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Training Tutorial

Although this training tutorial is designed to give UGA Cataloging Department Database Maintenance staff an overview of fundamental terminology and tools used in the department, it may be useful for other departmental or library staff. It includes demos, interactive tutorials, and exercises which are of wider appeal. Although the tutorial is organized into distinct units which can be completed separately, the units are designed to build on knowledge.

If you receive security warnings for the tutorial units, please disregard them. Powerpoint, LiveWeb (a ppt add-in) and a connection to the Internet are needed for the tutorial. If both Powerpoint and LiveWeb are loaded, click here to go directly to the tutorial menu.

In order to view the interactive features, LiveWeb must be installed and you must have an internet connection.


Click here to download the add-in. Save it to your desktop, unzip the file, and run the .exe file to install it. If you receive any security warnings during downloading and installing this add-in, not to worry (it's been approved for use)!

Topics covered within the tutorial:

For more information about procedures and policies visit the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Developed by Robin Fay with assistance from Emily Giles in consultation with Database Maintenance staff and Cataloging Section Heads.