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Database Maintenance

The Database Maintenance (DBM) Section consists of two units: the Maintenance Unit and the Marking Unit. The function of Database Maintenance is to maintain the quality of bibliographic and holding records in GIL, the UGA Libraries' online catalog, to process added copies, added locations, added volumes, location transfers, withdrawals, possible duplicates, and to prepare materials for transfer to the Repository. DBM works on many projects to transfer materials, cleanup conversion and retrospective work and large data sets as identified via Access Reports.

Projects include:

  • Circents: Database Maintenance continues work on relinking unattached item records in GIL. In addition, Database Maintenance is now responsible for processing any unattached items that do not have cataloged records in GIL. As of July 2007, 14,000 Circents are remaining of the approximately 170,000 total, which includes 153,777 and an additional 17,000 located at the Repository, an offcampus storage facility.
  • A large number of LXK titles located in the Georgia Room have been transferred to the Repository to free up space in the collection.
  • Holdings Records Reports: Holdings records for items which are missing the call number prefix ($k) in the holdings record are being corrected to reflect the proper shelving prefix including, Coastal Plain, Skidaway, and the Georgia Center.
  • Transfer of approximately 12,000 Music LPs to the Repository.