tophat emblem
Emblem of 2./J88
Hitler's Condor Legion

Image: Blue Patrol emblem
The Blue Patrol Emblem of Joaquin Garcia Morato's legendary fighter squadron.
The motto translates as:
A Glance, Luck, and at the Bull

Image: Tinker and crew
Standing left to right:: Tinker, a mechanic, Riverola, Gil, Casteneda, Captain LaCalle, and Velasco
Seated : Bastido, Whitey Dahl, Chang Selles, and Lecha

Image: Joaquin Garcia Morato
Joaquin Garcia Morato,
Nationalist Commander of the
Patrulla Azul, or Blue Patrol
Image: Map of air bases
Locations of Nationalist and Republican
air bases during the Spanish Civil War

(map by Allan Herr)

Fascist PursuitsImage: Fascist Pursuits

Fiat CR 32 Fighter (top) and Heinkel He51 Fighter (bottom)

Republican Aircraft

Image: Republican Aircraft
Polikarpov I-16 Fighter (top) and Spanish Hawker Fury Fighter (bottom)

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