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Creating and Using Persistent Links to Articles

What Are Persistent Links?

A persistent link is created by special software (identified by "Find It @ UGA"). It allows you to send a link to students or colleagues that is not dependent on your individual search session. When someone clicks on such a persistent link, they will see a menu of full-text and print options to access the article. (Example)

How to Create a Persistent Link

Find an online citation to the article. There are two methods for this:

  • If using the EJL, follow the instructions there about searching for a specific article.
  • If using GALILEO@UGA, go to a database likely to contain a citation to the article.

Once you have a menu page that looks like this, choose the link that says "Create a Persistent Link". You will then get a page that looks like this.

Copy the link in the box and you have a persistent link. If the link is too long for your purposes, a link-shortener like tinyurl may be helpful.

How to Use Persistent Links

Persistent links can have many uses, including:

  • Course reading lists in eLearning Commons
  • E-mail
  • Class web sites

These persistent links will require the GALILEO password for off-campus users.