About Us:

CLOC is a voluntary group of academic, public and school librarians in the greater Athens area. We periodically offer workshops and other opportunities for librarians to educate each other about the information literacy needs of our various students or patrons and discuss the best ways to meet those needs. Our immediate goal is to develop a shared understanding of the information literacy skills students should have at every grade level, K-16. Our long-term goal is to develop a coherent K-16 information literacy program based on our shared print and online resources (GALILEO) that will follow a person from their earliest elementary school years through adulthood.

If you would like to attend a CLOC event or have any questions, please email ncohen@uga.edu.

CLOC Mission Statement:

In a world of information overload, it is essential to know how to locate, evaluate and use information for school, work and personal purposes . Such information literacy is a life-long process that cannot be learned in a single class experience. Accordingly, CLOC (Community Librarians Outreach and Collaboration) provides Athens area school, public and academic librarians with opportunities to share their knowledge of user needs and skills in order to turn fractured teaching efforts into a coherent information literacy program that stretches across curricula and grade level. Based on our shared print and GALILEO online resources, this information literacy program will contain accountable standards that can be periodically assessed and revised. CLOC also seeks to collaborate with other K-16 teaching initiatives in Georgia area to ensure that research skills are adequately addressed in the K-16 curriculum.