The University of Georgia Libraries is committed to providing patrons with disabilities access to materials and services equal to the access provided to all other patrons. Identified obstacles in the Main and Science Libraries will be removed when feasible and will be addressed in the planning stages of any new library facility. When barriers do exist, assistance is available.

Because not all disabilities are apparent, it must remain the responsibility of the patron with the disability to contact the University of Georgia Libraries to request special arrangements necessary to accommodate his/her needs. This should allow the individual's needs to be accommodated while maintaining the individual's right to privacy. A coordinator will be appointed to insure continuing attention to the needs of patrons with disabilities, and will work with all public service points to establish a network of contact persons among the Libraries' staff. The coordinator will also be the liaison with the Disability Resource Center and will work with that office to identify and meet the needs of students with disabilities. The library staff member who is responsible for coordinating these services is Eric Griffith in the Research and Instruction Department. Eric may be contacted at or (706) 542-1137, 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

All staff working in public service areas of the library should accommodate any reasonable request from a patron with a disability. However, if more assistance is required than can be provided on demand, an appointment of extended service should be arranged by contacting the coordinator.

Because there is no single office established to provide similar assistance to University of Georgia faculty and staff, the Libraries will work with appropriate units on campus to provide equal access and services to all employees of the University of Georgia.

SOURCE: UGA Libraries' Employee Handbook